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Running on 4 hours sleep is rough especially when you can’t stand the taste of coffee, but after a tea and Coca Cola fuelled day I managed to survive and actually ended up having quite a productive day. If our twatty cat keeps us up again tonight I’m considering putting him on the roof (I joke) but in all seriousness I’m desperate for a good nights sleep so I’m praying he behaves tonight 🙄. The chores are all done, we’ve just eaten the tastiest tacos and we’ve put the big duvet on the bed ready for a super early night (yes I’m tucked up in bed at 8.30pm and I couldn’t be happier) 💕 How has your Tuesday been? •
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Today was the mondayest Monday ever but I did manage to nab the Friendcation palettte from the #DoseofDesiKaty collection which I cannot wait to receive! We had homemade Nando’s for dinner with ten sides of halloumi and now we’re all snuggled in bed ready to watch an episode of Stranger Things before an early night. We’re finally adjusting to the new routine and I bloody love spending the evenings with Gavin after nearly a year of us working opposite shifts. Everything seems to have slotted into place and I couldn’t be happier. Plus yesterday marked the first day of my favourite season and I’m so ready for all the cosy knitwear, hot chocolates and snuggly evenings on the sofa! What’s your favourite thing about Autumn? 🍂 •
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The sunshine made a brief appearance today and it was almost like we’d gone back in time to the midst of the heatwave. There’s a real storm brewing and with Autumn officially starting at the end of the week it’s time to dig out all the cosy knits and pack away the Summer wardrobe for another year. I’m still reminiscing about the glorious weather we’ve had this year which gave me a chance to drag out some old gems like my trusty denim shorts and my favourite ASOS sandals - I just hope I’ll get more wear out of them for years to come. For now those late Summer evenings remain a distant memory with just the pictures to remind us of the hottest Summer I think I’ve ever seen in the UK. My favourite memories of this year are full of picnics by the river and long bike rides in the evening - what are yours? •
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I’ve had the best Sunday trying out the new menu at @revolution_southampton and catching up with some ultimate @sotonbloggers babes! Spending the afternoon catching up over cocktails and yummy food was much needed and they do say a Sunday well spent brings a week of content 💫 how have you spent your Sunday? •
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Monday is always the worst day of week, especially when you wake up late, everything goes wrong at work and you have to rush little Jamie to the vets. Thankfully we’re all home and and it’s as we expected nothing serious, he just needs a little help getting over his tummy bug. So we’ve got an evening of cat snuggles, fajitas and Black Mirror on the cards! I’m so grateful for my little family and incredibly lucky to have this man by my side every step of the way. I’ve really enjoyed spending the weekend with him and I can’t wait for much more time together now he finally has a new job with much better hours. Let’s just hope the rest of the week stays on the right track, and we can end it stronger than we began. How’s your Monday been? #chattycaptioncommunity #thecaptionclub #theuncoolclub #happyselves #curateyourownfeed #myhappyplace #momentsofmine #happyselves #myeverydaymagic #happyselves #lovelysquares
Yesterday was supposed to be our day trip to Winchester but as our little baby still isn’t 100% we decided to just head into town for a couple of hours instead. We headed to the local market and picked up tons of fresh fruit for the week, these gorgeous sunflowers to brighten up our little flat and a couple of new books from the charity book store. Today we’re off on a little bike ride before heading to my mums for a family dinner! The best way to spend the weekend is surrounded by those most important. What have you been up to this weekend? #slowsundayclub #thecaptionclub #chattycaptioncommunity #theuncoolclub #thisweekendiam #happyselves #weekendvibes #thevisualcollective #curateyourownfeed #alittlebeautyeveryday
On Monday @alicespake challenged us all to share five things we were grateful for over the BH weekend! I didn’t take part because for the last week I’ve been such a miserable moo while everyone in the house has been sick. Today was the first day I’m finally starting to feel human again so I’ve decided to share five things I’m grateful for right now!
1 - My little kitty is finally starting to feel better and has his kept his first meal down in days. 
