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Music by Drew Worden, Ivan Trevino and Madeleine McQueen

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WE ARE STOKED! The Big Trouble plays University of North Florida one week from today! We’ll be joined by @unfpercussion and @drglockenav 👀 Florida friends, don’t miss it 👊
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PASIC FOOTAGE! 🙌 If you were at our PASIC show, leave a note or share with a friend who was! If you missed it, this was our closer🤘
Footage courtesy of @evansdrumheads, who provided us with GREAT sounding drumheads for the show🔥 @percussivearts #thebigtrouble
We want to give props to Andrea Venet and her @unfpercussion students! The Big Trouble is doing a residency at UNF in January that includes a joint concert with the percussion studio. Part of our residency initiative is to encourage students to take ownership of the concert by assigning them DIY tasks leading up to the show. They are all-in, writing press releases, connecting with local public school music programs, and even filming and producing short promo videos like this one to build awareness for the concert. They are treating this concert like a real-world gig, as opposed to a traditional collegiate recital, and that’s the way it should be. We are really looking forward to spending time at UNF and doing more of this kind of work in the future. Thanks @drglockenav and UNF percs 🙏
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The University of North Florida percussion studio is prepping for our January residency 😮🔥 We play a joint concert on January 15th at UNF’s Robinson Theater, hosted by the one and only Andrea Venet! Hope to see some of you Florida friends there!
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#tbt To the very first song we wrote together. With “Red White Blue Orange”, we wanted mallet instruments to drive the sound and rhythm of the song while leaving room for Madeleine to do her thing. The music video was produced with the incredible @fourtenmedia team, who added another layer to the song with their on-point visual editing 🔥
#thebigtrouble #percussion #voice #songwriting #marimba #vibraphone #glockenspiel #drums #musicvideo @madeleinemcqn @drewworden13 @ivan.drums
“Who wants to sing this next song?” .
#thebigtrouble #percussion #notpercussion @madeleinemcqn @drewworden13 @ivan.drums 📷: @hpkcreativearts
Our favorite mohawked drummer @aaronstaebell playing drum part to “Echo Chamber” in his own Aaron way 🔥
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Sure it’s #cybermonday and #marimbamonday, but we all know it’s really #coffeemonday ☕️ Go to profile link to order this limited edition The Big Trouble coffee mug with free shipping anywhere in the U.S.! Pick up the beanie / mug bundle and Ivan, Maddi and Drew will send you a little note with their favorite roasters and brewing tips. Seriously. This band loves coffee ❤️☕️
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WE HAVE A STORE PAGE! Order The Big Trouble t-shirts, sheet music, beanies, coffee mugs and even a GarageBand file if you want to remix our music! Click on our profile link to start shopping. Much love, everyone ❤️
#pasic18 was so great! Now it’s time to prep for our next project: a residency at University of North Florida with Andrea Venet and her percussion students! Maddi, Drew and Ivan will visit UNF in January to talk music, songwriting and to play a show together with the UNF percs. We can’t wait! 🙌
Photo by @hpkcreativearts 
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PASIC friends! We are STOKED about our new merchandise! Support our band and pick up a newly released t-shirt, beanie, coffee mug or sheet music, now available at the MalletLab booth! Find us and we’ll sign it for you too ☺️🙏
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This group ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing your talent and spirit with us @samumpercussion @laganpercussion @gabriella.mayer @stella.perlic @mark_boseman @mariafinkperc  @elliotcole @mrmarimba @gmc_drum @aaronstaebell @elliotcole @catcoleperc @sticknevens
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