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sungguh ingin rebahan dulu dari idup ☺
is so happy coz today is her favourite person's birthday. 😸😸🎂
is wishing she has a pause button in life.
#35mm #industrial400 #vinon500em
Ayok kita kemana yok...
Yok yok... #35mm #indo35mm
Difotoin suhu analog idolaque  @danifardhian 
#35mm #indo35mm #wheninbangkok
"La la...makan lumpang mas atau pagi sore ya?"
2017 was about learning of self-love, what I deserve, and to cherish those ppl who always there when I needed and always see the quality of me eventhough I am full of scratch but they'll always stay no matter things happen.

And 2018 is about "oh tya..don't be so hard on yourself you are doing good but still, you have to improve 😂😂"
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#35mm #indo35mm #disposablecamera
Sunrise yang kesiangan di Papandayan

Taken with my first dispossable camera
#35mm #indo35mm
Difotoin sama @denayuimeldadeh
In the mood for gigli and cheese

I just cant resist this pasta to not post it!
If you're wondering where did I buy this pretty also delish pasta, go check @wheatandwater.id 
Found @wheatandwater.id when I visited @semasadikotatua yesterday, and instantly in love with their pasta!