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#Repost ・・・
Due to the record government shut down @chefmollie is offering a free meal to those employees impacted at all @thekindsage restaurants. Any entrée or appetizer $16 or less. Please remember to bring your Government ID. This is applicable to all government agencies that are affected by the partial government shut down.
Tag a friend who’s working without pay or on furlough and we’ll take care of them.
👂❤️👄📻 🤣 'All the voices you are about to hear come from the head and face of @damien_slash' 🤯@bbcradio4 @bbciplayer
TFW you leave Christmas shopping until the last minute and all the good stuff is gone...
Whose are these footprints? Where do they go...?
Blessed Winter Solstice... 🌞🌕
Chucky Cheese 🗡 🧀