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🕊details - check #sashandsparrow
☝🏼Alternative account @other__vision
📍Paris 1-12 December

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PARIS! I’m coming ❤️ 1-12 December
Dear girls, who wants individual photosessions, dear couples who wants to memorize their love on the Parisian streets...or maybe dear designers who wants to make a little look book... don’t hesitate to contact me in DM to check details of promo-photosets ❤️
It gonna be hot, I promise 😊
#photographerinparis #parisphotographer #фотографвпариже
If you love simplicity and looking for a nice outfit for your Outeya 😍
Tiny details of bridal outfit. Amazing Mira ❤️
I'm so happy to announce that finally I have a website❤️ where you can find more information about my work, take a look on different wedding series and even contact me there directly. Feel free to tap on the link in bio ✌🏼
Mariem & Hamza 1 part
If this wedding day would be a movie, it would be named "Smile, smile, dance" ❤️✨
Pretty details or how to mix colors in a right way ❤️✨
How family photos should look like ❤️ barcha hobb✨
Sooo beautiful Outeya, so beautiful bride. Well, I don't know which photos from this wedding day are my favorite, just take a look at all these cadres of her preparations 😍 That moment when I feel that I'm on my place and doing what I love to do ❤️
For spontaneous lovers only 😍 barcha jaw, plein d'emotions, and a lot of LOVE ❤️
I was a lucky child, I grew up in the place surrounded by wild fields and forests. From time to time I liked to escape in the forest and spend my day playing with wildflowers and creating bouquets for my mum.  Unfortunately I'm not 10 years old anymore, but my passion to the nice floral compositions is still here ❤️✨ .
Bouquet by
Can't choose the best pictures from this wedding. Mariem is extremely beautiful 😍✨
I have photos of soooooo beautiful couple for you, guys ✨ and while I'm choosing my final selection Top-10, enjoy this captured moment of Love ❤️