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TEDxSSE is an independently organized TED event held at the Stockholm School of Economics


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And finally we are proud to present our very own student speaker of the year Aditya Krishnamoothy! He is originally from India and studies the master program here at SSE. Be there on Friday to hear his take on labels and identity - who are we and what does that mean?
We are happy to present our next speaker. Recognized as a Super Talent and as one of the Most Powerful Profiles within MedTech, Dr. Mouna is a medical doctor, neuroscientist, pioneering entrepreneur and TV profile making science popular and “sexy”. She is a leading authority within longevity and the future of health. In a thought provoking manner, she inspires the audience to rethink their image of the future.
We are proud to present our next speaker Fernanda Drumond. Fernanda is the head of operations at Gapminder foundation, and responsible for the Dollar Street project. She is committed to sharing her fact-based view on global issues and perhaps take on the questions we are all seeking answers to - such as why does poverty exist?
Next up is Renata Chlumska, a Swedish and Czech adventurer. In 1999, Renata was the first Swedish woman to ever climb Mount Everest. She is also the first Swedish woman to climb the Seven Summits, an adventure that took 15 years.
It is time to present our amazing speakers of TEDxSSE 2018!! First out is Jessica Stiernlöf Walker who has been living in North Korea for three years! Jessica, together with her family, moved to North Korea when her husband was offered the job as the swedish ambassador there. How is it living in one of the most closed countries of the world? Find out at TEDxSSE this friday!
Time is truly flying and we are so excited for the pre event that's TOMORROW at the pub 12:00! 🛑The speakers will be revealed for the very first time 🛑There will be free lunch from Babel for the first 100 peeps that show up
🛑Great companies to mingle with and prices to win

It’s time to present our last team, Head of Event, Linnéa Alexandersson and Gustav Henningsson! We asked them what the attendants can expect from the event.

Linnéa: Come join us for an inspiring evening filled with interesting speakers, mind blowing topics and great food!
Gustav: TEDx is a wonderful way to spread ideas and get inspired. Prepare yourself for an eyeopener that is going to do you that and more.

We would now like to present our amazing head of company stars Fredrik and Pontus! 
What are you most looking forward to with TEDxSSE?

Fredrik: The thing I look mostly forward to is to see all the people participating at the event to be inspired by all our speakers. This is the audience’s event and we want them to enjoy it to a 100 percent.

Pontus: I am excited that the students will soon meet our fantastic sponsors. Without our sponsors, TEDxSSE would never be possible!
And now we are happy to present our head of lectures Lukas Bohlin Willfors. Together with the project group he has worked hard on communicating with the speakers and making sure this year's TEDxSSE will be more inspiring and more eye-opening than ever before!
It is now time to present our fantastic marketing team, Isabelle He and Malin Sandholm. What do you think is important with the theme Hide and Seek?
Isabelle: To realize that there is always more to a story than meets the eye. In this year’s TEDxSSE we want to bring what goes on behind the scenes to the front line - completely uncensored and completely true. 
Malin: To seek the unknown from a child's perspective means searching for answers with enthusiasm. We seek with the goal to learn what the unknown holds and no findings are better than the other as long as we complete the mission - to find out what the unknown is.

It is time to present the project group of TEDxSSE 2018! We’ll start by introducing our amazing project leaders, Matilda Fors and Magnus von Perner. With them in the lead, nothing can go wrong.

We asked them what this year’s theme - Hide and Seek - meant to them and this is what they answered. 
Matilda: Everything we know now has once been hidden, then discovered and brought to light. When we seek, we learn.
Magnus: Every person has a story, sometimes it is something we don’t know, either because the person is hiding it, or because no one is seeking it. To bring these stories forward might give us a greater understanding about each other, but also our society.
Hope everyone is enjoying Easter! Our vice project leader Magnus sure is! Posing with our latest DIY Easter decoration 🐣🐥💐