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Friends, fire, feasts & furry beasts. Good too see you @brandollars !
Our posts about roofs and floors will soon be over, we are just about done with both!
🐇 Remnants of rabbit enclosures everywhere. The neighbors say there were hundreds of them being raised here before we bought the land. They all got away and were picked off by predators—except one. We see him occasionally, a big white domestic bunny now living free and wild. We think his burrow is under the hutch. He seems an appropriate symbol for our adventures here—from domesticity to freedom, while still seeking the safe, quiet creature comforts of the burrow. I think of Alice In Wonderland when I see him. He is the last unicorn, the survivor, a cautious witness to the transitions of this place, as we begin to build our own burrow alongside him. 🐇
...and the Coop has a roof! Big moves today! #cooplife #hutchlife
Break time/The hutch has a floor!
The subfloor is in, and LEVEL! Next up, plywood party! #hutchlife #flooring
... and sometimes after many long days of physical labor, you need wine & cherries in the late afternoon. Thank you Barbara & Peter for the presents! #sisterfarmers #wineandcherries #breaktime
Power washing the coop! #cooplife #powerwasher
Always have to wear out the pups a bit before we get any work done on the farm.
Our nearest neighbor is 94 - she was one of the first Master Gardners and we’re learning lots from her. We’ve been helping her out when we can, most recently with technology tutorials, and she leaves us little thank you notes & gifts tied to our gate.
Starting to look pretty spiffy in this here hutch. #hutchlife #reclaimedwood