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Herbal goodness with no harmful chemicals, proudly Philippine made, and certified healthy.


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We were busy preparing for the gift giving among other things that we didn't have time to market our products on and off-line, and schedule meetings with retail outlets. A few days ago, the pateros coop made their purchase order for 224 pouches of 12in1 turmeric teas and we delivered yesterday. 
MORAL OF THE STORY: If you take care of God's business, He will take care of yours. :) #Godisgood #togiveistoreceive
Here are some pictures of the site visit we did the other da for our Christmas gift giving event!
We've planned exciting activities for everyone from 
Hiking, boating, cultural exchange, boodle fights to swimming... and most important is our Gift giving! 
this Adventure with a heart awaits you! :) Join us! Click link below for
#christmas #sharingiscaring #terranutracares #adventurewithaheart #giftgivingph
Thank you #krisandgel2017 for allowing #terranutraherbals to be a part of your special day. God bless always! #tngiveaways
In the works... our #makabayan #makakalikasan and #makadiyos
Personalized Wedding giveaway
With slimming milk tea sachets inside. A few more touches and we're ready for #sirkyfied #krisgel2017 stay tuned for the final look. :) #terranutra #tnpersonalizedgiveaway
Hearing feedbacks from customers saying that our products helped them with their health brings joy and a feeling of fulfillment with what we do. More than the money, it's helping people become healthy without breaking the bank that matters. #tnfeedback #terranutraherbals #herbalicious #terranutra turmeric tea #turmeric #blackpepper #chili #moringa #ginger
Last day today! We have more stuff like our fluoride free whitening toothpastes, perfume from Sonia's Collection, suman from @nanay_oyangs and solar lights and fan, led bulbs and double wall tumbler from @gps_store / gpsonlinetv.com 
Thank you to all who bought. Here are some of our customera who happily posed for photo ops. :) #seniorbazaar #herbalicious #terranutraherbals
Happening now at the Senior Citizens Christmas Bazaar Caloocan with our beautiful Tindera. We'll be here til Wednesday, Nov. 20-22 :) @jhope0218_bangtanbabe @lopofbread @nanay_oyangs
It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas packages and personalized wedding/event giveaways available soon! Dm us for details! :) #merrychristmas #jesusreasonfortheseason #happyholidays #events #parties
Bored? Add some spice in your life just as what we've done with our Turmeric Tea. It has chili, blackpepper, honey, yellow ginger, and other fruit, spices and herbs to help give that extra health punch you deserve! :) Quote for the day:
"Resplendent and unfading in Wisdom, and she is readily perceived by those who love her, and found by those who seek her." - wisdom 6:12  #terranutraherbals #tnquotes andinspirations #spiceuplyourlife #herbalicious
check link in bio to order. :)
Good health is not only what you eat but also exposing oneself often to nature. Negative ions are charged particles that are beneficial to the body as they battle oxidative stress that prevents us from sickness. They are also abundant in nature. So friends if we want to be healthy, let's eat right, exercise often, and expose ourselves to nature as much as we can. Have a blessed weekend and God bless! ;)
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Pic credits to @randiipantii our terranutra loyal customer. :)
2-4 capsules a day keeps me going all night and day plus it can help keep my blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels at bay. ;) WARNING:
× not for pregnant women
× not to take with synthwtic medicines like blood thinners, for diabetes, high blood because turmeric may increase the effects including the side effects. 
Instead, you might want to check out the benefits of Turmeric and may opt to go the natural way with your health but always with the guidance of your doctor. 

#turmericiwastirik #terranutra #terranutraherbals #natural #noadditives #nofillers #noherbalbinders #lovelocal #healthiswealth #moringa #blackpepper
A perfect blend of 12 Superfood in 1 including:
Moringa, Turmeric, Ginger, Guyabano, Lagundi, Honey, Chili, Blackpepper  that increase absorption of curcumin, (the active ingredient in Turmeric) by 2000%. It contains 12 superfood in 1!

Higher absorption = More Health Benefits!

All natural! It doesn't contain artificial flavoring, preservatives, synthetic ingredients, fillers.

Made with love from the Philippines ;) #lovelocal #allnatural #terranutraherbals #moringa #guyabano #black pepper #chili #lagundi #12in1turmerictea