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Photo diary of a Saudi. Covering stories in MiddleEast. Canon ambassador. For Wedding inquiries @TasneemAlsultanWeddings


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On this day last year, before the ban on women driving was lifted on 24th June 2018, I was watching whilst women secretly practiced to drive. Almost a year on and it feels as though we have always been afforded this ‘luxury’ Photographed for @nytimes 12.06.2018 #nytassignment #dammam #saudiarabia
“We were introduced the old fashioned way by his cousin and my sister-in-law. We didn’t know anything about one another - We started talking without any preconceived notions. Isn’t that the best way to get to know someone?” #bahrain #wedding
Yesterday I attended my second WWE in Saudi. I didn’t go as a photographer. And that was extremely difficult for the first hour. All my senses were itching to document every move, emotion and laugh. But I didn’t have a camera, so after a while my brain finally calmed and I just enjoyed. These photos were taken from November of last year, and I was busy running around with my cameras. Yes, at one point I was even documented by a crowd of men to trip over my cameras.

Would love to know your thoughts: Can photography be an addiction or a means of therapy?
Eid Mubarak! Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead ❤️
عيدسعيد و ينعاد علينا وعليكم بالأفراح والمسرات #eidmubarak
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Stood in front of 2,000 French speaking guests and shared stories about Saudi, Love, and Femme Hors la loi [Female Outlaws]. Thanks to @livemagazine.fr for having me take part of a memorable two nights among journalists that have given me so much hope and plenty of goosebumps to hold on to. Photo by Jeremy Suyker
أحلى ما في رمضان هو تفاصيله، وين ما تروح تشوف الفوانيس اللي تنور لياليه. One of my favorite things about Ramadan is the details you’re surrounded by. Here a group of school boys share traditional songs around the Bujairi Park in Riyadh. #riyadh #saudiarabia #ramadan Photographed for Samba Bank
‎مشهد لفتني لبنات لابسين البخنق والجلابيات وفي قمة سعادتهم. ‎شاركوني صوركم للحظة رمضانیة حلوة على
‎#كل_لحظة_وانتم_بخیر وباختار أحلى 10 صور يفوزون بأجهزة آيفون من @SambaBank عالتويتر. اهم شي المسابقة عالحسابهم في التويتر، مش هنا!
"His sister had him add me on Instagram without him knowing. She sensed that we would match. A few likes, sweet comments and cute jokes later, I added him back..." #bahrain #manama #wedding #everydayeverywhere
There are so many of us who are blessed enough to have loving mothers with whom we can spend this special day with. Today, my thoughts are with those who have lost their mothers or who are not fortunate enough to spend Mother's Day celebrating with them. #mothersday
Tomorrow is the first day of the month Ramadan. The Month of Ramadan is known for its generosity, hence the Arabic word "Kareem". During this month, Muslims abstain from food/drinks and many pleasures to appreciate and think of others. There is also a greater commitment to give charity to the needy and less fortunate. The neighbors in Alrakah district have set out every Ramadan to contribute to a catering company that will daily feed a couple of hundred visitors outside the mosque. Many foreign workers and some locals sit outside in waiting for the Maghreb Athan (call to prayer during sunset) to announce the breaking of fast. I photographed this event two years ago on the first day of Ramadan, and looking forward to photographing more of this special month this year. #saudiarabia #dammam #everydaymiddleeast #everydayeverywhere #ramadan #fasting #mosque
In the world of journalism, courage and bravery are values typically associated with war and conflict. I have endured neither and would never have dreamt that my work would be appreciated alongside the great legacy of Anjia Niedringhaus. @eloisalopez, a young talented photographer, working in her home country, shows us a part of the world most could never access. @maryfcalvert’s work has always been inspirational for me. She provides a lesson in patience, persistence and in tackling deep and poignant stories in the US that many do not want to know about. I am honored that the judges of IWMF have included my work alongside such brave and fearless women. #iwmfcourage @theiwmf