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Founder| Creative Director| Composer & Producer @lembasworks @tarabaswani🐅
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TerraSapiens | Sonic Dialogues for Environmental Impact
✨I’m delighted to share with you... a unique Spatial Orchestration of Acoustic Ecology ambient soundscapes , exploring the relationship between human beings and their environments... Proudly featuring the incredible  @mosesbaxter as Electro Acoustic Sound Designer ✨
#TerraSapiens invites audiences to experience differentiations between the sounds of nature and humanity that heal, versus those that create disruption, supported by texts from leading scientists contributing to global climate change studies.
A collaboration in support of @damiansiqueirosphoto's immense visual creations and curations, featuring #TerraSapiensCollective.
Hosted by @neverapartmtl & in gratitude to their beautiful  architecture that allowed these unique spatial experiments.
@tarabaswani - Original Score Composer, Creation Director & Producer
@mosesbaxter - Electro Acoustic Sound Designer, Mixing Engineer
@prochaska - Spatial Designer, Project Manager, Video editor
@remilemieux_ - Executive Producer, EcoSpatial Designer
TERRA SAPIENS | Honored to share this collaboration with dear friend and artist extraordinaire @damiansiqueirosphoto, my design firm @LembasWorks and the #TerraSapiensCollective with an open invitation to a guided walk through of “Terra Sapiens: Art for Environmental Regeneration” exhibition this Saturday at @neverapartmtl, our dream hosts. 🌍
We’re delighted to have @daxdasilva join us as we all share our explorations and design processes of our works. The artists, creative producers and, thinkers will also share their manifesto of creating for impact, and how art can be such a force for environmental impact.
@DaxDasilva - Founder & CEO Lightspeed & #NeverApartMtl / Author, @AgeofUnion 
@DamianSiqueirosphoto - Principal Creator and #Curator

@Tarabaswani, @LembasWorks - #OriginalScore / Creative Director & Producer

@RemiLemieux_, LembasWorks - Executive Producer / Executive #EcoSpatialDesigner

@NeverApartMtl - Hosts / Co Sponsors 🌱

With gratitude to

Contributing Scientists: David Grinspoon, Elena Bennett, Ciara RH, Marianne Falardeau-Côté, Karina Benessaiah


@HouseofVenus & Never Apart •

My team: @mosesbaxter (electro acoustic sound design/engineer, @prochaska (project manager/designer)

Photo: Collaboration with @phylactere_ontheroad •

#terrasapiens #designforimpact#createyourpurpose #community#vernissage •

#environment #planetaryhealth#artforimpact #environmentalscience#climatechange
🌱Started the seeds of an ambient score last winter at my fave writing space. This spring, it comes to life as the original soundtrack to #TerraSapiens, with a unique Blend of Acoustic Ecology Soundscapes and Spatial Orchestration.
A precious collaboration with @damiansiqueirosphoto's vision | 
Hosted by @neverapartmtl | 
And an all ⭐️ @lembasworks creation crew of @mosesbaxter @prochaska, and exec producer @remilemieux_ 🔻🌎🔻
Thank you @houseofvenus for capturing this moment on a cold winter's day, and @philou.cc for sparking magic sounds 🎶
4 years ago, the music video for 'My Kind' released quietly into the world, with it's statistics of the dark realities women and children across the world face, daily. Who knew then, that a song about darkness being defeated by the strength of feminine energy, would start to invite more women to shed light on the path forward. 
Forever... in gratitude for these voices, and the humans who share them forward. .
#CreateyourPurpose #DailyQuest 
#believesurvivors #metoo #tothegirls
❄️ IceScapes II (work in progress)
The snow melts into Spring and the Montreal soundscape collection keeps growing 🌱
Recorded and sampled this local source, bringing nature into the mix for a super special score... can't wait to share these #ecosounds with you soon. 
#acousticecology #fieldrecording #electronicmusic #quest #createyourpurpose
@damiansiqueirosphoto & I spent many moons sharing each other's vision of Creators assuming purposeful roles as planet shapers.🌱It's my great privilege and my team at @lembasworks to produce and collaborate with my dear friend, Muse and human extraordinaire as we launch his dream of Terra Sapiens💚
🙏🏽Massive gratitude to @neverapartmtl for their support! #
#Repost @damiansiqueirosphoto with @get_repost
It is a timely moment to give back to Earth. It is a timely moment to imagine a better future for her, for us. There’s no better time to activate hope and making it a reality by putting our best ideas forward and joining our hands. This is my mission and those artists and scientists that are helping me build #TerraSapiens. #artforimpact #artivism #climatechange @lembasworks @neverapartmtl #elenabennettlab
Bouncing back into the social stratosphere from a blur of 3 months  of the most precious creations & sleepless nights that questioned every fiber of being 👽
2019 revelations ▶️
🌱I have the best global family. Thank you for the massive birthday love while I was underground!!!
🌿Creating for the love of others holds us, but also needs self-care!!!
🏄🏽‍♀️As we face all of life's 'priorities', don't forget to dance!!!
💚we are the sum of the best people in our lives. .
Merci @prochaska @mosesbaxter & my partner in all @remilemieux_  for being my warrior bests!!!
Left India in 2007 to create on new shores, proud to represent the richness & diversity of our culture at Cirque du Soleil. .
2019: Full circle homecoming 🇨🇦🇮🇳
Writing/directing a unique 'entertainment for impact' show with my beloved @lembasworks for inimitable world music maestros and brothers @salimmerchant @sulaiman.merchant ☄as we pay a joint homage to the beauty of India design, history and culture.
Produced with the ultimate partner @remilemieux_ 
Photo: @prochaska
The sound of snow melting on frozen window panes.
A sound that speaks in many metaphors to me, once recorded and treated sonically, to add to the growing Montreal soundscape collection. I called this one "IceScapes". #acousticecology #fieldrecording #electronicmusic #ecosounds #quest
Throwback to creating a fave music score with:
• Toy instruments • Repurposed furniture • Random housefound objects, in collaboration with instrumentalist/composer @renardroo. 🎼
#PlayWithDesign by @wearehubgames shares moving insights by children in learning environments, and their educators, when introduced to ground breaking design kits, #TheExtraordinaires. 🖌
Creators @rorydoconnor @anitamurphy donated 1400 kits to these schools, studied the following impact. They also partnered further with design firm @lembasworks and I to create design mentorship workshops for girls in India, thereafter 🙌🏽#becauseofhatch 🌍
Take a few minutes to watch these pearls from the kids and some toy glockenspiel action at extraordinaires.com/education
#musicfordesign #musicscore #theextraordinaires #dailyquest #designthinking #createyourpurpose
Felt like shapeshifting some existing contexts around vocal chants, drones, hand pans and tibetan bowls.
🎙Sonorous groove jams and a new creation coming soon, feat. @nico.rosenberg 🌍
#quest #postminimalism #vocaldrones #createyourpurpose #ambientmusic #dailyquest
New creation, trademark tradition. 🖌
Also, thrilled to have @nico.rosenberg back, and stir new sounds.
Welcome back, studio cat 🐱 🌍