you look lost follow me 😏

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Food hunting and posing out yo front door in the bay area (sometimes in Toronto & other places)
🏠Toronto 📍SF Bay area
🎓UWaterloo engineering '15

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Sake sashimi and Toro roll ❤️
Beet latte ☕
Looks pretty but tastes okay. Yay to a 4 day work week though 🤗
Idk why he thinks I'm weird.
Rose milk black tea🌹🌹🌹🍟
Nan Gyi Dok.

Rice noodles with coconut chicken sauce, yellow bean powder, cilantro, fried onions, and egg.

Pretty good, flavor on the light side. Prefer fish chowder.
Sunday afternoons ☕📖🌞 #whatsgucci
Someone send me some foods from Toronto please. #throwbackmonday
Tacu Tacu - popular Peruvian dish with steak, fried beans, plantain and fried egg.  This steak is huge. #meat
Com tam, avocado shakes and viet iced coffee ❤️