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Passed through #dominical this morning.  Total beach bum town and the waves were quite big.  #costarica
Super fun spider monkey encounter on our porch this morning!  #manuelantonio #costarica
Well good morning little fella 🐵
I've been waiting for this porch to do a little EPP while on our trip.  #eppwithme kit 4b.  #costarica #eppeverywhere #passaclams #annamariahorner
View from the ground of the plane room.  It's a 737 fuse lodge plane turned into a 2 bed, 2 bath, small kitchen, living space and a balcony over each wing, treehouse.
The cockpit is IN the bathroom! 😂 #costarica
We crash landed in #manuelantonio for a couple of days!! The boys are insanely excited to sleep in a plane treehouse!!
😳🐊🐊 These crocs are huge!!!
#monteverdecloudforest is quite possibly one of the most amazing places I've ever seen!!!
While in #monteverde we are staying at #lospinoscabanasyjardines .  This place has 8 cabins (really nice cabins!!), a spa, it's own water filtration system, trails and a hydroponic garden that supplies veggies for the area.  I highly recommend if you are ever in the area!  #costarica
Today we climbed 6,000 feet elevation up an insane, mostly gravel mountain road 🙈to the town of #monteverde .  This place is AMAZING!! We took a tour of a coffee plantation on the side of a mountain, drank delicious coffee, made candy from sugar canes and made chocolate from the cocoa beans!  It was SO neat!! Tomorrow we venture into #monteverdecloudforest reserve.
We flew allllllll the way to Costa Rica so Wyatt could finally have a Kinder Surprise egg 😎