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I never had much at all, but I still got everything to lose.
|Leo|23|Thai🇹🇭|PNW| BMWE60M5| Iron Therapy|Owner of Thaitan Customs|


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#FBF Dang you can't find any other lady who'd want to all nighter a car with me...😘
"I find it hard for me to follow my dreams 'cause I get caught up in the drama 'till it's harder to breathe
I'm starin' right at my reflection and it's not even me
I got these voices in my head and I can't silence their screams
Just hauntin' my dreams I wonder if it's only myself
But as I take a look around I see nobody else"

Argh I want to be good enough but I got nothing to offer lol
❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍 hawt. Can't wait to get my half suit  started this winter in Thailand (if all goes right got some priorities first lol) I'll have 2 and a half months to work on it so whole back piece should be fully done. Now if only I can talk my girl into getting a bodysuit like this lmao.
Damn bae is looking good for all stock. Took off all the CF parts besides hood, still for sale $22k.
My baby niece is sooooo adorable.... so glad we get to have her 2 days out of the weeeek!!
Forgot to upload this sexy thing. F30 328i  done in haloefx Rear Clear & Alpha Pigments Wicked White. Stupid bright in the sunshine. Coming back this weekend for a gloss black roof and mirror caps 😍 
Things are hard now but we always find a way to make it work ...:] Yesterday first time at the Seattle flight museum & Southcenter family fun center first time in like 15 years lol.
Home is where the heart is. So quiet here I had to actually pull the trigger to the gun myself haha.
Uncle & Neice day today! So glad this cutie pie munchkin slept over last night. She keeps trying to walk but crawls like a speed demon hahaha.
Hey everyone, I am starting a side business selling our restaurants Phad Thai sauce! They are 8OZ Jars & $6.50 each. Made from real Tamarind & Tomato paste and other delicious secret ingrediants. All vegan, no fish sauce, no soy sauce, no peanuts, gluten free! We have been making this sauce in our family for over 20+ years, We've been located in Burlington for 13 years and Anacortes for 6 years. I can ship as well Via USPS 3 day priority shipping anywhere in the US Medium size box is $14.00 shipping. Buy 5 get 1 free as well, Shelf life is 2/ 2 and a half months!
Half way done organising my home gym :)
I have to get swole af by December 2018 lol. Got plans on the beach in Thailand, argh its gonna be a long year. 😫