Cutest 'paatti' in the whole wide world. #valsalaMa
Illusion?! Or ..!! #leo ( I think I made it too easy for some of you. 😂Yep Leo was a lil  tired from his walk n rested a bit in this abandoned sintex tank. N I cudn't help but grab a pic.) Will think of something tougher next time. 😋
To do or die..t.
Mooning over you. ⭐️ing Sanchez, lil ole Me, and the moon. 😋
Like mother like daughter.
Twinning. #TBT
That million $ smile though. 🤑#akki
Oru Mugano? Iru Mugano? ✍🏼 Credit @Deepulk #throwbackthursday
Evergreen fan moment. #whatsyourfavfanmoment
Another few hours. #saamy²
Aaaand..!! #Saamy²