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Est. 2011 • CRONULLA • The Fitness Studios providing a fun & supportive environment to make achieving your fitness, health and lifestyle goals easier!


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C O A C H I N G // Inspiring and coaching you to get to where you want to be. Learn how to eat and exercise to create the body you you want! www.taylormadept.com.au
H O W . Y O U . T R A I N // How do you train? Are you committed to improving each session?
If you don’t have a plan, a program to enable you to work towards your goal .... you won’t get there!
Create your goal, plan out how you’re going to get there, then .... and only then .... will you see results.
Remember to record what you do (training intensity) and strive to improve on it each session.
Want a plan to suit your body type, fitness levels and goals? Find out how you can at www.taylormadept.com.au #taylormadept #fitness #health #life #cronulla
T H U M B S . U P // Thumbs up for our semi private session this morning! #taylormadept #fitness #health #life #cronulla
Learn more at taylormadept.com.au
C O M M I T M E N T // Mindset, positivity, focus, determination and discipline.
“How do you eat and do whatever you want and stay so lean? You’re so lucky!”.
We hear this conversation a lot when people see the ‘end result’ of others who are being so dedicated to their training and nutrition. Yes, genetics can help, but .... if you see someone looking FIT, chances are they have worked their butt off to get there!
Eat WELL and train HARD!
www.taylormadept.com.au #taylormadept #fitness #health #life
N E W . C L A S S // New classes in 2018!
Tone up all the right areas with one of our all new classes (Abs, Butts & Thighs). A low impact alternative for any fitness level.
Learn more at www.taylormadept.com.au. —-
Hurry, only 13 New Year Special discount memberships left! #taylormadept #cronulla #fitness #health #life
I T ‘ S . A . F E E L I N G // What happens when you exercise?
Those happy feels!
Join us at www.taylormadept.com.au #taylormadept #cronulla #fitness #health #life
S T A I R S // Stairs with the TMPT Mascot. Have you met him yet?
With a big running year ahead, come and get your 10k, half and full marathon training programs! Better yet, join us and run with us! 🏃‍♂️ —-
Your time is now! Join us at www.taylormadept.com.au #taylormadept #cronulla #fitness #health #life #run #running #rungroup
T A K E . T H E . S T A I R S // Why do we love this?
Not only is it true, but when helping to improve the overall health of our clients it’s one of our first pieces of advice we give.
“Use the stairs whenever you can!”
Remember the small changes add up to make a real difference.
Want to feel lean and fit again? Give us a try with our 2 Week Trial. Learn more at www.taylormadept.com.au
M O R N I N G . R U N // A boutique studio in the heart of Cronulla would be stupid not to use this! Get up and #run, #walk or stroll.... whatever fitness level you’re up to... just do it! You’re beating the people who are still in bed (and your former self)!
Changing your life is not easy, it takes consistency and strength, but, once you have adopted a new mindset, what once seemed impossible will be right there on your bucket list!
When you take the first step, you’re making a positive change and... you never know where you might end up.
#taylormadept #cronulla #fitness #health #life Assisting the world to become #fitter & #healthier ! Learn more at taylormadept.com.au
F I N A L . G I F T S // The last gift arrived today 🎁.
Thank you for all your generosity. Your gifts will be going to Shire homes to help out local families in need this Christmas and I could be more excited to deliver them to the Sutherland Shire Council today 🎄.
You’re all amazing and TMPT is extremely lucky to have members as giving and AWESOME as all of you! 😎 #givingtree #community #taylormadept #fitness #health #life
Want to be a part of a unique studio? www.taylormadept.com.au
C H R I S T M A S . P A R T Y // When we cant stop the sport... it’s in our blood. ✋🏻 —-
Thanks for coming everyone and a special mention to Beaux and L for your hard work helping with the catering! Love your work!
More thank you’s have to go to the TMPT team and all our supporters for a fantastic 2017!
We can’t wait to continue with you all and transform even more lives on 2018!
Come join us taylormadept.com.au
#floorpingpong #christmasparty #taylormadept
I N . T H E . S P I R I T // We are feeling merry! Go in the draw to WIN 1 of 12 FREE memberships.

How? Simply Like and Comment your favourite training buddy’s name!

Drawn Christmas Eve!

What your free membership gets you:
- Starter Pack
- Nutrition Consultation
- Fitness Assessments
- Unlimited Studio Access
- Unlimited Sessions per week (over 35 per week)
- 14 weeks free

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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