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Kindergarten have been designing block structures in Visual Arts for their inquiry into building structures for different needs. #art #howweorganiseourselves #IBYP #building #blocks #visualart
Repost from @tgsjuniorlibrary - Today we had some special visitors in the Junior School library. Alan and his guide dog Archie came to speak to year one who are learning about senses. They learnt that some blind people can still see a little bit, that Labradors need to go to school to learn to be guide dogs, and that once his harness is off, a guide dog loves pats just as much as any other dog. We also learnt how important it is to leave guide dogs alone when they are working, and what a big impact they make on the people they help. #trinitygrammar #tgsjuniorlibrary #guidedogs #senses
Our Infants boys enjoyed a virtual conference with @kidshelplineau learning how to stay safe online. The boys covered what private information is, what to do when something goes wrong and where to get help. #saferinternetweek #cybersafety
Our Infants boys heard from some of the IT Leaders this afternoon about Safer Internet Week, why we do it and what each year group will be involved in. Tomorrow we have a virtual excursion in the morning for infants followed by our first iPad Boot Camp for Kindy in the afternoon run by our tech-expert IT Leaders. #saferinternetweek #besmart #besafe #cybersafety
We had the pleasure of welcoming Senior Constable Jim from Ashfield @nswpolice who was speaking with Years 5 & 6 for our Safer Internet Week. Great discussions occurred as the boys were reminded and learnt new skills on how to be safe and savvy online. #saferinternetweek #police #besmart #besafe #cybersafety
Year 5 practising their parts for the Social Skills play. #theatre #socialskills #IBPYP #howweexpressourselves
Today we launched our annual ‘Safer Internet Week’, part of the on-going school-wide approach to support our boys in becoming responsible citizens in the digital space. Some of our Year 6 IT Leaders presented at the Years 3-6 assembly all the activities planned for each year group. #saferinternetweek #besmart #cybersafety
There’s been mixed emotions in the school as the sun, known as the heart of the Junior School, set for the last time this week. The sun has been the icon of our building since it’s opening in Term 4 2012 when our current Year 6 boys began in Kindergarten (the first cohort located at the Summer Hill campus!). Over the coming weeks, boys will be assisting with the new installation, a chandelier made out of reused plastic drinking bottles. Stay tuned for updates! #change #IBPYP #reuse #recycle
Yesterday Year 4 participated in a virtual conference with a counsellor from @kidshelplineau to learn about their services, appropriate internet use and the three online Rs - respect, responsibility and reputation. This forms part of our commitment to National Day of Action against bullying and violence and an intro into our annual Safer Internet Week beginning on Monday. #bullyingnoway #saferinternetweek #NDA2018
Year 5 in Visual Art are drawing student models in different positions, postures and emotional states as part of their UOI ‘How we express ourselves’. #art #drawing #IBPYP
What’s inside Hamish’s brain? 🧠 Year 4 boys were involved in the ideation process to come up with ideas and learning possibilities (in any format of their choosing) for the upcoming UOI ‘How we express ourselves’. #codesignforlearning #agencyinaction #IBPYP #3dprinting #makerspace
Maths is always 3.14159% more fun when you get to write on tables.... #piday #pi #314 #maths