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#Pongal is one of our favorite festivals, we at #TEDxNapierBridge wish you a happy & prosperous Thai & Mattu Pongal | 牋牋ゥ牋ソ牋ッ 牋、牘 牋ョ牋ア牘財ョア牘≒ョョ牘 牋ョ牋セ牋游ッ財ョ游ッ≒ョェ牘 牋ェ牘癌ョ吭ッ財ョ歩ョイ牘 牋ィ牋イ牘財ョオ牋セ牋エ牘財ョ、牘財ョ、牘≒ョ歩ョウ牘 - 牋霞ョ吭ッ財ョ歩ョウ牘 牋牋ゥ牘財ョェ牘≒ョ游ョゥ牘 TEDxNapierBridge 牋歩ョゥ牋オ牘≒ョ歩ッ 牋歩ッ≒ョエ牘 | #Pongal #HappyPongal
We missed taking group picture with movie audience. However this is team that helped pull of our first CINEMA X by #TEDxNapierBridge | www.tedxnapierbridge.com | #SPICINEMAS
CINEMA Xツ沁・ツis a project by TEDxNapierBridge invites you to Premiere ofツ#UNRESTツmovieツ沁ャon Jan 13th 3.00pm atツSPI Cinemasoffice | Tickets -ツhttps://goo.gl/B3uvZj
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Facebook RSVP -ツhttps://goo.gl/P1ZVZN
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Unrestツis an profound and moving film which has played to sold-out audiences at film festivals around the world, with many coming to see Unrest two or three times, bringing along family and friends. We at TEDxNapierBridge are passionate about Unrest窶冱 message and know that many members of our community are as well 汳
#HappyNewYear : Make resolutions that reflect your core values, to be kinder, more confident, more open to change | #TEDxNapierBridge
This post is in loving memory of our most memorable and beloved speakerツAnannya Krishnan
Those of us who were part of our TEDxNapierBridge women 2017 event will remember Anannya as the quietly confident speaker who, within a matter of 18 minutes, won the entire audience over; she left the stage to a stunned standing ovation. A true inspiration to anyone who knew her, Anannya was strong, brave, and above all, kind. She went from a speaker we were hosting to a friend we joked with.
We often say that the hour of death cannot be forecast. When we say this we imagine this hour would be in a distant future. We never thought we would be thinking about Anannya as a memory.
#TEDxNapierBridgeツis deeply saddened by this irreplaceable loss. May her soul rest in peace. By so saying we bid you farewell and good night to her physical body. As we know that she will for-ever be in spirit |ツ#RestInPeace
As a remembrance of Anannya, our Art lead Bianca has created and dedicated an art-piece.
#merrychristmas 沁 to our wonderful TEDx community. May there be Peace & Harmony
We are celebrating 沽Å沁 the designation of Namma #Chennai as @unesco Creative City 笶、ク through this Chennai is committed to develop and exchange innovative best practices to promote creative industries, strengthen participation in cultural life, and integrate culture into sustainable urban development policies | Read More : https://goo.gl/zVHnDP | #TEDxNapierBridge
As @shakthisreegopalan Ore Kana is playing in the background, we are recounting moments of #TEDxNapierBridgeWomen 汳儺hank you everyone for making Chennai窶冱 First Women TEDx event a memorable one. That窶冱 a wrap for 2017 and in 2018 we return with our favourite Salon events - #TEDxWomen #Bridges #TEDxNapierBridge #DreamTeam 洟 | Picture by @576megapixelss
Hear an incredible & powerful story from Anannya Krishnan at TEDxNapierBridgeWomen Stage on Nov 05th at Anna University. Only one more day to go, last minute sales - www.tedxnapierbridge.com | #TEDxNapierBridge 笵 P.S : Event is on schedule despite weather conditions
Memories of #ChennaiRains : Event day - Nov 15, 2015 (Sunday) Morning 6.00am, We woke up to see lashing rains 笘費ク It was a special day for us because it was the first time we were organising TEDx Youth event in South India. Our team gathered at IIT-M Research Park (Venue for the event) around 8.00am despite heavy flooding 沍ァWe were thinking event might get cancelled, but when we entered the outside hall, we found 10 people waiting before us笘コク週hat was a huge motivation. We decided we will do the event just for them. Rains started increasing. As we were setting stage, we found more and more people coming to registration desk 沽ョWe couldn窶冲 resist the joy and interest. In the end we had 60+ attendees who stayed all day long. 
On the same day we had one more story which stays close to our heart笶」 two days before the event we asked our attendees to bring used books 沒 to donate to a children窶冱 library. Due to rains we assumed we people wouldn窶冲 bring it. Again a huge surprise we collected 150 books 洟裕he event and book collection was a grand success. We always associate Rains 笘費ク with our wonderful event and team spirit 泗交沛サ Two years fast forward, on Nov 5th (Sunday) 2017, we are organising Chennai窶冱 First TEDx Women 泗愚沛サ event. This time we got super excited when they said Rains. Because We are a Dream Team 汳兮nd you know what窶冱 about to happen沽 Thunderous Ticket Sales @ www.tedxnapierbridge.com | #TEDxNapierBridge #NammaChennai | @tedx_official
Forecast for Sunday 笘費ク (Nov 05) : Showering Ideas 汳。 and Thunderous 笞。ク TEDx Talks at Anna University. You are invited to #TEDxNapierBridge Women 泗愚沛サ | Tickets : www.tedxnapierbridge | #ChennaiRains #Chennai
Hear Madhuvanthi Senthilkumar (@madhuskumar) speak on Design and Entrepreneurship at TEDxNapierBridgeWomen stage on Nov 05th at Anna University 笞。ク Tickets : www.tedxnapierbridge.com笞。ク | #TEDxNapierBridge