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I love my lady so much I had to buy her twice. #mercy #angelaziegler #overwatch #popvinyl
It's been a good year with this lovely. Though I still haven't beaten #breathofthewild. Whoops. XD #nintendoswitch #procrastination
Sleepy boys in the floor. #cats #catsofinstagram
Here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama! Fuzzy llama, funny llama, llama, llama, duck! #llamasong
My lady has arrived!

#nendoroid #overwatch #mercy #angelaziegler
My borrowed until it's needed whiteboard at work has a new message about website coding. #webdesignproblems
The best thing about a snow day: snowcream!
I have a new adorable boy! Look at his little scarred smirky face!

#nendoroid #uncharted4 #nathandrake
Decided to finally put the Tallgeese III together this morning. Now to figure out where to put him and Zechs at.

#gundamwingendlesswaltz #tallgeese3 #zechsmarquise #gundamscalemodel
Hot chocolate (with cinnamon and a three capful spiking of Goldschläger) and blueberry cheesecake muffins are apparently what's for dinner this New Years Eve.
Haven't I killed you somewhere before?

#reaper #overwatch #gabrielreyes #cutebutdeadlyfigures 
Hilarious extra: when I bought the box the Gamestop guys mentioned they'd never seen a Reaper pulled (after asking which one I was after). I crowed victoriously when I opened the box.
Second set of art gifts for Christmas for the fellow Thrive coworkers and the boss lady!

Ashley - Harry Potter
Jordan - Soot Sprites
Abby - castle with crown ('cause she's a princess)
Efrem - hungry dinosaurs promote exercise

Alas, I forgot to get the sketch of Efrem' s before I started coloring it in.