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I’ve got some parts to cut tonight but I thought some therapy was in order. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and will make some memories this week end. Btw since I’m so #sawedoff I lowered the KTM 50mm .... at first I was concerned about losing the travel but after a few rips it feels right as rain #backtowork
If you want a check out a little recap of our #sema week head on over to ArcLightfab.com
... Morning wiggle welds here @arclightfab 165amp er70s6 x2 on root and cap. @lincolnelectric #aspect375 
#iheartmy9" @currieenterprises
And we got this going down Thursday night I'll drop some more details soon
#luxury 📷: @friedpiephotography
Lil pic from today. No matter how many times you drive this road some things have to be done.
Well, it ain't sema crunch! It's just work flow. #cummins #ultra4 #yeahwedroveithere
My buddy @robholland5150 is doing what he does best this weekend! He and many other aviators will be rocking the sky in Fort Worth for the air show. If you've got the time and haven't been to an air show lately you soooo owe it to yourself to go. Rob also gives hero flights so reach out to him and learn more.  I had the pleasure of riding with this guy a few months back and it was so impressive the skill the control and the fearlessness of this guy has to be seen to be believed. Just a heads up if you are in north Texas this weekend.
Just a heads up, Ronnie dropped my @c10talk podcast today. I'd tell you what it was about but I don't completely remember. We just sat down and started chopp'n it up and before long that was it. I've always been so proud to be part of the truck community and further more ive been so impressed with the quality individuals from the @c10.nation  every run.... Every time these guys are there to meet me with a beer a smile and some damn good times. As for the little copper c10,  I put this together for my buddy @the_old_bike_shop sweet and simple with just the right amount of tricks.  If you've got some time to kill hop on over the the #c10talk podcast center and have a listen.
Been a good day! Between the @baileigh_industrial Rec tubing bender and jig table, chassis setup has never been faster!
@bacablackp3arl  The 2017 points champion giving the sled hell with 3000hp .... One of the turbos decided to give up in fantastic form.  @iidiesel #kabluueeee #151psi
Who's ready for #halloween? 
@mooreknob and #lolabean darn sure are !