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We have a winner for the $100 dollar gift card! Thank you all so much. We had over 150 people participate. More contest to come! #TheBeadStoreContest
New video! This ones for the serious entrepreneurs #thebeadstoreyyc
💚 Pendant. #TheBeadStoreYYC
Today we make chokers designed by @iyurnheart 
What should we make next? #TheBeadStoreYYC
Supplies -10mm ribbon ends
-4 coloured jump rings -2 smaller jump rings -2 inch of chain
-10mm leather strip (2 6inch pcs)
-Center connector (any thing with 2 linking loops)
-1 lobster clasp -pliers 
- cut 2 6 inch lengths of your leather - Put 4 ribbon ends on 4 ends of leather - Attach 4 coloured jump ring to the ends of leather, on ribbon ends - Attach small jump rings to pendent
- Attach coloured jumprings to small jumprings. Centreing  pendent - Put clasp on left end jump ring
- Put chain on the right end jump ring - Finished
Tomorrow is the last day for our $100 gift card giveaway! It's not too late to participate! #thebeadstorecontest
How did you like our '5-min Craft' video? #TheBeadStoreYYC
Here's a NEW video segment called 5-Minute Crafts w/Adam. Enjoy! #TheBeadStoreYYC

Surgeon Knot:

1 strand of natural stone beads. 
1 funky or centre bead. 
1 foot of elastic string 
1 Cut bead strand. 
2 String beads. 
3 Add centre or funky bead
4 Measure out to 7-8 inches for men. 6-7 inches for women
Tie surgeons knot
Can you name these beautiful stones? #thebeadstoreyyc
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Name those stones! #TheBeadStoreYYC