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SWIPE: Built these fancy brackets to mount the coil. Got it all set up. Now just need to do actual wiring now.
The motherland!! @catscryandfly
Loved this lol. I actually stole this from a savage ass lesbian republican woman. Some people are awesome.
Have the pma system on, ignition in, plugs in, regulator mounted to fender. The only thing left to mount is the coil, and the capacitor that replaces the battery. So it should be running soon if the universe allows. And I’m bleeding.
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Got to contribute a little more to project ranger danger today. Sprayed the bumpers, tailgate panel, door handles, grill, and windshield trim with the same advantage hotrod black I used for my bike. Cannot wait to see it all put back together. The gloss is going to look great in contrast to the body of truck. He also added in the solid rear window in place of the slider and got it limo’d all the way around. I’ll get some videos of it tearing up the street ASAP.
SWIPE: Congrats again and thank you to @adam_glawe @jiiillliiian . Such a nice night w awesome people! @amydianne73 @junkchopper @awendini , thanks for putting up w me lol.
Congratulations @adam_glawe and @jiiillliiian on your wedding day!!! Every time one of our gang bites the dust, we get to get dapper as fuck!! Lol
Finally ordered electronics from @mikesxsnation . Excited to get the #xs650 running.
SWIPE: went by to help out with the ranger danger. This is Duanes 87 single cab short bed ranger. Originally a 4cyl, 4x4 truck. Duane had then swapped a turbod 4cyl from the svo’s into it, blew it up twice, before he ended up getting this 306ci cobra drivetrain from me, which I actually got from @catscryandfly old foxbody. Anyhow, we swapped this gt40 headed 5.0 into it, w cobra trans as well, then took an 8.8 rear end from an explorer into it, and rebuilt it w new 4:10 gears and a new lsd and 31 spline axles if I remember correctly. This truck is a fucking savage. They finished the body up today and laid down this upol raptor liner on it. I may have personally gone a different route, but it actually came out great in person. I’ll lay down some advantage hot rod black for him on the main accent pieces , before he puts it together for the last time. I’d like to make a YouTube channel and actually do a full episode interview of this build because it’s so awesome in person and there is so much time and fine detail into it.
#foxbody #mustang #5.0 #fivepointoh #fordracing #engineswap #builtnotbought #custom #rangers #streettrucks
Thinking these tires for the xs, what do you guys think?
Thanks @xs650chopper for the features on and the upcoming posts of fb and ig. The comments online were all very positive as well. Saying they loved the color combo, and that the build is great, clean, neat, and light. People commented on the single carb and 2-1 pipe as well. So thanks again to @xs650chopper for the coverage! #xs650 #xs650chopper #xs650bobber #motorcycle #motorcycles #hardtail