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Just a heads up, Ronnie dropped my @c10talk podcast today. I'd tell you what it was about but I don't completely remember. We just sat down and started chopp'n it up and before long that was it. I've always been so proud to be part of the truck community and further more ive been so impressed with the quality individuals from the @c10.nation  every run.... Every time these guys are there to meet me with a beer a smile and some damn good times. As for the little copper c10,  I put this together for my buddy @the_old_bike_shop sweet and simple with just the right amount of tricks.  If you've got some time to kill hop on over the the #c10talk podcast center and have a listen.
Been a good day! Between the @baileigh_industrial Rec tubing bender and jig table, chassis setup has never been faster!
@bacablackp3arl  The 2017 points champion giving the sled hell with 3000hp .... One of the turbos decided to give up in fantastic form.  @iidiesel #kabluueeee #151psi
Who's ready for #halloween? 
@mooreknob and #lolabean darn sure are !
Not even gonna lie ..... The last few weeks have been stress filled but we are so near the commencement  the new operation and I couldn't be more proud. I will announce details very soon. Thank you so  much to my team and to everyone who had faith in us. #mainbitch #lolabean 📷: @bassman67 / @friedpiephotography #pitbull #staffy
I love sharing my passion for the outdoors and Motorsport with others. On the way back from steam boat a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking my travel buddy and former coworker @keenanhons up to the summit of #pikespeak on our way home. We meet some rad folks that drove their chevelle up there, we had a doughnut looked about and headed home.  No matter how wonderful the destination it's about the journey.
Are these guys lost?! #shiftinggears #arclightfab
Over the Labor Day weekend myself and a few cats you may know hauled our dirt choppers to northern #colorado we rode downhill bikes on Saturday which was a dream come true for a kid from Texas. On Sunday we rode a near by national forest. All I can say is wow, good times with many great people. What an overwhelming experience .... I keep replaying the miles of single track in my head and cannot wait to get back.
Well, I'm officially hooked! I went to @villagecreek_mx today for the first time to ride practice xc..... Too much fun I can't believe that I made it 35yrs without this in my life. Thanks to @albert_laskin for the motivation to buy a bike and jump in. It was a hard choice for me on what bike to buy but for the money I think my 2008 @ktmusa xc-w 300 fits me pretty darn good! Not to mention met some great folks in the pits. #escape
Always chasing the next adventure, and this one landed me on the back roads of #tennessee .....it's always a blast to stretch the ol' girl's legs. But not nearly as much fun as what I got into later that afternoon. 😜 #arclightfab #nanopromt  #americanracing #nitto 📷: @friedpiephotography
Bending power! I spent a few hours learning the new #mb4x2 mandrel bender. This is the machine these #arclightfab frames will be bent on. @mrcfabbullard bent our prototype rails on this same machine and I was blown away with the quality so putting one of these on the @arclightfab floor is very exciting!
Soooo I was down at the ranch a few weeks ago. @shredderracing let me sling some gravel for a few laps......... DUDE !  Soooo much fun. A couple laps wasn't nearly enough though so I'm headed back soon to take the complete #rally course from @rallyready I'll post some videos of how it went down.  But for now, here is a pic of a focus with proper abuse! .... My bad fiesta, fwd 4cyl..... Not my territory.