2 - Me and Gavin have the entire weekend off together for the first time since April and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with him. 
3 - This Friday marks one month in my new job and I feel like a completely different person already! I love learning new skills everyday and I can’t wait to get properly stuck in now. 
4 - For all the nights out and day trips I’ve got planned to catch up and spend time with all my favourite people before the year is up.
5 - For the incredible bunch of people I have met from my blog and through @sotonbloggers who are so supportive, kind and friendly and I am lucky enough to call my friends! • Tell me one thing you’re grateful for today? • #chattycaptionclub #chattycaptioncommunity #theuncoolclub #thecaptionclub #alittlebeautyeveryday #mycorneroftheworld #happyselves #thatauthenticfeeling #gratefulheart
It’s fake Monday today and I’ve never been happier to see a four day week. Our bank holiday weekend didn’t exactly go to plan with me being stuck in bed with a bug all weekend a poorly kitty to look after. I’m still not feeling back to my normal myself and the prospect of leaving the house for the first time in 5 days is pretty scary! I’ve forgotten what the outside world looks like and I’m definitely not ready to face it after the sleepless night I’ve had. Can you tell where I’d rather be spending my day? What did you get up to over the weekend? #chattycaptionclub #thecaptionclub #theuncoolclub #curateyourownfeed #alittlebeautyeveryday #happyselves #thatauthenticfeeling #cornersofmyworld #bankholidayblues
Throwback to this time last week when I spent the afternoon catching up with this bunch of wonderful ladies. I always feel so inspired when I spend time with the lovely @sotonbloggers gang and I’ve got a million ideas going round in my head I want to action as soon. That’s right after I recover from this raging bug which has left me stuck in bed for the last 3 days. I look like I’ve done ten rounds with Mike Tyson, I can’t remember what outside looks like and I’m nearly all caught up with Power! Send me any Netflix recommendations please...#chattycaptionclub #thecaptionclub #theuncoolclub #curateyourownfeed #alittlebeautyeveryday #happyselves #thatauthenticfeeling #cornersofmyworld #weekendvibes #thisweekendiam
Friday nights are all about relaxing, takeaway and Netflix so we’ve got an evening of Stranger Things lined up, a takeaway pizza on the way and new cosy bedding ready for an early night! I use to be such a wild child and spend my weekends drinking away my bank balance but I’d much rather stay snuggled at home with my boys now, although I do have a couple of nights out on the horizon as this grandma isn’t ready to hang up her dancing shoes just yet 💃 what’s your ideal Friday night? #chattycaptionclub #thecaptionclub #theuncoolclub #curateyourownfeed #alittlebeautyeveryday #happyselves #thatauthenticfeeling #cornersofmyworld #weekendvibes #friyay #pizzatime #foodporn
It’s nearly the weekend and I’m super excited because on Saturdays it’s the @sotonbloggers picnic so I get to spend the day with all of my favourite people! I’m so thankful for @alicespake creating the community she has made for us all and I am so proud to call her one of my best friends! She’s the ultimate girl boss and if your not following her already then you are seriously missing out because she’s da’bomb 💕 how many of your lovely faces will I be seeing at the picnic this weekend? #chattycaptionclub #thecaptionclub #theuncoolclub #curateyourownfeed #alittlebeautyeveryday #happyselves #thatauthenticfeeling #cornersofmyworld #sotonbloggers #southamptonbloggers
Right lovely people I need your help! I’m looking for some recommendations of affordable places to visit in the UK! Me and Gavin have a rare weekend off together and we want to go and explore somewhere new! The last time we explored the UK was last year when we went to Oxford for my birthday and that was ages ago! I am hoping to head a little further but we have to rely on public transport so our options are quite limited because trains in this country are expensive! Send any recommendations my way please gang 💕 #chattycaptionclub #thecaptionclub #theuncoolclub #curateyourownfeed #alittlebeautyeveryday #happyselves #thatauthenticfeeling #cornersofmyworld #visitengland #guardiantravelsnaps #throughmyeyes #visualcrush