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AWAKE Studio offers a safe, empowering environment for girls & women of all ages to
express themselves through movement. #theawakemovement

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Come try all our classes all week for Free! All our youth have the opportunity to try a class before they sign up! How great is that! You can speak to teachers, myself, and see what all the classes are and will be within the 10 weeks :) Message below or Call/text to reserve your spot today. Timetable also attached

Come seeee me Today 9am tp 12pm ;)))
Awaken45 Tonight. Bring the Fam
Families! $5 only
Come move, have fun, get your groove on to classic hits! No experience needed! All ages. Another way to exercise and have fun while doing it. Let Go ;)
Awake Studio
8 Lady Mary Terrace
LA Funk Tonight!
We gonna groove to the man himself Justin Timberlake. All levels. No experiance needed. Bring you. A water bottle. And Let Go ;)
#hiphop #filthy #justintimberlake
Tonight! Little Mix
Is your Love Enough
Heels or No Heels
First Class is Frreeeeee
#bebrave #letgo #havefun
Yes! We do classes for our 30-75yr olds. A perfect class for you to let go, move, get fun, have fun!! We all need to remember what it is to be 15 dancing in our bedrooms. These classes are just that. Message Awake Studio for details or come by and try. First class is FREE!
New Year! Wanting a different way to get fit. Dancing to the Quens of the 80s,90s, and 00s!
Come get your groove on, let go of the day, follow the leader movements to all of the Divas. 45 minutes will be gone in a blink!! #getfit #workoutmotivation #groove #music #getloose #workout #body #exercise
Come Enrol, Chat with Me all Week at Awake Studio from 9am-12pm Mon-Friday!! Great Classes for both youth and adults. Come see what we are all about. 
#awakestudio #dancestudio #gympie #home #movement #yoga #drama #selfexpression #drama #australia
New Episode of AwakentheVoice.
Voice 7: Mommy Issues.

Happy Monday-
We are back with Awakenthevoice. This is topic I hold close to me, having my own Mommy issues. I hope you are able to sit with it, breathe, and realize we are all doing the best we can in this crazy world we call life. 
Youtube Link in Bio
#awakestudio #mommyissues #truth #love #freedom #peace #serenity #identity #podcast #instagood #podcastersofinstagram #truthbombs
Adults!! Tomorrow Starts Our $10/class week ;)
First Class is Free. Come check out 2 classes!
Empowering class to ground your body with all levels, strong movement. We will ne moving to some Demi Lovato.

6:30-7:15pm- Queens45
Follow the Leader Class. No pressure. I guide you. No wrong or right. Perfect class to get fit and have fun doing it. 15+. The only requirement is that you sing your face off, and have loads of fun. The 45min will be gone in a blink ;)
#awakestudio #movement #women #fitness #workout #freedom #dance #soul
@renee_butcher @sammyjane77 
What a beautiful evening with so many people people. Thank you all for supporting Awake Studio ;)