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AWAKE Studio offers a safe, empowering environment for girls & women of all ages to express themselves through movement. #theawakemovement

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This program was such a beautiful success and currently looking for a couple more teenage girls to fill the spaces for next term. It is so vital to give this to our girls. The ripple effects of consciously empowered girls, to their peers, within their schooling and work environments, and toward their families, later become the ripple effects of Women who were consciously empowered girls, who practiced self care, self love, and were strong and confident enough to extend this love and care unto those around them.

During our Empowerment Program, which will be a 1 hour session once a week, for 10 weeks, Young Girls will be guided by mentors in the form of local EMPOWERED Women. 
Young Girls at these formative ages need positive role models outside of their immediate family and social groups.
Awake Studio, it's teachers and mentors who we will bring in specifically for this course, are your daughters SAFE PLACE.

She will have the chance to be at ease, with no fear of judgment, and with total love and support when discussing topics such as self love, bullying, consent, and more. She will be given the tools to go back into the world more empowered, independent, empathetic and compassionate than she was when she walked in, and she will do this alongside a community of other Young Girls and Women who want the same thing.

Please Contact Admin Amy for Enrolment and Syllabus of the program :)
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Awake Studio Saved my Life.
Happy Birthday my Beautiful Space. Thank you for the Beautiful Youth and Women that have entered your space.
Tonight We Celebrate.
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New Class!! Tuesdays 5:30pm!! Would you come!
90s Groove Fitness!  If you're looking for a group of people who like to let loose, get fit, and have fun; 90s Groove is the place to be!! Join us every week for a 45minute long cardio dance party for All Levels. Follow the Leader Style Movement. When you come to class, leave all your stress at the door. Feel free to sing along and share an uninhibited joy for life through movement that's sure to have you grooving everywhere you go! Losing weight along the way is just an added bonus. 90s handpicked playlist always has an energetic mix of your favorite house party jams and throwback hits to keep us grooving all hour. It feels good to dance alone but even better in a sweaty & supportive environment.
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Comment if you would come!
Open DAY!!!! Come try Free Classes All Day!!! :)))) We are so excited to see you!
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Free Open Day this Saturday! All Ages!!! Come chat with us!! Come enrol!! Come Dance ;))) Going to be a great day!! No need to reserve a spot just come by the studio and see what we are all about!
Holka Polka!!!! We are so proud of these actors. They allowed themselves to have fun and put on a wonnnnnderfullllll performance!! See Everyone next term!
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Proud of my Drama Kids! Break Legs! Holka Polka!!!
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Willow and Isaiah want you to come to Open Day. :))))) #precious #love #awakestudio #opendays #community #gympieregion
After Recital Performance with Our Lovely Iida and Admin Amy!
We Love Admin Amy!!!!
As I go to bed I want to say thank you again. My mission in life is to give a safe place for our youth and adults to BE. I am so happy and proud of our students and our studio. I love what I do, I love what we share, and I was overwhelmed with emotion tonight because my dream has come true. Thank you. Thank you Everyone. Thank you Gympie for the endless support! We are here and so much for the future!

Abby Wake