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Here’s what the executive order does and doesn’t do: The executive order stops the new bleeding. But it does not address the blood on their hands.
The president has just signed an executive order reversing his own policy of mass family separation at the border.
This executive order was signed because OF YOU. This administration took a bet that America had no more unifying non-negotiables – that there was nothing we wouldn’t tolerate – that we wouldn’t care enough to keep fighting. They lost that bet. We cared enough. When it came to the babies we, the people, came together and said: NOT THIS.
We need to take a moment to acknowledge your victory.
Okay that moment is over. Because this remains a national crisis and atrocity.
This order does not change the President’s zero-tolerance regime. Every unauthorized border crossing (even those who may be seeking asylum legally) will continue to be treated as a federal crime. Families may be detained (in for-profit facilities) indefinitely while the adults face federal prosecution.
IT DOES NOTHING WITH RESPECT TO THE THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN ALREADY FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM THEIR FAMILIES through this barbaric policy. NOTHING ABOUT THEM. We have learned today that children have been flown all over the country – hundreds of miles from their parents, and authorities have said there is a high probability that many will never be reunited. We learned today that several of the FOR-PROFIT companies that house unaccompanied children have histories of sexual misconduct and other abuse.
We will not forget about these thousands of terrified children. We will reunify these families.
Every boots on the ground organization with which we are in daily contact tells us this: These babies need advocates to help get them reunified with their families. We are going to keep HELPING THE HELPERS. We are going to lock arms with these organizations and keep walking with them until the babies are returned.
We will do this together. Please give at the
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This inhumanity has to stop!! Call now!! #keepfamiliestogether
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My mom was pregnant with me when she and my father came to America seeking asylum. Many of my family and friends were kids when they came from the refugee camps. 
I can barely speak coherently about what is happening now to these separated families. It’s a primal shake to my core. 
We cannot let this policy stand. 
@caseyrosewilson said it best, “While we work furiously on policy change, the kids are here and they need love.” ❤️
Mary Page Marlowe, previews start this week. Tickets in bio. I’m so thrilled to be part of this play, holy shit. #lilaneugebauer #tracyletts
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