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Former child and Omnivore.

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When you see that one friend who still hasn’t watched @thegreenhouseacademy #netflix
When you’re in love w each other, but don’t know how to say it. #Jax
@thegreenhouseacademy #netflixshows
One of my rare moments on screen with the talented @byparkerstevenson . This man leads by example. I will always remember the lessons I learned watching him work on and off camera.
This is hands down my favorite still of #MaxMiller

@thegreenhouseacademy @netflix
When you replay the last scene frame by frame to figure out #whosbehindthedoor @thegreenhouseacademy #netflix
When u and bae want different ships, but still want to make it work. @thegreenhouseacademy #netflix
When you and your friends realize you’re rooting for two different ships. #whosbehindthedoor 
I’m sorry... you’re saying you HAVEN’T watched @thegreenhouseacademy  yet? #netflix
Happy #valentinesday !!
Now go binge @thegreenhouseacademy S2!!! New stills from the show coming soon.

Photo: @palmtreevisions
When the smoke clears and you realize this Love was worth the fight. 
Photo: @palmtreevisions
When you tell her you want to commit. 
Photo: @palmtreevisions
Now watch as the Benjamin begins his mating dance. Will the rose respond?

Photo: @palmtreevisions