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last day of the @caffeineandoctane show. so much to check out...great peeps, great times, and great rides. @forged_invitational has the lawn covered in some sexy bikes too.
big thanks to @fullermoto and @lincolnelectric for getting out to #jekyllisland
yesterday and last were a blast hanging with some great people and scoping out the sweetest rides. Today should be even better, so come see us @caffeineandoctane show. I'll bee here all day cruising around and hanging out. come join me.
#caffineandoctane #radness #jekyllisland #lincolnelectric
@buckylasek can ride the snot out of a stick with wheels .... he can drive a race car....but did you know?...
he's a damn fine fish guide as well!
I haven't  fished since I was a kid so you can  image my stoke level when I pulled this dude outta the pond. over the top excited to catch a little fish. #thankyou #slowdown #bassmaster
I've always wanted to start a rock opera trio......I found my band. 
If it doesn't pan out then maybe we can just #drive and #buildstuff..... #fasttripdownalongroad. 
these guys are stone cold shredders... as if you didn't know.
what an incredible time was had! @rallyready ....amazing #education 
holler at me if you risked your life In a car with an arclight staff member....so I can tag erbody. #seandet @shredderracing
just cuz it's Sunday and I'm happy the list is getting shorter. I can't wait to shred this one! #ivehearditall when it comes to the paint but it's hard to find a used dyna with a @tanner41gb paint job. #europeanmustang #americanmustang
the store is finally open if you are headed home after good guys on Monday please stop by and say hi. 
4834 reading st. dallas,Tx 75247
a long neglected project sees day light .....finally #socloseyetsofar new fender new paint new other crap on the way. #soon #moreprojectsthantime
too excited not to share. Charlie Brown is getting a life make over. our increased needs for a capable race support vehicle dripping with style has lead us to give ol'CB a new lease on life. #12v #lockedon37s #nosparkplugsnomore #enjoy #arclightfab
race time is the best time
I had a  birthday a couple of days ago and just received a gift from a some friends @discoverychannel 
It's pretty rad they understand the other things you're into outside of work. Thank you 
This Hudson bay @bestmadeco axe is super rad imo big enough to get the job done around camp and not so large or heavy I need to make compromises in other gear. It doesn't hurt that it's a fairly handsome tool to boot.