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Quilter and maker of all the things. EPP obsessed. Mama to 2 boys who have my ❤️


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This #houseofalamode yarn is delicious ❤️❤️❤️
I ❤️a good garter stitch!  #purlbreak #westknitsarethebestknits swipe left to see some pretty yarn from #houseofalamode and #dreamincolor
I so enjoy watching my boy swim 🏊🥇💦
Such an exciting opportunity for two of my favorite swimmers!! They got to swim with Olympic swimmers #JoshDavis and @ryan_f_murphy .  They also got to try on gold medals 🏊🥇
Super slow progress thanks to my #helpercat 🙄 #kitkatsassypants
In the little time I've had to craft lately, knitting has been getting all of my attention.  It's like I've been reunited with an old friend 💚
Finally broke into that #easthamfabric design roll.  It's quite possibly the perfect match for this fall inspired quilt 🍁🍂🌰 #pumpkinquilt
The black dot is where I live.  While we will not see a hurricane here (unless the absolute worst scenario happens which I highly doubt!), we are about to get a lot of rain.  I spent all day shopping for #shipt members  in the Austin area.  Met some really amazing people who were incredibly kind and patient!  I also stood in some INSANELY long lines.  Thinking about all of those who are about to take this storm head on.  #hurricaneharvey #shiptshopper
It's going to be a BUSY day y'all.  For all those preparing for #hurricaneharvey , know that #shipt is here to help out! .
#shiptshopper #raedunnclay #hurricaneprep
So I didn't really get a pic of the eclipse, but I did get this shot. No filter!  The eclipse was pretty awesome.
5th and 1st grade.  Last year they will both be in the same school. 😭
😍 #beautyshopfabric has arrived!!! Now, I can finally pick back up on my #moonstonequilt !