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littlewomen. (Rehearsal pic couple weeks ago :)
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#repost @sampha - “I had the honour of writing a new song for a film called “Beautiful Boy” which is out in the US today. It’s called “Treasure” and I hope you enjoy listening (swipe up in stories) x @beautifulboymovie @tchalamet”
*+🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧+* this saturday :)))
Don’t wanna be the guy to obliterate your feed with self promotion, so I’ll try to contain it to this - Sam Lansky at TIME magazine wrote an article about Beautiful Boy that for me best describes what the movie is about, and why Steve Carrel and I got involved.  I play Nic Sheff (@nic_sheff ), who struggled with a methamphetamine addiction throughout his youth. Addiction / overdosing is the biggest killer in the US today, more than automobile accidents and gun violence combined. And there’s still a lot of trepidation in having an open conversation about it. 
Oh, and that’s the pretty, uh, interesting picture we did for the article. I thought I was blue steeling until I saw Steve serving #definition looks behind me. Anywho.  There’s a link to the article in my bio✨✨⚔️
beautiful morning