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I never had much at all, but I still got everything to lose.
|Leo|23|ThaiπŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­|PNW| BMWE60M5| Iron Therapy|Owner of Thaitan Customs| Pinthira &Mon πŸ‘ͺπŸ’


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I miss my sexy perv stache :(
❀❀❀ come over tomorrow as we reopen the restaurant! Your server-prep-semi cook-dishwasher has been prepping for you guys to enjoy some deliciously fresh Thai tomorrow! 😊😊
Hers & His. I'm glad she loves hers, I love mine as well she got me from her familys jewerly store 😊😊 have to lose some weight to get it on my finger or send it back for a little πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚ if anyone is looking for custom jewerly they can do it all let us know!
She loves me even when I'm bulking and look 7 months prego πŸ˜— @pinthira.pinpin
Mirror mirror on the car, whos the shinyest of em all? Lookin like 2k clear thats whats up. Haloefx cut & buff. Shieeeet. Durable and insanely strong to withstand a woool pad for as long as it did.
#throwbackthursday dang this was 2 years ago in Florida I had just turned 21 there, moved down there to train and compete in bodybuilding when I got big enough... 165lbs with 405lbs deadlift. Went from 275-405 in a month of heavy training. Florida gyms are #1 & unreal bodybuilders there...
My car is for sale for $25k if anyone is interested, gotta get dat 2017 Corvette Z06. 
Took me over 24 hours to wrap this.... wow I am tired but well worth the results! Started yesterday at 9AM and didn't get done till 11:30AM today. No powernaps at all haha, sexy sexy Audi S3 wrapped in proline satin nardo grey with proline gloss black roof. Customer was very happy with it and I'm glad he drove all the way up from Mercer Island to come get his car wrapped in my dinky shop! Enjoy the walk around :)
Coatings: Proline @dipyourcar
Pigments/Tint: @alpha_pigments Nardo Grey
Guns & Equipment: EcoHSE & MiniHSE @thespraysource