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Did you know up to 80% of your child’s learning in school is through vision? While school supply shopping and routine adjusting for back to school prep we also had another eye check up to prepare as well. #sponsored .
Thank you @paireyewear for these super cute pairs to help her start her school year off with confidence! 😎
The youngest of the tribe with the heart of a lion! Oh how I love this little soul 🖤
We’re sticking to the basics with @seekairunbasics on her feet as we take on this hot summer day.😎 #sponsored
Rollin’ into our last weekend of summer break like....
This week was the longest yet shortest week ever but we survived lol. Do you have any weekend plans? Share below. We have no plans set in stone just a few things we need to do and a few things we want to do.
Just Out Here Living That Busy Mom Life. My #hotmamasummer is officially over. We’ve been back on our school schedule, went back to school shopping, and prepping for a week of orientation, back to school grocery shopping (the kids take lunches), and finishing up any last minute buys that needs to be done. Here is to our last week of summer vacation!
Brown skin girl
Your skin just like pearls
The best thing in the world
Never trade you for anybody else 🎶
#officalnumnuma #springlings and #mojmoj for the win! I love these types of toys for the girls because whenever I’m at a lost of what to get them for gifts I can always just build on the collection they already have. 😜 #sponsored
A different kind of City Girl but she’s still a ryder 😎 .
Do you prefer the city, country, or even the beach? One of the things I love most about living here is the kids get a little bit of it all. They can run the open fields living a slow pace country sort of day 🌻 scoot through downtown with tall building hovering over them 🏙 or soak up the sun embracing that salt life! 🏖 I absolutely love being a #jaxmom
My broke little best friends 😂
Actually Aya just had a birthday and her piggy bank is looking kind of plump. That money will come in handy when school starts and every other day there’s a special something going on that requires money. She can cover her own @konaice day for a while lol
swimsuits: @swimzip use my code swimzipsharnique to save
Thinking of a master plan 🎶
This little one will start preK soon and I must admit I’m a little sad. You’d think I’d be a pro by now but apparently it’s still as sad the third time around. On a positive note I’m excited for this new journey in her life ❤️
Soaking up as much of summer break as possible before school starts. Is it me or did summer fly by?? Anything on your summer bucket list that you haven’t done yet? We haven’t been to the beach all summer 😩 we are definitely going to have to squeeze a beach day in ASAP!
“Your influence as a mother is powerful. Little eyes are watching you.” 💕
I birthed a creative soul and my goal is to always nurture that. If you know Aya you know she loves to be creative. Wether it’s  teaching her class to draw anime characters, writing short stories, or building robots out of legos she lives to create! .
Recently she asked for a camera so her grandma @thatdopegma got her one for her birthday. I watched as she set up little product shoots with her birthday gifts and I couldn’t help but laugh. She takes her little camera everywhere now. Seeing so much of me in her is something magical ✨
My favorite thing is the watch them bond. Yes, they fuss and fight and get on each other nerves but that’s just apart of sibilinghood...right?
#sponsored This day there was no fussing and no fighting thanks to their new plush and adorable Rainbocorn Series 2. .
While series one was a big hit with them they were super excited to see which new, cute, and trendy character they would get this time around. The Llamacorns, Lioncorns, Flamingocorns, Pandacorns, and Owlcorns are all new to the Rainbocorns family. .
Their awesome new accessories and sweetly-scented fur were a big hit with the girls as well! Thank you so much