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Look who’s back in action throwing luscious compost grenades (of love) at our sandy soil. Babs the trusty truck is loading in heaps of nutrients to amend amend amend the soil, upending the cycles of neglect and overgrazing from previous tenants. This land is getting so much love right now. Soon it will bloom in abundance with plenty for all! It’s a huge labor of love- lots of work, but gratifying. We’re grateful to the state of CA’s Healthy Soils program for helping to fund our climate-smart stewardship endeavors.
We’re excited to announce that the first 10 rows of checklog terraces are built!— thanks to the help of many hard working, light hearted volunteers. We hope you had as much fun as we did constructing these functional log sculptures. The rows are 100 feet long and 4 feet wide (3 foot beds with 18” walkways). Now that this step is complete, it’s time to apply compost & mulch and to plant our cover crop. We’re not just building nutrient rich soil for growing wholesome produce, we’re also improving our local ecosystem. Healthy soil reduces greenhouse gases by sequestering carbon, it conserves water through heightened retention, it reduces erosion and runoff, and increases biodiversity. Thank you to our guests & volunteers for all the hard work & good laughs!
We have a new addition to the family here at @terra_cultura. Everybody welcome Babs to the fleet! A stalwart, hardworking 95 F150 that's ready to rock here on the farm!
Everyone who comes through here brings new ideas, perspectives, talents, and humor that makes tough work seem light. We are so grateful for everything each visitor brings.
After a hard day's work on our #checklog terraces, @davidjacobin busted out his trumpet!
Hard at work on the #checklog beds this week, with the help of a bunch of amazing volunteers!
It was so exciting to get a tour of @paicinesranch today, and to learn about and discuss holistic land management and regenerative agriculture with some kindred spirits of the human and dog variety— thanks Elaine, Claudio, & Fritz!
It's so fun to see the unique ways all of our volunteers contribute to this land. Everyone who passes through builds on the systems the last group developed, and it all keeps getting a little easier with every new idea. These collaborations across time are beautiful, and a perfect illustration of the power of community. We love these marks you're all leaving on this place. Thanks @katieukulele and @thomahawkm for all your contributions today!!
We made good progress on our checklog terraced crop beds during our first Saturday Volunteer Day! We’re moving mountains here, but many hands make light work. Thanks for helping us shoulder the load!
The Amazing Erin & Johnny came all the way from San Diego for our first Saturday Volunteer Day! They’ve been busy building crop beds & taking breaks to enjoy the view. Come hang out with us every Saturday! Sign up link in bio.
We hung out with this little buddy while making our check log terraces today. Voles could be considered a pest, but right now we appreciate their help keeping the horehound in check. We're working hard to create a balanced ecosystem here by planting hedgerows and native plants that encourage beneficial wildlife to move in. We're hoping the voles stick around, and that their natural predators, the owls and the hawks, find this to be a hospitable place as well.
We’re learning a lot about finding the right tools for the job. Sometimes it’s an auger drill bit and a spoon! After doing everything by hand for a few months, we’re excited about adding some machinery to our repertoire—especially if we can charge it with solar or convert it to run on vegetable oil!