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This post is for all of our TRIBEsters who are creating products to empower women. Who are you and what is your product? We would love to hear about it.

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#WhyITribe #TribeVibes
Thursday reading! We have a bunch of new interviews live on THE TRIBE Book and hope that you have been enjoying them. Third up, we interviewed Shade Ashani, Speaker & Coach. Here is an extract from the insightful interview with @shade.ashani.
How does society reinforce the idea we are not enough and how can we take that power back?
I never heard any of the women I knew saying positive things about themselves growing up. Every morning I look in the mirror with my daughter–who just turned two–and I tell her how much I love her hair and eyes and skin. She is currently learning about her body and likes pointing to her head, belly button, nose etc. We then talk about her body and how her beautiful soul-house works together to help her enjoy her life. I’m very cognizant of how I behave in the mirror in front of her. James Baldwin said, “Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.” Savannah sees me smiling at myself, brushing my hair and we even kiss our reflections. I think there’s a revolution for the future of womanhood with mothers and daughters in the mirror–loving what they see. • Read more through link in bio. #WhyITribe #TribeVibes
Accept the wars you have been through and be ennobled by your marks. 👑 #WhyITribe #TribeVibes
Powerful words TRIBESters 🙌 #WhyITribe #TribeVibes
"Wanting to be liked means being a supporting character in your own life, using the cues of the actors around you to determine your next line rather than your own script. It means that your self-worth will always be tied to what someone else thinks about you, forever out of your control." - Jessica Valenti. Liking yourself changes all of that, and puts the cards back in your hands. #WhyITribe #TribeVibes
We love this work by @SaraShakeel, decorating stretch marks with glitter to highlight their beauty. #LoveYourLines
#TribeVibes #WhyITribe
Thursday reading! We have a bunch of new interviews live on THE TRIBE Book and have been promoting them from the start of this week. Second up, we interviewed Kristin Ornelas, Founder - Cultivating Creative Brilliance. Here is an extract from the heartwarming and honest interview with @kristinornelas.
Name a time recently when you said about something good about yourself / how did that make you feel?
For a formative portion of my teens and through my twenties I allowed the Zeitgeist of how men see beauty define my own confidence, which allowed me to feel less than because of an illness where my hair fell out in clumps and never regained the hair follicles. I let nasty name calling and stranger’s ideas of beauty to take over my headspace – which ultimately was destructive. I actively took back my power, prowess of self, and embraced my short hair identity, which opened my life in the most valued of ways. Short hair, don’t care! Recently I received a compliment about my confidence of self and how I carry myself with compassion and kindness. I accepted the compliment and honored the place that I am today – full love of self. •
Read more through link in THE TRIBE bio. #TribeVibes #WhyITribe
Sometimes you need to purge your TRIBE and stay healthy. Take a look at these interesting signs of a frenemy through link in bio. #WhyITribe #TribeVibes
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