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We use Straus organic milk & quality ingredients! 🇲🇽 VietXican owned 🇲🇽


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This hazy sky got you blue? Come hang with our moss buddies and get one of the few remaining Horchata, HK milk tea, or Thai macarons for a pick me up 🌞 🌈
One of our childhood memories was going to the big fair and eating “Fresas con crema” a strawberries and cream deliciousness.
Today’s waffle Wednesday is a chocolate liege with freshly picked local strawberries and local sweetened condensed milk 🍓
We hope that it brings back a pleasant memory 🎡
Sometimes we just want to be baesic and drink a Thai tea that’s slowly brewed, topped with organic half & half, and some sweetened condensed milk 😋
We can also make our milk teas with @califiafarms almond milk 🌱
Happy Sunday & happy Veteran’s Day #thankyouforyourservice pc: @mrsbeanssweettooth ☀️ 🇺🇸
Flashback to our busy summer & fall catering season 💍 ♥️
We make hot drinks to order sweetened to your liking. It’s a slower steep process but worth the wait 🍵 💡
Get the perfect pick me up with our organic Assam tea handshaken with local organic milk from @strausmilk 😋 🥛
Happy Sunday ☀️ we’re thankful for all of your continued support. It’s why we keep doing what we do - serving you the freshest quality ingredients ❤️ 🥰
It’s November we should be posting our hot chocolate, but this sunny weather got us craving that MamaChata [ 🇲🇽 authentic horchata with organic Pitaya] 😋 🤰
Sundays with family are always the best enjoyed over tea 🐾🌱🐾
Feeling something fruity or milky? We’ve got something for everyone #Pitaya Refresher & #Matcha Sensation made with real Organic & fresh ingredients 🍵 💧
Double up on this thirsty Thursday! We open at 11am 💡 ☀️