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Always chasing the next adventure, and this one landed me on the back roads of #tennessee .....it's always a blast to stretch the ol' girl's legs. But not nearly as much fun as what I got into later that afternoon. 😜 #arclightfab #nanopromt  #americanracing #nitto 📷: @friedpiephotography
Bending power! I spent a few hours learning the new #mb4x2 mandrel bender. This is the machine these #arclightfab frames will be bent on. @mrcfabbullard bent our prototype rails on this same machine and I was blown away with the quality so putting one of these on the @arclightfab floor is very exciting!
Soooo I was down at the ranch a few weeks ago. @shredderracing let me sling some gravel for a few laps......... DUDE !  Soooo much fun. A couple laps wasn't nearly enough though so I'm headed back soon to take the complete #rally course from @rallyready I'll post some videos of how it went down.  But for now, here is a pic of a focus with proper abuse! .... My bad fiesta, fwd 4cyl..... Not my territory.
Last week talking helicopters and mustangs with @kbwalk50  on location for our newest little goofy video. If nothing else it should be good for a laugh or two. .....bmwhat the f!?k lurking  in the back ground.
Well it's not a #f100 but it is a pick up. Sent this thunder pipe job home today. C10 w/ 500hp 383ci sbc 350turbo. Shorty headers Tru-X in 2.5 ss with @vibrant_performance bellows @magnaflow pipes/bends/ and muffs owner supplied through bed tips.
My feelings about #monday #justanotherday
For a little more story on how ol' #charliebrown made it home check out http://www.drivingline.com/articles/aaron-kaufmans-road-to-restoration/  driving line did a write up on our little road trip. @arclightfab link in the bio
#charliebrown knows freedom and all the back roads it blankets. We are running a 10% discount  at ArcLightfab.com on all purchases made by the end of the day simply by typing "Merica" in the promo box at check out.  But most of all I want everyone to have a spectacular and safe 4th. The cost for this freedom is high so make the most of it. #merica #f350
It always so neat to see your work in print. The newest @drivingline mag is out with a write up of our little Pantera with a heart of gold. 📷 @onthegrounddesigns
@arclightfab our heart and soul might be in #f100 but our back bone is all #f350 the last two times I needed maintenance on the #superdude I was eyeball deep in work. Both times my boys @psehouston got us back on track. This time a busted cylinder head had me singing the blues. After the repair we replaced the stock trans with a built one by @reddiamondman05 and @bulletproofdesl oil cooler. Both upgrades were awesome pulling 9klbs back from Houston but they have both shined here at #pikespeak  I'm not racing this year but looking forward to the next time we do. #nitto #magnaflow #bulletproofdiesel #aeromotive
Worst thing you can do to a car is to let it sit! So after some breakfast on Sunday I rolled over to the warehouse to fire up the #BMWhatthef$!k and cycle the fluids. It dawned on me ..... It's time to launch the website! SOOOOOOO I'm happy to announce the web site is up www.arclightfab.com shirts and hats available now new swag soon and working hard to get the truck parts up there too. Thank you so much everyone.  #ArcLight #ArcLightfab #f100 #v8bmw #funhundredrun #fun #balieghindustrial  #nitto  #magnaflow #holleyperformance BEST WAY TO GET TO THE WEB SITE...... Click the link in my bio.
The ground work has been laid... The ball is in motion.... This is the count down before take off.  #arclightfab #funhundredrun #f100
#baliegh #magnaflow #nitto #bendpak