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Berm & swale tales. While you were feasting, 2 generations of the Wohlander-Learner clan were on erosion control to keep our precious resources on site rather than washed away down the slope...THEN we feast, full of gratitude for rain and abundance and beauty and all our loved ones!
We're just about done winterizing here on the farm, and just in time. The rains are supposed to come in early tomorrow morning and wash away all the awful smoke and fire. Thanks to our efforts this past couple of months, we don't expect it to wash away our hillside! Freshly laid jute, straw, compost and cover crop are all ready for rain!
Preparing for first rains! On our sandy slope erosion control is a big concern so we’re testing out a number of methods to keep our resources and water where we want them. Getting deep roots in the ground is our plan A but some jute can’t hurt. Jute seems so nautical to me. Wish us luck as we ride the tides of our ever shifting ancient sand dune.
Selene is really hoping for some good rains so this cover crop sprouts. We put the seeds to bed all snug- an organic mix of clovers, brome, & ryegrass. 🤞🏾💦🌂🌱
It took so many truckloads of compost & manure, but we did it. With shovels and wheelbarrows, we built up these checklog terraced beds, getting them started with the nutrients they’ll need to grow food for our community. There’s a lot of work still to do: mulch, cover crop, planting, more amendment. Thank you to all the volunteers who built the terraces, sawed and carried logs, shoveled, and wheelbarrowed with us. We can’t wait to share the eventual abundance.
Another day, another load of rich compost for our #checklog terraced beds, thanks to Dennis over at the BackStretch horse rescue!
We’ve made lots of site maps over the past several years. Flexibility and adaptability are key, but it’s exciting to watch decisions solidify as the bigger vision falls into place.
The last time we cluster-mapped our big dreams for Terra Cultura was 2 years ago- before we had land, or a board, or nonprofit status- and it all seemed massively overwhelming. Well! - We’ve accomplished very nearly everything we were dreaming of 2 years ago, and then some. Now it’s time to dream big for the next 2 years! We’re sending love to all of you who have supported us along this journey. Are you ready for what’s next? —because we are!!!#execretreat2018 #2020visioning #clustermap #terraculturafutura
... a handful more truckloads of horse manure/compost and our checklog terrace beds should be built up & level. Next step is mulch and cover crop to tuck these beds in for the winter. What do you think the soil will look like in the spring? We’re crossing our fingers for a lot of things today! 🤞🏾
Our good friend and supporter @brandollars has gone above and beyond during our fundraising campaign this fall, advocating for Terra Cultura's mission to just about anyone that will listen, regardless of their political or cultural background. It's a wonderful reminder that Terra Cultura's mission is universal, that educating future generations about environmental stewardship and the arts is not a partisan issue. If you haven't yet, we'd love you to join our growing community. Visit terracultura.org/donate to find out how you can help!
What can we say about Kai, our dear @kaibwind. We have so many incredible & dedicated volunteers- but Kai is around to take the lead on the most dirty, difficult, ambitious, craziest, learning-curvest projects, always empowering others and spreading his contagious humor, sharing his experience and teaching us so many things. He’s roofed, augered, concreted, carpentered, and designed with us and we adore him. Thank you Kai! We couldn’t do this without you.
We’re so grateful for our neighbors at Backstretch Horse Rehabilitation for all the free manure. They embody our ideal of nurture, support, & collaboration. Plus they give us these photo ops of #farmdogsinfarmtrucks!