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Tea | Horchata | Viet Coffee | Waffles
We use Straus organic milk & quality ingredients! VietXican owned 🇲🇽 #tealyfe


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It’s always a pleasure getting to know our customers and being part of their boba Lyfe 👋

Good luck @vukennedy & visit us soon 🌱
Need a pick me up? Our Vietnamese coffee series to the rescue ☕️ Get your drink in our durable USA made glass bottles for an additional $2 from now until the end of the month 💦

Today’s picks are the VietChata, Down To Earth, and the black edition VietChata made with black phin coffee ☕️ Shout out to @jimmy4o8 for the nighttime photography 📷
We’re celebrating our birthday with a new Horchata Float 🥳
Starting today and for a limited time, we’re serving our black and white horchata with black sesame and black sesame gelato 🍨
It will also be free for the first person who orders it today 🤫 🥰 happy #thirstythursday
We’ve been about community and family since day one. Vietnamese coffee has been an important part of our lives and a huge part of our menu ☕️
Our culturas [cultures] have been on display through our drinks, and we hope you are enjoying them. My husband and I both grew up in east San Jose and attended local high schools. Opening our business in the eastside was the perfect location to provide quality goods to our neighborhood that we love 🌱
As we reach another milestone we know it is because of the community behind us who support the craft we have created in vietnamtown. Thank you for believing in us ! We’re turning 4! 🥳 here’s #part1
Orange you glad it’s #wafflewednesday?

Today’s delicious creation consists of locally made crème fraîche and a housemade berry compote with organic berries and oranges from our home 🌳 🍊
When one of our baristas wanted her Matcha Supreme... we’re judging you @alliishaaa 👀 😂 ♥️
Our chocolate dipped liege waffle is a kid and adult favorite 🍫

Our quality ingredients and care that goes into each small batch of risen dough makes this liege waffle special. So, treat yo’ self today to one of these 😋  it’s like eating a flaky, croissant like pastry 🥐
Our Vietnamese Coffee Series is making a splash 💦
Try the Dark Matter for a strong caffeine kick made with our organic Assam black tea, organic milk, and a double shot of Vietnamese coffee ☕️
When you can’t decide so you get them all🌱
Our Vietnamese coffee series meets horchata series with the Black Edition VietChata & Vietchata
Today’s waffle Wednesday brings you our liege sandwiched together between vanilla bean icecream and black sesame. Don’t let the rain stop you ☔️

We wanted to create something reminiscent of the Mexican sesame hard candy but with black sesame seeds 😋
There’s nothing basic about our jasmine milk tea with house made grass jelly 💁‍♀️

We start with a mesona chinensis (Mint’s cousin) extract to bring you that perfect grass jelly texture 🌱
We recommend our jasmine milk tea at 75% sweet since we steep a generous amount of leaves for the strength to go with @strausmilk
Extra Extra boba please... for times when you’re feeling extra 🐝

Our classic Assam black is an organic Indian black tea known for its robust flavor. It’s best drank with milk and at regular sweet 🌚
Our chewy honey boba is made with brown cane sugar & real honey 🍯