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Just making some turns🏄‍♂️🗻
@chimerasnowboards 🗻Uintah splitboard edit👇


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When @croshanemedia calls you at 7pm amped to go climbing and pumping you up with his “whoooo yeeee let’s go baby!” You grab your gear and go! Never a dull moment with this dude🤘🔥🧗‍♂️
4 years ago today 6/18/14 riding a fresh 10 inches of blower pow #protectourwinters #bringbackwinter thanks @hukesnow for the clip!
Summer sunset shred!☀️🔥🏄‍♂️ rad time dropping main chute last night with a killer krew! Thanks @adambagelboy for the shot! @sparkrandd @yetiresearchco @ltdoptics @roamproducts @chimerasnowboards
It’s that time of year where you can get the best of both worlds! One day jumping off cliffs on a snowboard, the next day jumping into ice cold water🔥❄️ all in one amazing place! Thanks @croshanemedia for nailing all the bangers last weekend in the Uintas!!
Jumping into June☀️ awesome time camping, hiking, shredding, and cliff jumping! Thanks @croshanemedia for the foto and always being down for any adventure! @chimerasnowboards  @yetiresearchco @roamproducts @ltdoptics @sparkrandd
@mongoosefamily surfing in the satch🏄‍♂️🗻 @chimerasnowboards @pallassnowboards
This weekend was definitely one for the books! Good times camping, hiking, and shredding in the Stanbury range with @mongoosefamily @ratthewdavidson @wildwasatch @wasatchjimmy @alisterhorn  Thank you @mongoosefamily for the foto🙌
Throw back to an unforgettable day on lone peak with @croshanemedia two weeks ago!🙌🗻 @ltdoptics @chimerasnowboards @roamproducts @yetiresearchco @sparkrandd
Spring surfing in the satch🏄‍♂️🗻 thanks for the shot @patrickpfister13 and good times slashing @ratthewdavidson 👊 @chimerasnowboards @ltdoptics @sparkrandd @yetiresearchco @roamproducts
LONE PEAK!🏔 this peak blows my mind every time!! It was such an amazing experience hiking and riding it with @croshanemedia thanks for the good vibes man!👊🙌❄️🔮 @sparkrandd @chimerasnowboards @yetiresearchco @ltdoptics
Shredding from the summit of lone peak🙏🗻 thanks for the awesome adventure up this peak today @croshanemedia 📸🙌 the mountains are powerful and you can definitely feel it standing at the summit next to a 2,000ft sheer cliff🔥 everything happened so perfectly today it’s insane!! Feeling very blessed right now🙏 @chimerasnowboards @sparkrandd @yetiresearchco @ltdoptics @roamproducts
In the white room! Thanks  @patrickpfister13 @anthonyaadland @zacej for the good time shedding🙌❄️ @sparkrandd @chimerasnowboards @roamproducts @ltdoptics @yetiresearchco