Team Åkered
Congratulations to Ingrid, 🥈place FS12 B Partille cup.
Vamos Ingrid keep it up.
Congratulations to girls 11, 13 and 15 for winning their series in Tennis Göteborg.
Vamos Keep it up!
Congratulations Rafaela runner up SEB next gen cup and will represent Göteborg in Båstad. Congratulations Rebecca runner upnin varberg and congratulations Linnea 3rd place in SEB next generation cup.
Vamos team Åkered.
Junior RM gothenburg Congratulations to Rafaela 🥇&🥈 FS 12 and FD 12, Jonna 🥇FS 14B, Tilde and Filippa 🥉 FS 14, Alexane&Ana 🥇 FD 12, Ana 🥈FS 12. Vamos team great work to all the coaches andgreat effort to all our players that participated in this years Jr RM, Rebecca 🥈 FS 12B
Great tennis Day having fun training some match play and getting ready for lilla klubb touren.
Another great tennis day. #lovetennis #tennisforkids #tenisforlife
Congratulations team, great weekend for tean Akered.

Janko 🥇 PS12 Sandared, in the Pwc open Tilde&Filippa 🥉FD13, Alexane&Anna🥇&🥉FD11&FD13, Rafaela&Svea 🥈 FD11&FD13 and Stina&Sonia 🥉 FD15. Also great participation this weekend with series Boys 16 girls 16 boys 11 and girls 11 great tennis weekend.
Vamos keep it up Team Åkered 💪
Fun Day today playing tennis with Team Åkered.
Congratulations to Rebecca 2nd place Fs 10 and to Rafaela 1st place Fs 12.
Also congratulations to Jonna anf Molly they beat GLTK 5-1 in seriespel
Vamos keep it up team
Great week full of matches and new experiences, congratulations to Filippa 1st place FS 13B and to Rasmus runner up in Men Singles elite. Keep it up Team 💪
Congratulations Iva, runner up in doubles fd 12 and winner fs 13A Vamos team keep it up! 👍💪
Congratulations To Team Åkered players, Tilde 3rd place Fs13A, Ingrid runner up Fs11B, and Rebecca 3rd place Fs10. Vamos keep it up Team.