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UMD's Miracle Network Dance Marathon and year-long student run philanthropy benefiting Children's National Health System. For The Kids!


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Six months after she was born, Olivia was admitted into Children’s National with what originally was thought to be pneumonia. Thanks to tests like CT scans, doctors were able to realize that she in fact had a severe heart problem that would require a heart transplant. Two years later, Olivia underwent the surgery that saved her life. Now ten years after her heart transplant, Olivia is a healthy 13 year old who dreams of becoming a cardiologist to help save the lives of kids just like herself! A CT scan not only helped identify Olivia’s true diagnosis, but it ultimately helped save her life. Kids just like Olivia get to be happy and healthy because of the benefits a CT scan provides for patients! Today, Terp Thon is purchasing a CT scanner for Children’s National and we need your help raising $50,000 to make this purchase. Support us at Ter.ps/TerpThon2018! #WeekofWhy
To continue Week of Why, we are highlighting stories from Children’s National’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which is the #1 NICU in the country. Our Miracle Kid Ryan spent the first 94 days of his life in an incubator in Children’s NICU. Through radiology scans, doctors diagnosed him with Dandy Walker syndrome and hydrocephalus, brain abnormalities that cause excess fluid in the brain.  Thanks to the care he received, Ryan is now a thriving twelve year old who enjoys swimming, horseback riding, and running with his service dog. He also just recently signed his letter of intent with the Maryland Wrestling Team, making him an honorary member! #WeekofWhy ​
Today, as part of Week of Why, we will be sharing stories of patients treated at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s National. Trevor was only 5 months old when he was airlifted to @childrensnational . At Children’s, doctors performed a series of radiology exams and found a brain tumor the size of a tennis ball sitting on his occipital lobe. Trevor was diagnosed with ependymoma and underwent a brain resection along with six months of chemotherapy. In January 2012, an additional radiology scan showed that he was cancer free! Trevor is now seven years old and loves running and playing with his older brother. Stories like Trevor’s serve as a constant reminder to why we raise funds and awareness year-round For The Kids! #WeekOfWhy ​
Tonight, we will be kicking off Week of Why to remember why we dance, fundraise, bring awareness, and spread hope For The Kids. As we move closer to Dance Marathon, we will be taking this week to highlight different parts of Children's National Medical Center, inspirational stories from our Miracle Kids, and important starting points for every kid at the hospital. 
Tonight, we will be highlighting our Miracle Kid Tara! When Tara was 8 years old, her doctors found three inoperable tumors in her brain through a series of radiology exams, including CT scans and MRIs. Through these scans, doctors diagnosed Tara with a rare form of brain cancer, called astrocytoma. Tara, who turned 13 this weekend, continues her fight with courage, an inspiring outlook, and a smile. A crucial part of Tara’s journey is going back to Children's National for additional radiology exams to monitor her recovery. In fact, Tara had a scan earlier today and her technician even surprised her with a belated birthday gift! We are so inspired by Tara’s story and all of the staff members at Children’s who treat her with such care and attention. Happy Birthday, Tara!
As we continue fundraising #ForTheKids this week, here are the most updated Greek chapter standings! Keep the momentum going, because the chapter that raises the most between now and tomorrow at 4pm will receive free Jersey Mike's sandwiches delivered to their chapter house!
HAPPY MORALENTINE’S DAY! Check us out on campus, and in other surprise spots! Today, we are showing our love for all of our Terp Thon participants and Planning Team committee members. It’s time for you to show your love For The Kids and their families 💞
Greek fundraising update! Although our Maryland Greek community may have many letters, we are all #FTK! Thank you for being Heroes For The Kids, not only today but every day. We can’t wait to see how you continue to go above and beyond for the patients and families at Children’s National over the next 17 days.
Thank you to all of our Greek Heroes for your incredible fundraising efforts today. Keep up the great work! The chapter who fundraises the most today will be recognized on stage at Terp Thon with our Heroes Trophy. Stay tuned for another Greek fundraising update later tonight!
Today is Zero to Hero fundraising day! We are encouraging all participants to reach new fundraising levels as we near our Dance Marathon. Whether you’ve raised $0 or $1,000, there is still so much more you can do! When you raise funds for Children's National, you are a Hero to all of the patients and families in the hospital. We cannot wait to see what we accomplish together today!
Tassia found a home in Terp Thon after transferring from University of Florida. “Joining Dance Marathon would be the best decision of my college career. Dance Marathon gave me the opportunity to make a difference. It gave me the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger than myself. Thankfully, even though I decided to leave the University of Florida, I found a new home in Terp Thon Planning Team. Here, in College Park, or 785 miles away in Florida, we all have the same purpose and the same dream: to make sure no kid has to face pediatric illness alone. There is no greater feeling than coming together with thousands of your closest friends as one generation fighting for the next. Joining Terp Thon and Dance Marathon at the University of Florida changed my life forever.”
“As a freshman, it was really cool to see an organization unite an entire campus behind one cause. Coming to Terp Thon every year reminds me of all the good that we are, as a University can accomplish.

When I was in 5th grade, my friend Dominic lost his battle with leukemia. The testimonials given by the families not only serve as a reminder of my childhood friend, but emphasizes the reason we dance - so that every kid like Dominic can have people fighting for them, when they can’t fight for themselves.” - CJ Palting, President of Phi Chi Theta
Regyn, one of our passionate members, shared what Terp Thon means to her: “I have never felt so proud to be a part of an organization that solely seeks to motivate and inspire. Every dancer and child and family member felt the energy, support, and love in the room at Dance Marathon. I was so fortunate to be an education specialist intern at Children’s in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders this past semester. It is unbelievable how small changes like the addition of an art therapy room, school lessons, and the healing garden can change these children’s days. I can still close my eyes and see the smiles on their faces.”