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“Because survival is insufficient.” - Emily St. John Mendel. ...And Startrek.

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Don’t quit. 
#portrait #bw #modeing #photography #faces #expression #mood
@oz.tography will be on the feed as well for some gorgeous contrast.
Pouring photos the next few weeks. @josie_elle is an incredible photographer.
“Wait, is my hair swoopy enough?” “It’s fine.” 📸  @josie_elle 
Swoopy hair in Malibu #sponsored by @adventureaide They take you on awesome trips! Check em out 😎
“Oh, a ukulele? Here let me just pretend to play it in a slightly photogenic way. Oh, did you just photograph me? Ha! I had no idea.” #candidphotosarealie 😐 @josie_elle
Had a blast shooting with @josie_elle Thanks @toms for the free shoes! 
Technically that makes this #sponsored
Photo: @josie_elle
Flawed II
Photo: @josie_elle
Photo: @josie_elle
Flawed I

Photo: @josie_elle
Photo by @josie_elle