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Heartache To Healing Day 21:
This is my favorite card of this deck because ruby is my birthstone. Rubies are the second hardest stone after diamonds. They symbolize a strong and healed heart.
My heart is still healing so you are not alone. Broken relationships are not just romantic. They include friends and family members too and the loss is just as painful. Rubies can soothe and heal you on many levels — physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Rubies are expensive so I don’t expect you to run out and purchase them. If your heart is broken, be kind to yourself. Grieving is normal and it’s ok to ask for support or a hug. Ask your angels to be with you during this time. They are guiding you to the correct path that’s best for you.
The deck used is Crystal Angels by Doreen Virtue.
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This just came in the mail! Looking forward to reading it and making some cool memes.
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Heartache To Healing Day 20:
The theme of today was leave a stressful situation behind. Or as I like to say, leave a shitty relationship behind.
Staying in a crappy relationship affects your health. I have spoken to many lovelies who have illnesses that effect their heart chakra such as heart issues, lung problems, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, and even breast cancer. All the chakras can be affected but love and heart chakra go hand in hand.
Illness is stress manifesting itself in the physical body. These maladies are your body’s way of communicating to you that it cannot cope with the stress level and help is needed. STAT!
Your angels are asking that you leave the stressful situation behind. My biological father was told by his doctor that half his medical issues would clear up if he left his wife. He did. They cleared up. True story! Stress will kill you so unless you want to be toes up in the casket before your time, keep on going.
I’m not trying to be harsh. I’m trying to get people to wake up! This country is over-medicated, over-worked, and over-stressed. Certain situations are unavoidable and do cause stress but as I always say, “You can’t complain about it if you’re allowing it.” Letting your health get affected only worsens the situation.
So be brave and give your situation over to the Angels. Allow Archangel Raphael to start to heal you. The deck used is Archangel Raphael Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.
Please schedule your Tarot reading by sending me a DM or visiting my website. The link is in my bio!
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It’s Twin Flame Friday! One of the most common questions I get asked is “Why do I keep attracting broken men?” Like I always say, we don’t attract what we want but WHO WE ARE. When you heal what’s broken in you, you no longer attract those kinds of people. Those kinds of people come into your life to teach you a lesson. So if the lesson isn’t learned and you don’t heal your emotional wounds, the Universe continues to send those people until you do. Trust me on this!
If you are struggling with this issue or are in need of guidance, please schedule a Tarot reading with me today. The link is in my bio!
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Heartache To Healing Day 19: Mercury Retrograde may be over but the Chiron in Aries energy is just starting. Many lovelies are in crisis today which is why this post is late.
Your guardian angel is always with you and is asking you to be brave at this time. Fear is just an illusion and you’re being guided to make these changes for your higher good. There is a blessing within every challenge and when you focus on that, you can begin to discover it and move forward with confidence.
Healing your emotional wounds is an opportunity to grow, become stronger and to have higher self-esteem. It’s never good to run from conflict so embrace these changes, rather than resist them. This isn’t going to be easy but know that it will resolve in a magnificent way and you will come out a better person. Stay positive, speak your truth, and be brave!
The deck used is Saints & Angels By Doreen Virtue. To find out more about Chiron in Aries, please visit my website to sign up for my current newsletter!
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My radio show appearance has been cancelled due to illness. @tessalunalluvia is in the hospital. I wish her a speedy recovery!
Today is the Feast Day of St. Expedite. He is one of the saints I work with on a regular basis as he is the saint of urgent matters (particularly financial), emergencies, speedy solutions, and successful lawsuits as well as students, people taking exams, computer programmers (and hackers), sailors, navigators, and merchants.
St. Expedite despises delay (he must hate Mercury Retrograde)  and he is the saint to turn to when you need something done quickly. The word “expedite” refers to a type of Roman foot soldier who carries no baggage so therefore were fast or expeditious. St. Expedite is quick to act so if you invoke him for help you should see results relatively shortly — or not at all.
