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Projects. Have to swap a jdm 2az into the scion that @richlopez69 and I grabbed, re align pass side cam on v6 in Passat, and replace and paint front end of yaris .
No big deal
2 wheelers
Getting so much better looking
Toyota life
Couple ones from last night at the pavilions with rob and Duane.
Last ones of the paint lol.
58000 coats of clear. Still think I need more
Just let this simmer. I didn’t make this, I don’t know the exact percentages. But I’m sure it’s damn close. And inflation has nothing to do with it. A percentage is a percentage of 100% of what you earn regardless. We deal w this shit because we feel so individual. We think, (I ) can’t make a difference. Well there’s around 320,000,000 (i)s , in America. That counts as a WE. Stop playing the game.
SWIPE: Not cleared or mounted. Just set it on bike to get an idea of the look. Funny, this was intended to just be a bandaid for the bike just til @adam_glawe can tear the bike apart to hard tail it. But I think it’s actually going to be pretty fuckin cool as is after this!