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Born in Canada, currently living in Hong Kong & sharing my life along the way ♡ new video here:


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See how it went on on my YouTube channel!💫
Happy Birthday @elbowsan_xx 💪🏻! Thanks for sticking by me through all the ups & downs (& a few phases) and giving me so much unconditional love. You inspire me every day & I can’t wait to marry you! Love your forever babeeee ❤️ PS-yes, he just started Instagram! You can follow him @elbowsan_xx , probably for a bunch of coffee shots, food, sunsets, Rosie, and ugly photos of me.
PSS- I finally posted the Fiancé tag video last night, you can watch it now if you haven’t yet! Thank you guys so much for all of your kind & supportive comments. I was nervous about this but now I feel more connected to you than ever! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
Can’t wait for this reunion tour. My body changed since the 90’s but my heart will always be full of Spice ✌️ who else here grew up with Spice Girls? 🤔❤️
Today was a busy day of running errands. October just flew by & this month has A LOT happening, which you will see soon! I have been filming a lot but I feel like I can’t focus and I’m not happy with most of my videos lately (or some just didn’t work out bc of my mic or the makeup didn’t turn out good). BUT I will be doing vlogmas this year (& it will be in a new home!), so you’ll be seeing a lot more of me 😉❄️ cozy jumpsuit & hat: @stylenanda_korea
1 smoothie🌱 & 1 puppuccino☕️
Back in HK 🇭🇰☀️❤️
There’s so many crunchy leaves here to step on 😍🍁🍂
We’re in Karuizawa now, our favorite getaway place in Japan 🍁 I’m taking in all the nature, good food and amazingly fresh crisp air like there’s no tomorrow 😄🍎
PS- I know this pic is blurry... I think my Instagram Fiancé was done with me and my photos at this point- but I like it ☺️
Im back in Japan for a bit & loving the cooler weather here (it’s still hot in Hong Kong & now I get to layer- yay!) 🍂 Happy Halloween! 🎃✨
PS- I’m sorry I offended so many of you with yesterday’s outfit 😅
She came for my brand & conquered it 👀 everything in Japan is cuter! 💐🎃
📷: @kimdaoblog
The weapons broke off right after this photo (they lasted 5 minutes 😅). the nail hair is ruining my life but at the same time everything I do is more interesting, both for me and those around me 🙃
My Horror Halloween Nails 💅🏻 done by @nail_cactus 👻 
Inspired by @nail_sunny & @klairedelys 🎃🕷🖤