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Hello everyone,
I want to talk about traveller life and his lifestyle. Many people I've got to talked when I crossed around 4k followers and people got to know that I am actually a Traveller and I love traveling. I don't know why people think if a boy start traveling and make it his profession he only do it for girls and just always ready to fuck anyone. Why people think wherever he goes there is someone waiting for him and he's just going for fun, why people think that we travellers have many girlfriends, why people think that we met many people around just for having fun. I hate this mentality! We choose this profession b'cause we love travelling and we are committed to travel and for them whom we really care and love. 
I always reply every single msg doesn't matter who, never did I showed attitude to anyone that I have followers and I'm a traveller. I replied each and every single msg that doesn't mean that I have many girlfriends and I just wanna have fun with girls. I know I have many girls followers and I talk to them it doesn't mean I am that kind of guy. 
Firstly who actually know me and see my account very well they know I am a proud father and I am really committed to my daughter and my  traveling . .

Please guys Travellers don't do only this work. We actually do very hard work and this is not an easy cake. We invest money and time and so many things you don't know so if you can't respect us then please don't disrespect us without knowing anything. .
Madness always best...so we jump 🕴️
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I am a traveller,
On a journey down this road.
With sunrise in my eyes,
And the sweet moon on my tongue.
The green oceans teach me a lesson or two,
On the vices of humans, and apathy of women.
Lessons on greed, and my brethren and creed.
Holy cities with empty shrines,
With hopeless wanderers from the deep mines.
Of the mountains kissing,
A feeling of love and adore,
And the repentance of losing my sweetest darling, shrewd.
Loving again, my heart arose again,
Of shady currency in the land of shame.

The journey is meandering,
A course like the green oceans,
And a traveller I am,
Craving no hope to stay alone,
Only longing to go back home. .
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The endless blue sky is all yours 
Just open and fly with your wings to see
Beyond the horizon are new adventures
You just have to cross the horizon to see
Take out all your shackles
Just be free.
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I wish I would have been a nomad,
I would have travelled to the places no one had.
I wish I was a voracious reader,
Books would have helped me to forget her.
If life would not have been such a mystery,
It would have been easy to forget my history.
I wish I was another wanderlust
In a world which seems to forget so fast.
I never wanted to be like me.
Oh, how I wish I was not me!
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I was forced to wander, having no one, forced by my nature to keep wandering because wandering was the only thing that I believed in, and the only thing that believed in me.
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I imagine my life far away from here
I know isn’t easy, but I don’t live with the fear;
The fear to leave or to lose my way
I would stay, but for what? For what to stay? 
Who cares at the end? Like always, just I
And now being happy is almost a lie;
Could be so hard, but better than here
I don’t like the tears, I don’t like the fear!
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I saw 'Mera Naam Jokar' today on TV.
How many of you have seen this movie?? This movie was the story of an artist who born like artist, lived like artist and family died like artist. A artist's life is very tough unlike it looks very interesting and happening but nobody knows how much they struggle for that we don't even know even they are struggling still but they always shows what their audience wants to see, with a smile.
He (joker) even can't show his pain, his frustration, his problems to the world. Because you have seen him happy and smiling always.

Most of the time we lose something, sometimes things doesn't go like how we want, family problems, relationships problems, office problems and many other things but we always live our life like this jokar who always comes with smiling face in front of everyone and makes everyone happy.

So just smile on every problem of yours bcz as they say.... "SHOW MUST GO ON! " .
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Lost in the way. That was an awesome drive through Pangonge lake to Tso Moriri lake. Best drive as yet...
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i walked down the stairs
and saw you at the kitchen table
at first glance i noticed you writing
but i couldn't see a piece of paper
i walked up behind you
and put my hand on your shoulder
you looked up at me
with a smile that could light chicago
and pointed to all the pencil marks
on the map you were holding
and said "these are the places i want to go"
until then i'd never seen
poetry that i couldn't read
but something about the lines
and all the plans they represented
brought a tear to my eye
"let's go then" i said
as we ran upstairs to pack a bag
reminiscing about memories
we didn't yet have
and dreaming with both eyes open! .
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I was staying on the beach so I woke up early this morning, stepped out of my comfortable bed. After came out from my room I was stunned to see this beautiful view felt like I was in a dream so l took out my phone @oneplus_india and clicked this amazing view to show you sleepy heads this picture! Then I realised that I might find treasures like these if only l wake up early every morning I think I CAN do that.  Can you wake up early in the morning? Do comment below. .
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Wish you very Happy Diwali to all my fams😘 Thank you so much guys for giving me this amazing present for Diwali! #15Kfollowers 🎉  Now subscribe me on my YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!
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