St. Expedite’s color is red or green. I have used both color candles for him. One popular ritual is to light 9 green candles in front of his image for 9 consecutive days. Ask him for what you need but remember it has to be something you NEED, not want. If you need financial help, place a coin on the altar but remove it after your prayer and tell him he won’t get it back until your money situation improves. Place flowers on the altar (red carnations are his favorite) and when he comes through for you, place a slice of pound cake on the altar. He also likes rum too!
St. Expedite is fair but if you don’t reward him, he will get angry. He has a reputation for being unscrupulous. Although removed from the official calendar of Roman Catholic saints, he is quite popular and revered worldwide. There are chapels dedicated to him in New Orleans and in San Juan, Argentina. I’ll be lighting my green candles later tonite!
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Heartache To Healing Day 18:
Yet another reminder that a new beginning is waiting for you if you just let go of your past!
Doors are opening so make sure you walk through! If you wait until you’re “ready” you could be standing outside for quite some time. Change is never easy but it’s necessary for our soul growth and evolvement. You have the key so open the door!
The deck used is Sharina Star’s Fortune Telling Cards.
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#healing #healingjourney #healyourself #healyourwounds #healyoursoul #healyourheart #intentions #dedication #hardwork #wellworthit #greatresults #happiness #newlove #newlife #youreworthit #empoweringwomen #openthedoor #youhavethekey #key #door #newbeginnings #freshstart #releasethepast #oraclecards #oraclecardreading #fortunetellingcards
Today on Witchy Wednesday....
April is Sexual Assault Prevention Month. White heather is said to protect against assault, especially rape. Carry a sprig in your pocket or bra for protection. I have worn it in situations where I’m going to be around a lot of people where guys tend to get a little handsy (I.e. concerts, carnivals, or anywhere copious amounts of alcohol are consumed) and it has worked.
If you are a victim or survivor of sexual assault and haven’t told anyone or were not believed, please DM me. I will listen. I will believe. I care.
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It’s Tarot Tuesday! Again I chose a card with a number that coincides with the date. Not a coincidence!
This card says “You are about to take a big leap forward with your life.” That definitely resonates with me as change is on the horizon! You can look forward to challenging times coming to an end and worry replaced by faith and optimism. I hope so because the Mercury Retrograde wreaked havoc and I’m still trying to recover!
The bird on the card is an oriole. I’m not sure if I’ve seen one in real life but they are birds of good fortune. They have brightly colored feathers that symbolize a brighter future. It takes about 14 days for their eggs to hatch so you can look forward to a shift and transformation in about 2 weeks!
I’ll let you know what changes! And if anything shifts for you, please contact me! The deck used is Animal Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.
If you are in need of guidance or are resisting change, please schedule a Tarot reading with me today! The link is in my bio.
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Heartache To Healing Day 16:
I am late tonite because I was unsure about what to post. Nothing really resonated until I saw this card about a fresh start.
Last nite’s New Moon in Aries marks the astrological New Year and the new year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings! Archangel Michael has been nudging you for quite some time to make some serious changes. He says someday no longer exists and today is the day!
Change is never easy and we humans love to dig our heels in. I think that’s due to our fear of the unknown or maybe because we’re not trusting the process. We have to remember that we’re not pulling the strings and that a higher power is in control.
This card is asking that you embrace the change or at the very least, be willing to walk towards it. When you set your intentions you become part of the process and change becomes less scary. When the opportunity for change presents itself, we have to be ready. It may not come around again for quite some time, if at all.
I knew I was a healer at a very young age but I wasn’t ready to fully embrace it. Until now. I needed more life experience and now an opportunity has fallen into my lap to take it to the next level. I have been worried about how I’m going to pay for it as I don’t have the luxury of a credit card. But I can’t allow that to stop me. The time has come!
As we begin this astrological New Year, may you find courage and clarity; may you find the protection you need, may excitement overshadow your fear so you can move forward. You are not alone on your journey. Your angels, guides, loved ones in Spirit, and myself are here to offer support when you need it. Happy New Year!
#heartachetohealing #day16
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