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Community Portrait 010:
“Patti Smith's ‘Just Kids’ is a book I read recently that made me want to further delve into non-fiction writing. I've heard that it's not what happens in your life, it's how you write about it, and Smith seems to understand that.” —Alyson Williams (@alysonzw), BA Journalism + Design (minor in Writing) ‘20

Do your worst, winter.
NYC-proof beanies now in-store and online at the new 👊
The College of Performing Arts’ newest large ensemble is the New School Studio Orchestra, performing music from a wide variety of genres including jazz, soul, pop, and improvised music.

The ensemble's debut performance on October 12th featured trumpeter, composer, arranger and bandleader Steven Bernstein, whose restlessly creative approach to music perfectly embodies the eclectic spirit of the New School Studio Orchestra.

A tale of two campuses ❤️
Community Portrait 009:
“I hope that society can begin to view young black men as the layered, complex beings that we are.“ —Quil Lemons (@quillemons), BA Journalism + Design ‘19
“One huge global issue that I think I'd like to help solve is access to higher education for students of color.” —Myles Loftin (@goldenpolaroid), BFA Photography ‘20

Ready for an all-nighter, hbu?

Photograph by Hansel Huang (@hansel_h), MS Strategic Design and Management ‘19
Winter death and decay honestly look really good
Spot the narwhal 🐳🦄
Community Portrait 008:
“The first class, Amir made the point that the drum set is a very new instrument, which made us think: why are people still playing the same sh*t? And so from that point on, he gave us things to work on that pushed the boundaries of the drums and what is possible. And now I am amazed at the things I’m doing.”
—Daniel Silver (@thedrummingbeat), BFA Jazz (Drum Set) ‘21
If your look is going to be 50% New School merch, this is a really great example of how to do it 🎯 #NewSchoolSpirit
The final stretch.
Be sure to visit Maria Thereza Alves’ “Seeds of Change” exhibit before it ends on Monday! 🌿🌿🌿 Recognized for her long-term project Seeds of Change, Maria Thereza Alves, Seeds of Change: New York—A Botany of Colonization, is Alves' first presentation of the work in the Americas.

Alves' Seeds of Change studies colonialism, slavery and the global commerce of goods through the lens of displaced plants in ballast—the waste material historically used to balance ships in maritime trade. Dumped in ports at the end of passages, ballast often carried "dormant" seeds collected from its place of origin that remained in the soil for hundreds of years before germinating and growing. Alves identifies the seeds as she looks at how plants trace the displacement of lands and people from the transatlantic slave trades.

Seeds of Change has been presented in several European port cities—Marseille, Liverpool, and Bristol among them. The New York iteration of Seeds of Change explores the history of foreign flora that traveled to New York City by trade ship ballast over the past two centuries.
📸: @ohiloveya