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I like to nom and pose awkwardly in public.
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Beef tartare. Omnomnom
But Prague doe 🔥
Got some healthy hipster juice, Carpaccio and chimichurri steak open sandwiches and some flatbread thing for brunch. The open sandwiches were bomb and only $5!
Had to try some authentic Dutch food in Amsterdam :3
Raw herring filets and bitterballen (minced meat, broth, butter and flour in a fried ball). The herring was bomb af, it has a similar fishy taste like mackerel.
Chillin in Amsterdam 🌱
Good morning from Amsterdam ❤️
Coolest city so far (mainly because the food here is amazing). Had this delicious kimchi waffle with a side of halloumi for brunch.
Dinner cruise sur La Seine 🇫🇷🗼❤️
Good morning from Paris🗼
Pretty Cortado and warm yuzu honey (because of course I get sick while on vacation 😥) from Cafe kitsune at the Palais Royale ❤️
Every corner is beautiful in Paris 😍
Choux, a very light Parisian pastry that contains only butter, water, flour and eggs, stuffed with cream. Flavors from top to bottom: coffee, pralines, lemon, passion fruit, caramel, berries. I think I like these better than macarons xP