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Made By Hand, from Brass in England. Guaranteed for Ten Years, Even if You Lose it. The World's Best Dog Name Tag #tenyeartags


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Lulu furious at me for not noticing there is a #huntawaysofinstagram thingy on here. Call myself a digital professional? I'll get me coat ya know. #huntawaysofstalbans #tenyeartags
There's  a reason why the New Zealand  Huntaway is our favourite  dog.  Now if I could only remember what it was. Any ideas Lulu?
Our simple #tenyeartags rule: ∆ Found a dropped item of clothing while out on a walk? ∆ Put it on the dog, encourage the dog to model it, take a photo. ∆ Place item of clothing on fence or bench and go about your business. 
Today Lulu the #newzealandhuntaway is wearing a fetching small person's coat. She wasn't too impressed with it. Not her cut. 
#newzealandhuntaway #dalmatian #newfoundland #hatfield #dogsofinstagram
Yes, that's a ten year guarantee, even if you lose it. See website for minimal terms and conditions. HTTPS://TenYearTags.co.uk
We were pretty much convinced the New Zealand Huntaway was the best dog in the world. However, it's recently come to our attention that ALL dogs are the best dogs in the world. 
There's a corner in Dweezil's house where the lighting makes every photo come out like an oil painting. 
Dweezil is half Dalmatian half Newfoundland. That wasn't our idea, but he's turned out to be a good dog*. *All dogs are good dogs. 
Ten Year Tags. ✓✓✓
For good dogs everywhere. ✓✓✓
A dog name tag guaranteed for ten years. ✓✓✓
Even if you lose it. ✓✓✓ #tenyeartags
Never attach your dog's lead to the split ring holding the name tag on. 
The split rings TenYearTags use are strong enough to hold our New Zealand Huntaway, Lulu, but she's not as young as she was. 
Our split rings are made in the UK and the strongest we could find that were still usable without specialist tools.