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On the endless search to shred❄️ #splitboardingistheanswer
@chimerasnowboards 🗻splitboard season edit👇


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Flash back to the Bridger Range dropping lines and having good times 📷 @croshanemedia • @chimerasnowboards @roamproducts @yetiresearchco.canada @yetiresearchco @ltdoptics
Pillow popping heaven🙌☁️ thanks for the 📷 @croshanemedia • @ltdoptics @yetiresearchco @yetiresearchco.canada @roamproducts @chimerasnowboards
Revelstoke is unreal!🙌🏔 it was such a dream riding pillows in BC 📷 @hukesnow thanks for an awesome adventure @croshanemedia @jimmy_couloir @austinl_smith 🏔🚐 @chimerasnowboards @yetiresearchco.canada @yetiresearchco @ltdoptics @roamproducts
It’s all a lot bigger in BC🏔 unreal day with the backcountry boys @jimmy_couloir @austinl_smith @croshanemedia 🔥 @yetiresearchco.canada @ltdoptics @yetiresearchco @sparkrandd @roamproducts @chimerasnowboards
Finding some blower in Bozeman👌❄️ thanks for the 📷 @croshanemedia and fun times @austinl_smith @james_____black_ @sparkrandd @chimerasnowboards @ltdoptics @yetiresearchco
First time shredding in Montana and it blew my mind! Hit 3 separate ranges in 3 days with 📷 @croshanemedia and @austinl_smith can’t thank @james_____black_ enough for the amazing hospitality and showing us some incredible zones!🙌🗻 @chimerasnowboards @sparkrandd @ltdoptics @yetiresearchco
Took Mia on her first #splitboarding adventure! Getting her trained for the big days🗻🙏❄️ @chimerasnowboards @yetiresearchco @roamproducts @ltdoptics
Hanging in the trees today with 📷 @johnnyaction because the avy conditions flipping suck! @yetiresearchco @ltdoptics @roamproducts @chimerasnowboards
Flash back to last year around this time dropping into a deep one with 📷 @michaelaasheimphotography and @hukesnow hopefully Utah reserves a little some snow soon🙏❄️ @chimerasnowboards @yetiresearchco @roamproducts @ltdoptics
Magic in the mountains🔮❄️🙌 @hukesnow taking in the view of wolverine cirque a couple weeks ago with @michaelaasheimphotography thanks for the good times dudes! @chimerasnowboards @ltdoptics @roamproducts @yetiresearchco
Fun times with @hukesnow jumping over an old mining tunnel!  Thanks Mike👊❄️ @roamproducts @ltdoptics @yetiresearchco @chimerasnowboards
Throw back to dropping a awesome Wasatch mini classic couloir last season 📷 @hukesnow 🙏❄️ @yetiresearchco @roamproducts @ltdoptics @chimerasnowboards