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I never had much at all, but I still got everything to lose.
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Woohoo, 1 month and 2 days back into the gym! Diet is getting even more strict, 1.4x grams protein per lb, multi vitamins every day, 200Grams of carbs before workout, after workout a piece of candy then shove all my protein in for insulin spike with nutrients going straight into the blood. Nitric oxide supplements are heavy to help with the blood flow. No heavy lifting, no ego lifting, all 10-12 reps while counting a 2 second negative and 2 second squeeze to really pump it up. Cardio x2 a week, abs x3  a week, arms x2 a week, shoulder/back & chest once a week. Legs none since I am going to wait till summer is over so I wont be working or using them lol.
Hmmm maybe my new favorite car washing/cleaning supply.  Honest wash Claymit w/ generic car wash soap.
Is that paint or is that a wrap! Wuuuuuut. Did a little correction on the paint and that thing is freaking crystal clear! Pls excuse all the dry WaterMark's, i am not good at washing cars lol.
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Just e30 things... looking quite sexy.
E30 in Satin Carbon Red in Proline!
 I was in a rush to get you guys photos so this is fully unedited and uncleaned up photos of the car without doing any trim cleaning because the sun was going down. I tried to use new brand of tape on the car and I will never again use IPG tape, shit was awful and made a mess with the liftups during spraying. 
I think I'm 3 and a half weeks back into my routine!? Got some exciting 3 year goals, going to be buying a semi-new Dually truck and a trailer maybe 30footer? And a wakeboat! M5 is about paid off, the G37 shortly and the new V2 will be paid off in 2 years without a problem. Pretty stoked since my old lady & are going to be working on that together and then do some travelling. Can't wait for our 3 month vacation this winter, over summer already lol. Idk how much I weigh in this photo.
2 and a half week progress of the gym. Hitting every bodywork x2 a week so far. 193 to 202lbs .Nothing heavy, reps are kept at 10-15 per set. 5 sets, 4 exercises 10-15 reps and done every workout. Absolutely no supps the first 2 weeks and static stretching and shoulder mobility exercises before working out. Muscle memory is pretty amazing, doing this drug free since my health is the most important part in my life. Health is wealth. Supplements now are, ON Whey x3 scoops per serving.
AnimalPak Flex powder.
AnimalPak Vitamins Powder.
Hyde and Jekyll Xtra Nitro oxide pre workouts.
Not dieting, just eating whatever right now.
I can't wait to see 1 month progress.
You damn right. After 5 years, 1935 days to be exactly. I'm finally unbanned LOL. Still semi maxed and got all my shit still! 
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I am actually going to start wrapping up for this season (pun intended).
I will be travelling to teach classes in the states and then going to Thailand for 3 months to teach painting classes Nov-Jan or even to February to help open a couple shops. I will not be offering gloss jobs after this season, as of next season I will only stick to my roots with Haloefx/Plasti Dip & Proline. Next season I will only have 2 sales which will be Spring & Summer sale. So this is the year to get something done or wait till next year. 
Summer blowout sale, gloss jobs are 30% off and regular jobs are 20% off. Send me a PM with what you are looking to do! This sale will last all the way till August 1st, even a deposit first is fine! 
I will be spraying all the way into end of October then done till Spring, if you put a deposit down first and not ready till October that is fine. 
Share with your friends and recieve $50 cash when your friend gets their car done!
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Tbh. I am kind of over painting, I love the money it brings and how you can create such unique colors which makes them beautiful and such. The only problem is, I cannot see myself doing this for more than a couple more years. I'll be taking over the restaurant in a few years which will be my life long dream since I was a little kid. I honestly just am really bored of the car community, car meets, cruises, spending money on exterior mods, having fast  ass cars is useless when I have a traffic probation for 2 years lol. I'm going to be getting into offroading here very shortly to expand my horizons and have fun with my money this way. Left all the car groups and painting groups, I'll still do work but I'm done advertising.
Water proof keen boots- $125 - set of trekking poles - $40 = WAY EASIER FOR HIKING. We went to Heliotrope Ridge today which was a 5.5Mile long hike 5100 ft highest point(we went to maybe 4200), really beautiful real huge 100ft+ deep glaciers and hiked up snow, walked through some raging water and mud. Tough hike like the last one but getting easier as we are starting to do these every weekend. What a workout!
P.S sorry about the weird blurry photos.
Man I work too hard to be seeing mofuckas that owe me money buying new shit and going out to fancy dinners every night and blowing money on stupid shit. Keep your money, I'll just cut yall out. I only did these jobs considering people to be good friends. Friends my ass lol. My work pays my bills, I work for a living and everything I have. Pathetic ass people always needing a hand out really pisses me off. Business is business, friends are friends. When 3 people owe you for weeks to months then enough is enough.
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