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Dustin Snodgrass - guitar + vocals
Mike Williamson - guitar + vocals
Rick Johnson - bass
Tim Connelly - drums

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Saturday 1/26!
I want more!
Fun show last night with @theclawsla  and @villains_in_vogue
Check out our pal @tonyknoxf71 on KXLU 88.9 FM for some killer tunes (including us 😉) 📻
This Friday!
#Repost @theredwoodbar 
#Repost @infuzzwetrust
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In Fuzz we Trust presents @theclawsla 💀 Friday Night @theredwoodbar w/ @the_paper_hearts & @villains_in_vogue 9pm ! #theclaws #villainsinvogue #paperhearts #infuzzwetrust #supporttheunderground #dtla #redwoodbar
One week from Friday!
Christmas gift drawing by an 11 year old. Thanks, Novalee! 💔
New playlist of some jams that young @mikewilliamson17 was rockin’ back in #detroit up on our #spotify
@mikewilliamson17 played his first gig at a Catholic girls' high school when he was 16 with his first band, Los Pinkos. He later started the Metros who played clubs and bars in Detroit in the late 90's with bands including @the_whitestripes ‪‬, the Sights, the Clone Defects, the Go, ‪the Von Bondies‬, etc. The Metros recorded a single and an LP for Rip Off Records, later putting out another 45 on Dirtnap Records.  Mike later teamed up with members of the Piranhas, the Murder City Wrecks, and the Sights, recording a single as Paul E. Ester & the Cruel Shoes for Rapid Pulse Records.

Since moving to LA, Mike has played with ‪the Paper Hearts‬. He's also playing bass for country rock 'n' roll maniacs @doubleeandbadbusiness and does occasional solo gigs with an acoustic guitar.
New playlist on our @spotify with some tunes that @xdamonex was listening to while in #christianclub
Before moving to LA, @xdamonex spent years performing in San Diego clubs, dives, warehouses, kitchens, garages, front yards, back yards, moose lodges, and anywhere else with electricity and a minimum of one frustrated kid on the dance floor. From raw street punk to thrash, hardcore, and straight up rock n roll; he’s been a member of The Anonymous, Headrot, Death to W, Christian Club, Sex Girls, and the Billybones.
Check out some killer tunes that have influenced our bass man @ricroc1234 on our @spotify