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Group photograph 💙  5th edition of our salon-style event with the theme 'Red light - Breaking taboos’ was held on June 17.
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#TEDxNapierBridge presents #PaperbackPursuit | Chapter 1
Since Captain James Cook used the word ‘taboo’ in his writings about Tonga, the word has caught on in the English language. Used initially as a reference to forbidden things, today it means an inhibition which is the result of societal custom. Discomfort in discussion encompasses routine things like periods, sex, death, parenthood and religious beliefs. At our salon event on June 17, we attempted to break the taboo around some of these issues. In alignment with the theme of the event, one TEDxNapierBridge brave-heart tried reading The God Delusion in the Theosophical Society. What was he thinking? Read on.
The God Delusion, by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, meticulously dissects and studies some of the main arguments of religion, such as the complexity of the diversity of life, intelligent design, and morality.
The Theosophical Society was founded on the belief that there is no religion higher than the truth. In the hall of unity in their headquarters in Adyar, Chennai, where you see Sanjeev (@bringonthehay) - the aforementioned braveheart - reading, there are icons representing both currently-practised and extinct religions. Reading The God Delusion inside the hall of unity that calls for universal brotherhood is an enriching experience, and we couldn’t find a better sitting spot for this book!
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#TEDxNapierBride presents #PaperbackPursuit | Prologue
TED and TEDx have always been about ideas worth spreading. Books are one of the most abundant sources of such ideas. Reading, in fact, has been found to increase empathy in people and provide different perspectives. What better way to spread ideas that are worth it? So we at TEDxNapierBridge thought that we’d start a series, in which we’d read one book in keeping with the theme of every event of ours, and find a perfect place in Chennai to read it in. We’ll be giving you a blurb of the book, a description of the place we think it ought to be read in, and why the combination works. Neil Gaiman said that a book is a dream you hold in your hand, and we're sure each reader agrees. Let’s dream together!
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Red Light - Breaking Taboos - A #TEDxNapierBridge Salon event.
Ticket Link in Bio or check bit.ly/tedxtaboo
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We treat conversations about periods, transgenders, the element of choice in parenthood, and sex by avoiding them altogether. All of us witness this behaviour on an almost-everyday frequency, and we at TEDxNapierBridge thought it's time to break the taboo around some of them • Jun 17 - AtWorks Guindy (Near Alandur Metro) - Tickets - bit.ly/tedxtaboo • #TEDxNapierBridge #Chennai #BreakingTaboos #Madras #NapierBridge #RedLight
We are back with the 5th edition of our salon-style event with the theme 'Red light - Breaking taboos.' It's time to crawl out of our comfort zone and talk about issues that have been buried under the label of taboo | Tickets - bit.ly/tedxtaboo | #TEDxNapierBridge #Chennai #BreakingTaboos #RedLight #TEDx #Madras • Design by @madhu.29
Happy Saturday ☀️On Apr 22nd we hosted TEDxNapierBridgeLive, as a community we watched “Space to Dream” session of #TED2018 , we also asked our Audience to give their one line TED Talk. Check out Instagram Stories Highlights (@tedxnapier) • #TEDxNapierBridge #Chennai #NammaIdeas #TEDxLive
We are in the news 🗞 for our #TEDxNapierBridgeLive event held on Apr 22nd • Thank you @newindianexpress @vaishali_vijaykumar for coverage • #TEDxNapierBridge #NammaIdeas #Chennai #TEDxLive #TED2018💡🎥🌠
When was the last time you were amazed 😯 bit.ly/TED18 • #TEDxLive #TEDxNapierBridge #TEDx #Chennai 💡🌃🌏⭐️
What a view 😯 Catch the legendary TED conference through #TEDxNapierBridge Live on  Apr 22 • Ticket Link in Bio • #Chennai #chennaidiaries #madras
We at #TEDxNapierBridge are proud to bring the legendary #TED2018 conference to Namma #Chennai through TEDxNapierBridgeLive • For Tickets & Details: bit.ly/TED18 • #NammaIdeas #TheAgeOfAmazement #TEDx
Anu Vidya was our beloved artist of #TEDxNapierBridge who created the famous "X" of TEDxNapierBridge. She left a deep impact on every soul she cared for.  We miss you Anu. As a mark of gratitude and love, she will be remembered in all of TEDxNapierBridge's 2018 events. Thank you Anu for making this world a better place <3 We love you so much!