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Please tell me it looks like lamp instead of walnut 😂
I had an idea to list down my favorite winter books in a Christmas lamps theme, hope you like it 💙
Made paper snowflake with my husband and I decided to place it on my holiday planner Bujo ❄️❄️
Or should I say 90% impossible bucket list? Haha 😬 Living in a tropical country I’ll never get a chance to experience snow but that doesn’t stop me from creating this page inspired by @luckyletters’s Hello Christmas page ❄️
Found this inspo in Pinterest but can’t find the source. If you’re the idea owner please let me know 🙋 I did some modification by drawing branch (I hope it looks like branch)
First time watercoloring I made this mood tracker inspired by @pernullidrawings’s post on Bullet Journal Junkies group, I think that’s the only group I need 🙌
I cannot make a perfect circle haha 🙈 Saw this inspo all over Pinterest and I thought gonna be easy for me to try cause it has an imperfect style, but turned out harder than it looks ❄️
So many migrated tasks this week 😅
Since I’m a newbie in photography, I think it would be a great idea to track the tips and tutorials from @canonasia’s website in my Bullet Journal 📷
So in love with my Santorini washitape 💙
Sorry for the bad quality image 😅 here’s my last week bujo covering @_intosimple’s layout. So interesting...
Ah, life...
It’s good to be back. Kinda disappointed that I don’t create much on October due to the wedding issue, since it’s my month usually I want to be more productive 😞
Tomorrow is my wedding day ❄️ On my bridal shower night, I asked my friends (also my bosses) to write little notes on my journal 💙