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UMD's Miracle Network Dance Marathon and year-long student run philanthropy benefiting Children's National Health System. For The Kids!


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Do you want to help Terp Thon and @childrensnational win $50,000 For The Kids? From now until December 19, you can vote EVERY DAY for Children’s National Health System at VoteForMiracles.org.
Happy #MiracleKidMonday! Yesterday, members of our Planning Team and Executive Board enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon with our Miracle Kids and other Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs benefiting @childrensnational. We made snowmen and snowflakes, played games, and took fun photos! It was just what we needed before final exams begin, and we cannot wait to see all of our Miracle Families at our Dance Marathon in March!
Happy Birthday to our Miracle Kids born in December! We hope that Samerya and Caitlin both have great birthdays, and we are so lucky to have them in our Terp Thon family. 🎈🎁
WE DID IT! We raised $125, 462.09 #ForTheKids in just 24 hours! To everybody who contributed to this incredible accomplishment, THANK YOU! We could not have reached this goal without each and every one of you. We are so thankful for your support, and we cannot wait to continue working towards our year-long goal of $1.1 million.
In our final hour and a half of Day of Miracles...here are some words of encouragement from our Miracle Kid, Amanda!! Keep pushing! #1Day100K
Today and every day, we fundraise to support kids just like Payton, a member of our Planning Team who was treated at a CMN Hospital herself. Click “more” to read Payton’s story! “The summer before my sophomore year of high school I was diagnosed with a chronic illness known as Gastroparesis at Shands Children’s Hospital. Gastroparesis is a condition where the vagus nerve stops working and the stomach becomes paralyzed. With a paralyzed stomach comes weight loss, pain, and constant nausea. Despite being incurable, the doctors at Shands did everything in their power to get me innovative treatments that have gotten me to where I am today, surviving and thriving with an illness that will never go away. I have a gastric neurostimulator that keeps me alive and it was placed by the surgeon who’s done the surgery more than any other doctor in the world. The doctor care was outstanding, but it was the entire hospital environment that made my stays bearable. The nurses are incredible, the volunteers are amazing, and there’s always someone going out of their way to make your stay just a little bit better (even if it is the kitchen knowing you only want strawberries for breakfast). If it weren’t for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals I wouldn’t be able to do what I love and give back to the organization that saved my life by being a part of Terp Thon and eating donuts FTK!”
"In May 2015, I discovered a sudden growth on my abdomen by coincidence during a dance rehearsal. After various MRIs and tests, I underwent surgery at @childrensnational to remove the growth which was later determined to be a desmoid tumor. Ever since then, I make frequent trips to Children's National to make sure the tumor doesn't return. It was a wake up call because it could've been anything, but I was lucky enough to catch it early and get such good treatment at Children's. I am so thankful for their amazing care and continued support." People like Adamandia are why we are working to raise $100K #FTK in 24 hours! The night is still young, so keep on fundraising, contacting donors, and motivating your peers!
It’s officially time for Terp Thon’s third annual DAY OF MIRACLES! From noon today until noon tomorrow, Terp Thon will strive to raise $100,000 in just 24 hours, benefitting patients and families at Children’s National Medical Center! Join us by creating a personal fundraising page or making a general contribution at Ter.ps/TerpThon2018. #1Day100K
We are just THREE days away from our third annual Day of Miracles! As we prepare to raise $100,000 in just 24 hours, we want to highlight a dedicated Terp Thon alum, Azita, who continues to go above and beyond #ForTheKids! Azita dressed up as a narwhal and swam in the ODK Fountain in exchange for donations. What are YOU doing this week to help Terp Thon raise $100K? #1Day100K
As we prepare for our Terp Thon Planning Team meeting later this evening, we would like to showcase three of our TTPT members who are dedicated to Terp Thon and helping patients at Children’s National. Check out our Facebook page to see why our heroes Meg, Brian and Maria are #ForTheKids. If their stories inspire you, join our movement by registering at Ter.ps/TerpThon2018!
This week, we are highlighting all of our heroes who have helped Terp Thon make history over the past nine years. We asked Matt, Terp Thon’s founder, to tell us about how he is #ForeverFTK with @terpthonalumni: “I founded Terp Thon in 2010 and currently serve as the Strategic Partnerships Chair for the Terp Thon Alumni Network. It is an honor to know that the organization I founded just 9 years ago has went on to provide over $3.5 million to Children’s National Health System, and continues to make lasting impacts on patients and their families in their fight against pediatric illness. I can’t wait to see how this organization continues to grow in the future.” Thank you Matt, for being one of our lifelong heroes!
Abby and Alyssa are some of our most dedicated Terp Thon participants, spending all four year of college raising funds and awareness #ForTheKids! Check out Facebook to learn more about why they each have spent their college career dedicated to Terp Thon! To all of our four-year participants: thank you for your unwavering commitment to Terp Thon and helping the patients at Children's National. You are our heroes!