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Your heart lies where your thoughts wander; mine are tangled in yarn. Creating a vividly colorful life. #rachelalwaysknitting & #knittingwithgertie


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Gertrude and her long-sleeved (for her) Flax Light played in some snow last week. My Texas camera didn't even know how to function with snow in sight but I got a couple of half-shots that I love anyways. #knittingwithgertie
Last week a crazy thing happened and snow fell in Austin, TX. We'd just seen snow on our trip to the PNW but I didn't stop to take any knit photos as I was too overwhelmed with joy, and seeing it cover our home and surrounding environment is just a different level of amazing. I took some knit pictures and dog pictures and stomped around in it until it melted the next day. So. Satisfied. #rachelalwayskntting #sunsethighwaysweater
A little bit of a throwback because I think these colors are too good not to share. My vintage prim is my favorite hat yet and the colors are part of the reason why. Pucker and Ferrum by @hedgehogfibres. #rachelsknitcloset #rachelalwaysknitting
It's the first night of December and even though it was 76 degrees outside today (Texas 🙄), Gertrude's snuggled up in her longest-sleeved Flax Light as her jammies. #knittingwithgertie #rachelalwaysknitting
Outrageously thankful for my family, this beautiful, long trip with my dad and husband, who are the two rocks in my life, and the sweet tiny dog that I'm missing so much. Every year I have to give appropriate thanks to this community, too. Knitting and yarn and this body of internet friends has changed my life more than I can explain. I never saw it coming. I will be forever inspired by you all and your creations and talents, and I will forever be a more passionate, creative person because of what knitting has brought into my life. Whew, so thankful. I think every day is the perfect day for a thanksgiving. #rachelalwaysknitting
My #shockwavesshawl is my most traveled knitting project. It began on a plane leaving Dallas, flew to Seattle, rode a train up into the mountains of Leavenworth, has been to Mexico, and the other night I sat in a pool hall while my old man played my husband and knit a few rows of her in Portland, OR. Now we're headed back up to Seattle and I have no intention of finishing this knit before it sees a few more places. #rachelalwaysknitting
One more time for #vintageprim! Matching all of the fall backgrounds in the PNW so far, and I haven't even worn it inside out yet. #rachelalwaysknitting #rachelsknitcloset
It's hard to know where to begin with photos from this beautiful trip with my dad and husband, it's all just been SO good. I finished my Vintage Prim on the train ride from San Fransisco to Portland and wore it all day yesterday. It got the best project pictures ever. #rachelalwaysknitting #rachelsknitcloset
We're celebrating a certain special girls 2nd birthday today! We can't imagine the world, our family, our home or our social media accounts without this girl. She gets sweeter with age and I mean that so literally. If you'd like to celebrate with us, the Texas Dyed Wool shop is all 25% off for the weekend! No code needed. Treat this as an almost-final clearance sale. Link in profile. #knittingwithgertie #sofadedpintsized #rachelalwaysknitting
Here she is! I cast on my first Pop Fizzle over two years ago, before I'd ever even knit a stitch of brioche. It was scary and when I made a mistake half-way through the hat, I felt sunk and frogged and gave up. I'm so glad I took some time to learn and learn to love brioche and came back to this hat. It's a little big because I used worsted instead of DK but my head is also big so I think it's okay. I love sides A and B equally and uniquely. Yarn's are Malabrigo Rios in a beautiful dark blue and Texas Dyed Wool in a colorway from forever ago that I stole for myself. Can't wait to wear this on our trip up NorthWest in a week and a half. ~Good fall vibes~ #rachelalwaysknitting #rachelsknitcloset
Sometimes the colors just go together and you gotta. I'm all about this colorful life that my yarn brings me. Anyways, currently counting down minutes until I can get home and finish this Pop Fizzle that I'm afraid is going to be basketball sized (but my head is huge and everything else I knit is too small so maybe it'll be just right?). If I tried, I could finish it tonight. I'm not saying I will, I'm just saying I could. #rachelalwaysknitting
So glad I had Gabe grab the camera and capture this shot. This is what knitting on the couch looks like. Every now and then she makes me stop knitting so I can hold her hand. If I don't give her my hand immediately, she brings her face into my knitting. It's best to do as she demands. #rachelalwaysknitting #knittingwithgertie