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Viet Coffee | Waffles | Boba | We use Straus organic milk & quality ingredients! 🇲🇽VietXican Family owned #tealyfe


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It’s easy being green ♻️ We have reusable glass bottles for an extra charge and 100% biodegradable bamboo straws 🌱
Check out our cold brewed organically grown, made to order Uji matcha with honey boba
Wateeeered dooown?! * #souljaboy voice*
We never want to serve you watered down drinks. If you ever feel like your drink is watered down please bring it back for us to fix it for ya 💦
Have you tried our housemade coffee jelly?! We doubled the amount here because some of us are hooked on it 🤣. The sharpness of the coffee goes well with our milk teas and it’s a great pairing with the churro waffle
ALSO, peep our new 💯 percent biodegradable Bamboo straws. We will incorporate it more as they become available
We’re now open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays for extra summer enjoyment 😊

An extra hour to get your matcha fix. We like our cold brew matcha lightly sweetened without milk 🌱
Our matcha is exceptionally fresh: sourced, shade-grown & stone-milled to order from organic farms in Uji, Japan. @mizubateaco
I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly ☕️
Our Vietnamese coffee is slowly brewed in our Phin filters to get that dark cà phê đen extraction. It is made with gelatin so sorry to our vegan friends 🌱 .
Come get some if you’re ready 🙃
After many times of r&d’ing we finally did it. Now we just need to figure out if it’s better in small pieces or big chunks 😜
🌟 Buy 3 get 1 free 🌟

We want to thank our followers and supporters with this Thursday promo. Buy 3 drinks get the 4th free of equal or lesser value all day 6/20 as we welcome summer ☀️ tag a friend to share with ☀️
Check out our delicious floats:
Saigon Float - Vietnamese coffee with toasted coconut gelato and cinnamon
Horchata Colada - horchata with toasted coconut gelato, organic coconut flakes and fresh 🍍
NEW * Thai Float - Thai tea with vanilla bean ice cream and sweetened condensed milk
Pink Lady - Oaxacan style horchata with dragonfruit (guanabana) sorbet, candied pecans, and organic coconut flakes 💃🏽
Why have a waffle Wednesday when you can have a double #wafflewednesday. Bring bae for this treat made with pasture raised eggs laid by happy chickens with names like Star and Lucy 🥚 🐔 🌱
Pictured is our double with vanilla bean icecream, churro waffles, and hazelnut spread with birthday sprinkles 🌈
New topping, who dis?

We’ve been working on this topping for a very long time. It’s one we’d make and revisit every year. It’s made from scratch and we can’t wait for you to try it this Friday! 😋
Do you know what it is?!
When you can’t decide on our best selling Horchata
Come try our mexican family recipe drinks
VietChata - horchata with Vietnamese coffee ☕️
Strawberry Horchata 🍓
Black Edition - horchata and black Phin style Vietnamese coffee ☕️
Happy Father’s Day to this awesome dad of three now!
You made tealyfe possible with all you’ve sacrificed. Being a parent is challenging at times but extremely rewarding, and you being present in the kids life has been a gift.
Tealyfe wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re proud of the hardworking man you are! Happy Father’s Day Papi
We love to cater your celebrations! Thank you for letting us be a part of your special moments #debutanteball 💕
Contact us at catering@tealyfe.us for your events [weddings are our specialty 😉]
👰 🎩 🎊
Tag your squad who’s down for boba

All of our teas are made with real fresh ingredients. We only use fruits for our fruit teas, not those artificially flavored syrups 👀 🙃
Not judging you if you’re used to high fructose corn syrup, but try our teas made with real cane sugar 🌱 #organicdragonfruit #passionfruit #organicmango
Feeling cute might delete this topping later... come get the salted cheese foam for a limited time 🌱 🍵
Time to make room for a new scratch made topping we’ve been working on for a while 🙃