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Journey To Love ❤️ Day 52: After another chaotic day in a chaotic week, this card is sending a very strong message! No matter if you’re having a rough time or waiting for something to manifest, the key is to remain positive.
Just as today’s earlier message was about trusting, this card is also about beingthisclose to your dreams coming true. Your optimism helps move things along and although it may seem like things are taking forever, it’s only a matter of time. Don’t lose hope!
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Today is Feb. 22 or 2/22. Have you been seeing 222 lately? It’s a very powerful number. It’s the number of faith and trust which have been the messages from the cards the last couple of days. No such thing as a coincidence in my world!
Whatever you are trying to manifest is coming into reality. Keep believing and trusting and you will soon see the evidence in the physical world. Don’t quit because you may be turning your back on a miracle! Remember to keep your thoughts positive, affirm that what you want is already here, and continue to visualize or imagine the desired outcome. My acronym TAB — Trust, Allow, Believe — has never been so appropriate than today!
If you are feeling lost, in need of some guidance, or unsure what direction to take, please schedule a Tarot reading with me today! You deserve answers! Please DM me or click the link in my bio. 💜
#222 #angelnumbers #havefaith #trust #allow #believe #staypositive #dreamsarecomingtrue
Journey To Love ❤️ Day 51: I know this is soooo late and I apologize. It’s just been one of those days!
Today was really trying my patience so what a surprise this card came up! This card is reminding you to let go of how you think things should be and allow the Universe to work it’s magic. When you start “scripting” (telling the Universe how things should be done) you’re only hindering progress. The Universe works in mysterious ways and can create miracles that our pea brains can never understand.
When it comes to love, asking “When?” is just showing the Universe you don’t trust. I know some people are planners and don’t like surprises but think back to when you were a child at Christmas. You can remember the excitement and anticipation knowing the day was coming and your mom always said, “It’s just ____ days away. You’ll have to be patient.” As a child you probably knew when Christmas was but the days seemed soooo long! It’s the same premise here. You know it’s coming; you’ll just have to be patient.
I didn’t mean for this post to be so long but when I get the message from Spirit, I gotta go with it!
#journeytolove #day51 #patience #trust #allow #believe #energyoraclecards #sandraannetaylor
What do you guys want me to discuss on tomorrow’s live show? Twin Flames & Karmic/Life Partners? Or the Black Moon? (Black Moon means no full moon this month.
Comment below to let me know!
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Today on Witchy Wednesday....
If you feel that your heart chakra may be blocked, place pink roses in your home to help open it up.
#witchywednesday #pinkroses #heartchakra #lovingenergy
Journey To Love Day 50: Another common question I get is “When am I going to find a new partner?” I’m guilty of that myself and I know better!
This card is reminding you to surrender. You have done everything you need to do. It’s now up to the Universe and divine timing. That darn timing is always a bitch!
Now is the time to go about your everyday life and not concentrate on love. This is where I have to practice what I preach by using TAB — Trust, Allow, Believe — and let things happen the way they are meant to. Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment. Oftentimes when you take your focus away is when the Universe brings you what you want.
The deck used is Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish.
#journeytolove #day50 #trust #allow #believe #surrender #timingiseverything #divinetiming #theuniversehasyourback #oraclecards #oraclecardreading #oracleofthemermaids #lucycavendish
It’s Tarot Tuesday and in honor of Love Your Pet Day I’m offering two special cards.
1) Choose a card that resonates with you.
2) Follow me
3) Tag someone that you think would like my posts.
The message can be for you or your pet. Card reveals will be done later tonite.
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Journey To Love Day 49: This card is about positive change. Whether you’ve been working on inner healing or incorporating new ways of being (thank you lunar eclipse), you can look forward to new beginnings. This is true in all areas of your life, not just on the romantic front. It’s important to stay focused on your intention and take action when a door opens up. You’re headed in the right direction!
The deck used is Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.
#journeytolove #day49 #change #healing #newpath #newbeginnings #yougotthis #oraclecards #oraclecardreading #energyoraclecards #sandraannetaylor
Weekly Tarot Reading for 2/19/18: In honor of World Whale Day, this card is asking that you communicate clearly at this time. The New Moon being conjunct with Mercury (the planet that rules communication) can be helpful in ensuring you say what’s on your mind without misunderstanding or misinterpretation.
Whales swim at great depths therefore when representing a person, it can be someone who appears emotionally unavailable or who buries their feelings quite deeply. This could represent you or someone close to you. This card is a reminder to speak your truth openly and honestly and solutions to any problems can be found.
The deck used is my new favorite Animal Tarot by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine.
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Journey To Love Day 48: This is your Sunday night reminder that it’s safe for you to love.
I’ve been telling my lovelies that having a broken heart can lead to protection or being in survival mode. You may want that wonderful relationship but you’re afraid of getting hurt again. Love can’t get in if you’re shielding yourself.
I fostered a cat who had been badly abused by his previous owner. He was skittish and hid under my desk a lot. I would talk to him and play Big Band music for him. I tried to coax him out but I knew one day his desire to be loved and petted would overcome his fear. Within 3 weeks he started to slowly come out and then one day he rubbed himself up against my leg. The moral of the story is to be patient, kind, and compassionate with yourself. Remember, love is a journey, not a destination. Take your time!
Ask the romance angels to bring you someone who will be caring and gentle with your heart. Someone who is patient and understands that waiting is a wonderful thing. Trust your intuition to let you know who you can trust. Slowly your walls will come down. I promise you!
#journeytolove #day48 #love #safety #kind #gentle #compassion #trust #angelcards #angelcardreading #relationshipgoals #romanceangels #doreenvirtue
I had posted this on FB but forgot to post it here.
This is for a 30 min phone call or 6-Card email reading. Must be purchased by tomorrow (Monday) at 6pm PST. We can schedule anytime you want. This is NOT posted on my website so please visit the link on the post or DM me. Let’s get those burning relationship questions answered!
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Journey To Love Day 47: I know this is late but I was doing readings!
The theme of the readings I’ve done over the last couple of days was in regards to healing. Many of my lovelies had released their exes, cut the cords, practiced forgiveness, and did the Full Moon Love Ritual but still felt something was off or missing. So it’s not a coincidence I pulled this card today.
There could be a broken heart from your past that is blocking you from manifesting the relationship you desire. Even when we do everything in our power to release the past, some lingering remnants can still be there. It’s like going on a diet and trying to lose that remaining 10 lbs.!
Ask Archangel Raphael to heal your heart. Carry crystals that represent healing your heart such as rose quartz, citrine, aventurine, or malachite. Perhaps you may need to visit someone who can clear your chakras and remove blockages. It’s also important to speak to yourself with compassion and kindness.
The deck used is Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor.
#journeytolove #day47 #heartchakra #healing #archangelraphael #crystalhealing #citrine #rosequartz #aventurine #malachite #energyoraclecards #oraclecardreading #sandraannetaylor