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Sorry for the bad quality image πŸ˜… here’s my last week bujo covering @_intosimple’s layout. So interesting...
Ah, life...
It’s good to be back. Kinda disappointed that I don’t create much on October due to the wedding issue, since it’s my month usually I want to be more productive 😞
Tomorrow is my wedding day ❄️ On my bridal shower night, I asked my friends (also my bosses) to write little notes on my journal πŸ’™
Just a friendly reminder, my Indonesian version of Bullet Journal Quick Reference Guide is available on @tinyrayofsunshine’s website to download πŸ€—
My one month to go wedding preparation log πŸ‘° I left some space on my Wedding Expenses so Far bcs I know there'll be more money spend...
I'm officially a Van Gogh's Starry Night extreme fan 🌌 Yeah basically every item on this #flatlays bought from AliExpress otherwise stated 😬
Everything was hard in August and September began with dr. @inesdamayanti got into the ICU, keep fighting Doc, all my prayers are with you 😒
Finally! This month I cover @bluelahe's for my September front page. There's always some ways if you want to create a pretty bujo but don't have a creative mind and artist hand (like me) you can print some of the elements like I did on this page 😊
"The journal is a vehicle for my sense of selfhood. It represents me as emotionally and spiritually independent." - Susan Sontag
So in love with @abbeysy's book, filled with eye-pleasing pictures and useful tips for journaling πŸ’™
Super in love with this list from @janineripper since my life is overly overwhelming right now so I made one in my Bujo πŸ’™
When my fiancΓ© can't deal with my depression, it broke my heart to million pieces and I began to question our wedding which is two months to go.
Yesterday I made this spread from the Mighty's article, read it carefully so if your loved ones suffering from mental illness, they will not end up like me 😊
Been gone for a long time, feels good to be back πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Almost forgot, I love my coloring washi tape that I bought from @aliexpress.official, so fun to use!