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“Because survival is insufficient.” - Emily St. John Mendel.

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I got poison oak from this hike 😅

More photo stuff coming soon(ish) guys! Working with @syduals on some cool ideas.
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Thanks again for the awesome extendable #smovestabilizer !

@ohheyitsmari took the photo.
“Ok, now look to your left...”
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@ohheyitsmari  @joeysabo @domdamotta  and I got to go on a hike thanks to #smove !

Got this DOPE smartphone/GoPro  #smovestabilizer with a built-in extension from #smovemobile @brandsnob
@ph.cande was a blast to work with. Thanks for the free hat!
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Had a blast being part of @palmtreevisions White a Wall Series.
@loveyourmelon gave me this hat for free, so this is technically #sponsored photo: @ph.cande 
_______________________ "I am a proud supporter of @loveyourmelon! Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America as well as giving fifty percent (50%) of profit from sales to their nonprofit partners. To date, they have given over 3.8 million dollars and over 120,000 hats to children battling cancer. Together, we will change the lives of children battling cancer one beanie at a time. #LoveYourMelon #JoinThe Story @uweclymcrew
@connorstoops give me your @allstar.converse 
Photo: @bringoutthegold
Photo: @bringoutthegold
Shoes provided by @connorstoops photo: @bringoutthegold
This is the suit I wore to @cpapac ‘s wedding. #funfacts 
photo: @bringoutthegold
I lost these shades at Coachella 😥 @bringoutthegold
I just have no idea how chairs work.