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I love you Nunavut #nunavutday #twoloversandabear
My Forky
Posted @withrepost • @whywithaqmark We’re Very excited to present Movement #3 from AOKOHIO entitled ‘III. Please take me home, I don’t belong here.’ Directed by @milesjorispeyrafitte and starring @tatianamaslany. 
We hope you enjoy :) AOKOHIO out August 9th on @joyfulnoiserecs
O’Malley the alley cat
oh Canada ( 📸: @jeff.widener )
—- Network on Broadway —-
missing my wife on the anniversary of I’m sure something we did that was fun at some point over the past 25 years ( 📸: very brilliant @danielletockerphoto )
Diana & The DootDoots
So long @networkbway 😢
“You are a waste(paperbasket)land, Diana.” - Max Schumacher
NOT OKAY!!!!!!!!!!
That 🦀 from programming ———————— (📸 : @jeff.widener / ZUMA press)