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📍Hong Kong
📸 Youtuber & Model
🇨🇦/🇭🇰 Born in Canada, currently living in Hong Kong/Toronto & sharing my life along the way!
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The Dark Side 🖤 yes or no?🤔 p.s- I just posted the weekly Vlog!
Feeling unstoppable in my latex pants 💣 I was told by a Fortune Teller recently that if I want to get pregnant I need to warm up my body via my wardrobe (less black, more red & purple)...but I think he didn’t take into consideration the material 🤔 My uterus is sweating right now and that’s gotta count for something. 🤷‍♀️
Just uploaded the weekly Vlog! Hope you like it! 💖 did you have a good week? I’d love to know something you did??🤔 I got a bit uncomfortable & tried new things!
I just spoke to a fortune teller &  the result wasn’t really what I was hoping for 😅😶 I filmed it all and I’ll show you tonight!😆✨🔮
Morning!☀️🍋 Rosie got a haircut yesterday & i’m just enjoying the fluff before she inevitably destroys it today. She always enjoys finding dirt, sticks, grass & other dog’s pee every time she goes outside 🤷‍♀️
Reconnected with @chingyee_natalie today after a month of not seeing each other. Had a brainstorming session, a lot of laughs, & agreed on how much we didn’t like Birdbox (unpopular opinion, but I don’t understand the hype 🤷‍♀️). Super excited for this month’s content, lots coming for you!!💕
Sweater & faux leather pants: @missguided 
Boots: @drmartensofficial Hat: @collusionstudios
Mother Daughter Photoshoot
We lived just down the street from each other & were inseparable since we met at 4 years old. We’ve been through so much together & this year was another big one as we both turned 30 & both got married 👰I’m so happy to live so close again (just a short street car away!) and to have spent more time together this Christmas. These photos were from one of my favorite days of vlogmas where we got semi-permanent tattoos at @inkbox & shopped at the legendary @thestoreonqueen 😎🛍👠 @alyssapbp , even though I’m leaving to go back to Hong Kong and will miss you immensely, I know whether near or apart nothing ever changes.. you’re a true friend that stays no matter what; beyond the little fights we had as kids, beyond broken diary contracts we naively wrote, beyond all of the major life changes that happened over the last 26 years, beyond time & beyond distance❤️
It’s Santa’s BIG NIGHT!! Merry Christmas Eve!!🎄🎅🏻❤️