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I'm BadApple, Comic Book Artist, Concept Artist, Creative Designer, and a fan of Music. Bringing Art To Life Is My Passion. - Open For Commissions

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California in December. Even Montse loves the fact that she can get her baby pool out and get wet. 
#ILoveLA #LoveSoCal #PoolWeatherInDecember
Ok Folks! Here at Game Gen with my sons once again. I forgot to share with you this #Doodle I did on their Dry Erase Wall on their campus. Since it is a school for game development, I thought I’d create a little video game themed #Sketch on there. 😉👍🏼
#TheArtOfBadApple #GameGen #DryEraseWall #VideoGames #VideoGame
At the @thecomicbug hanging with the some talented creators of the @sketchy_bug_group If you’re lucky, you get to sit next to great artists like the one and only @rafael_navarro007 👍🏼
Hey Folks! I’m currently taking #Commissions. If you’re looking to get a #SketchCover, message me! I have a few blanks available. #Deadpool #SecretWars, AllStar #Batman, #AmazingSpiderman, #JusticeLeague, #GreenLantern, #SwampThing. 
#TheArtOfBadApple #ComicBookArtist
Hey Folks! I have several commission spots available. I’m looking to get in as much work as I can handle as I try to upgrade my computer and tools I use for art.
DM me or email me. As always, thank you for your continued support! 👍🏼
#TheArtOfBadApple #ComicBookArtist #ConceptArtist #CreativeDesigner #FanArt #ConceptArt #CharacterArt #Commissions #FreelanceArtist #CharacterDesign
‪I want to wish the most genuine personality I’ve ever met. The Great Thompson’s are a testament to how awesome he is, well mainly @lakenormanlynda but I’ll fling him some credit 😛 Happy 275th Birthday to the #RadioGod. ‬
@littlebabykates @amylynnbuttchin #MarkAndLyndaPodcast #HappyBirthday
Folks! There are few independent artists that I share on social media, but those that I do is because they are amazing at what they do. The music they produce is just so good, and I listen to it often. One of those that I follow and support is none other than @krisangelis. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Kris on a small project, and it was then that I heard her music. So good! Be sure to check out her music on iTunes, Bandcamp, and here on Spotify.  There are so many great independent musicians out there so be sure to support them and what they do. 
#KrisAngelis #IndependentMusic #IndependentArtist #Follow #Share #Support
Ok Folks! Here’s a look into the cutting process of my 3D Frames. Enjoy! 
#TheArtOfBadApple #3DFrame #Spiderman #HandCrafted
We had an early thanksgiving this year. Two of our kids work retail so, we made some adjustments. Blessed to be with family. Wishing every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving (yes, I know not everyone celebrates it). #Thanksgiving #Family #Blessed
Hey Folks! Here’s a quick 15 min warm up sketch of #Cable, which just so happens to be my favorite comic book character. Enjoy! 
#TheArtOfBadApple #QuickSketch #WarmUpSketch #TimeLapse #ComicBookArt
Many of you might not be aware but Today, the music and the station that we all love here in So. Cal has gone silent. @thesoundla Began on April 8, 2008 and has come to an end on November 16, 2017. It’s never easy when good things come to an end. As many have said, it’s not the music that was being played, but the DJ’s that played it. So many legendary DJ’s played the music that so many love. What made all this so special, is that we all became a family. Might sound weird, but we really did. It’s always an honor to be a part of something special. To everyone at the Sound...THANK YOU! 
@ginagrad @littlebabykates @mikedsherry @ritawilde @unclejoebenson @davebeasing #1003TheSound #OneOfTheGreats #OneOfTheGreatest #ClassicRock
I want to wish my beautiful daughter Megan a Happy 20th (😮) Birthday! It seems like it was just yesterday that I held her I’m my arms when she was born. Time goes by so fast, but I cherish every moment when I’m with her. Happy Birthday baby.  I love you so much! ❤️
#HappyBirthday #Happy20thBirthday #DaddysLittleGirl #FirstBorn