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Valor is basically life. Keeps this momma going even on hard days. It’s like that little voice saying, “you’ve got this momma!” “These are the days you’ll miss.” It’s like sanity in liquid form. Every momma needs summadis.
“Instant Mood Booster” in the diffuser this morning! 
4 years ago you we were burning summer-smelling candles all over the house. We stopped that as soon as we learned that we can actually BENEFIT from diffusing a similar scent. 
I was a candle junkie.  I knew it was dangerous having small open flames all over the house, but didn’t know about all the health risks of breathing in artificial fragrance and the long term health dangers that come from soot production and indoor air pollution. 
Google “dangers of candle burning” and you’ll fall off your rocker. This isn’t me just saying it’s bad. There are NUMEROUS studies telling us to stop already with the candles.

Grab yourself a YL diffuser. These diffusers are the best. Made from hospital-grade plastic so the oils don’t damage or pull toxins from the plastic. 
We LOVE our Dewdrop diffuser. It’s prettier than any candle I’ve seen and most importantly it’s 100% SAFE for all of us to use. **All of this (plus 9 other oils including Thieves, Lavender, Panaway and others!) comes in the Starter Kit—plus you’ll also get my favorite diffusing recipe book 🙌🏻
Seriously the easiest diy. It costs PENNIES, oh and you know all that’s in it. No synthetics. No harmful ingredients to breathe in. And it’s totally customizable!
Thieves on the spine and my wellness roller on my sock covered feet at night to keep the sickies away because this momma ain’t got time for that. #youngliving #thieves #immunity #thatrollerlife #errrbodygetyourrollon #thatwelloiledlife
This is like Oils on oils on oils. This kit is basically everything for our fam. Diffusing makes sense over burning candles. The house smell good and we get health benefits from diffusing too.  We have a diffuser in every room. Diffuse for sleep, calming the crazies, staying healthy, getting rid of unruly odors, helping us breathe when we’re stuffed up, did i mention sleep? etc etc etc. .
$214 gets you...
2 diffusers. 
13 oils instead of 11. 
24% off everything... For EVER. 
You also get ME to help you and give you all sorts of tips and tricks and uses and such. .
No, you don't have to sell. No, you don’t have to order regularly. No, you don’t have to swap out McDonalds for kale and live that crunchy life. Do you even know me?!?! But, I promise you... you will become completely and totally reliant on your oils. I warned you. 
Think on this. 🧠💭 dont pass it up this time. YL RARELY runs a special like this
I woke up this morning with sinus issues. So, today I’m TENTING! Aka sitting in my daughters canopy tent huffing thieves and RC. It works, guys. 👍🏻
Today is IT!! Last day to get $30 cash back with your Starter Kit! 
Here today, gone tomorrow. This is the MOST I’ve ever given back (and probably will!) on the kit so hop on board 😉 For every oil and YL product you use it’s a chemical you’re not $130. It’s basically a trip to target. LESS THAN a StitchFix order, a few dinners out, and 25 Starbucks drinks. 
What do you get?? A WELLNESS LIFESTYLE. 
11 everyday oils.  Diffuser.  Great oily support from day 1 and my wholesale discount on everything YL (which ps. includes Thieves Cleaner!) The simplist way to go “chemical free” 
Let me help get you started 👊🏻
I know it’s late BUT if you’re on the fence about getting yourself a YL starter kit, I’m telling you, tomorrow is your day. We’re talking oils galore here! 15 oils + a diffuser of your choice and all the yl discounts for $181?!? Please & thank you. 
When it comes to $$, trust me...I wouldn’t encourage you to spend it on something that wasn’t worth it. We work hard for it and budget it strategically. I get that. But this kit is worth it. We save bookoo bucks by using our oils in place of all we would be buying regularly at the store.  Just putting those pennies in a different (nontoxic) bucket 😉

You can’t put a price on your health and wellness. But saving some cash $$ on it never hurt either 😉
I realize I’ve been talking oils a lot around here lately but this can’t NOT be shared with all the world. 
Orange + Cinnamon Bark = Typical White Girl obsessing over fall. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Ditching candles and switching to YL doesn’t mean you can’t have those glorious “fall scents. ” We SO DO and the best part is that I can switch up the scent as often as I choose! Yep, I was the girl with 100 different (half used) candles because I like change 🙂 
Now our indoor air is clean and healthy while smelling like the best pumpkin spice candle out there without the open flame, artificial fragrance, chemicals and smoke!
September 25 marked our 3 year "oil-versary" using Young Living. Little did I know how that Starter Kit delivered to our doorstep would change everything for us and help us lead healthier, happier lives! 
I wanted oils to help with fertility stuff, sleep, headaches and chemical-free cleaning.  Well, we found success using oils in those areas and quickly realized there was WAY more we could use this new diffuser and 11 oils for! 
I had no idea the potential sitting inside that box! Today we truly live chemical free and have learned so much about how our bodies react to toxins in our everyday products. Ick. 
So, during the ENTIRE month of October, I'm celebrating 3 years by giving every new member $30 cash back when you get a kit of your own! 
You are the gatekeeper for your home. Having total control over what enters your home. YL makes it crazy easy to kick out the bad stuff and bring in the good 🙂

If you're not using YL, consider giving it a shot. I'm here to help you along the way! 
I have one starter kit on hand. No wait on shipping!
Where are all my oil mommas?? Give me a ✋🏼 if your naptime #momhack is #sleepyize 🤜🏼🤛🏼
#ditchandswitch #essentialoilsforthewin