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23 year-old Brazilian art history graduate, jpop fan and sloth enthusiast ✨ |📍Hong Kong 🇭🇰
Married to @pellycc 💍💕

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It’s my nugget’s 21st birthday today!! 🎉✨ Missing and loving you always, my beautiful sister 💕
sunset on a sunday
Spring has come 🌺
Life’s rough but I’m tryin my best
A relaxing afternoon in Stanley ❤️
Cheesecake Factory reflection in the background really setting the mood #ootn
Skirt: Ank Rogue
Shoes: Lowry’s Farm
Lovely day at Wetland Park with @pokidokii 🌱🍃 So nice to have a change of pace and see so much nature!
5月に東京に戻るために楽しみ 🙈
Three years with the sweetest soul 💕 I love you more than words can describe Perry!