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This one took some work but I prevailed!!!! #roland #rs09 #woodenhorsestudios
We’re next. #tbm
Van jams for warm up. #theblackmoriah
Finally found a @vedbuensende shirt!!!!
So to get the warranty replacement strings I have to go online fill a forum out print it out and put it in a box with the broken strings, receipt, and the foil wrapper and ship it to California!?!? F’@&k that!!! Super weak warranty to match your weak “indestructible” strings fu @ernieball
I’m on a boat.
My guitar strap needed some Hosteler loving. Stage salts begone #theblackmoriah #woodenhorsestudios #asteriacres
“Alone by night” I’ve made it back to the abode, @asteriacres. What an incredible tour with @uada_official & @wolvhammerofficial #snakesandvulturesovernorthamerica #theblackmoriah time to get back to work on the farm