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Join teen Heather 👩🏼 as she looks for answers for her history project in the most unexpected of places 🕊
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Peace☮️ (Greek: Eirēnē) is an Athenian Comedic Play written by Greek playwright, Aristophanes. It was performed at the Great Dionysia in 421 BCE. 
You might be thinking... what is the Great Dionysia? Well it was an ancient dramatic festival to honour Dionysus, the god of wine 🍷! This festival is highly regarded as the origin of dramatic tragedy and comedy. Athenians and Greeks from all over travel down to participate in this festival.
Now sit back and enjoy this comic! 🎞
Hello there, I am Heather👩🏼 and I really enjoy history! When I grow up, I want to be the awesomest history teacher ever. 👩🏼‍🏫 I hope I'll inspire my students and change their impression of history — that it is boring and uncool 💪🏼😊 Follow my adventures as a undergraduate student, as I take on a challenging history assignment (and kick ass at it 😉) Read on!
It is the 1st of April, 2005. I hate to admit this but I have a 2k history essay due tomorrow and I am nowhere near done! Oh god, someone ANYONE, HELP! 🙇🏻‍♀️
Maybe there's a John Green crash course on this play 🤔🎭
I don't know. This seems quite dodgy. 😕 But desperate times calls for desperate measures! 😼
What in the world?!? 😱
WHAT JUST HAPPENED??? Poop-beetle..?? 💩🐞
Oh my goodness, that stench is DISGUSTING! 🙅🏻💩
...Zeus? Like the god of sky and thunder in ancient Greek religion? 🎅🏼 I think I remember reading somewhere that he lived on Mt Olympus 🏔
OH MY GOSH! I AM IN 421 BCE ATHENS, GREECE!!! How is this even possible? What am I doing here?? How am I going to get back to New York??? 😧⁉️
Before I could finish FREAKING OUT, I heard loud thumping from a distance... 💢
Hmm the Peloponnesian War was fought between Athens and Sparta from c. 460 - 446 BCE.. And this play Peace☮️ was performed in 421 BCE. 🤔💭 It makes sense... This must be Trygaeus👴🏻, the protagonist of the play and citizen of Athens, living through the Peloponnesian War! ⚔️