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🍑 bingsu. Miss you and your delicious food already Toronto😍 (ok maybe just the food and maybe @wlovelinda).
Watermelon bingsu inside a watermelon, with watermelon balls, topped with a watermelon popsicle? Yes please.🍉🍉🍉🍉
Looks like a dope Pizza place but was way too full from food hopping around downtown (you can totally see my food baby😭😱). So I’ll just take a pic in front of their cool graffiti wall :P
Butter avenue now has soft serve, and it's delicious! Strawberry matcha swirl with a apricot lavender macaron 🍓🍵🍦😍
Strawberry was good but I didn't taste much of the matcha, probably a combination of the strawberry flavor is more overpowering and I'm used to stronger matcha flavors from places like Saryo and tsujiri.
Cakeee - Osmanthus rice wine jelly outside, raspberry almond sponge inside and some charcoal mousse cake 😍.
Continuing the flower wall theme...This time with 💣 nitrogen🍦🍨. Recommend this Strawberry cheesecake flavor and yuzu orange - both are very flavorful but it's not overly sweet. The texture is also super smooth. If you don't know how liquid nitrogen works, it is cold af and rapidly freezes the ice cream mixture on contact, which prevents formation of ice crystals giving it a really smooth consistency that you don't get with regular ice cream that slowly freezes in a freezer.
💁: @wlovelinda
Fengcha @ sky city. Super cute inside with a giant teddy bear and gorgeous flower wall. Drinks are so pretty too.. But that's all they have going for them. Got red bean milk tea with butterfly pea tea (purple color on top), it tastes like red bean sugar water 😨
Matcha japanese cheese cake and iced matcha 😍🍵🍵
So good! The iced matcha was not sweet at all and really strong. Didn't like that blob of red bean but cake was also rly good, texture on point 👌
The best Xiao Long Baos are the  soupy (there should be enough soup in there to fill your spoon) and flavorful ones that have a really thin outside, but even though it's thin it doesn't break easily.
Delicious aburi sushi. I thought the piece of fish were too thin though, especially the salmon one.. It's like a huge block of rice. But the flavor was really well done.
Random fact: some of my friends used to call me chopsticks in high school cause my legs were so long and skinny 😂 . Tell me a story about a nickname of yours! 💬👇 . 📷 @rheetakes
🍄Truffle Mac & 🧀. Prob by far the best thing here. Should rename it to Eddie's Mac and cheese.