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Pop vinyls are classsss. If anybody is stuck on what to get me for my birthday (24th April) I want the rest of the Labyrinth collection or Karen and Regina from Means Girls.. That'd be delightful! Thanks 😍 #funkopop #popvinyl #popcollector
Vampire teeth, Christmas wreath
I envy this cat. Now that I have your attention, where's good to get eyelash extensions? I've never treated myself before but God damn I deserve to 👑
My #womancrusheveryday is the beautiful #jenniferconnelly 💗
I have honestly reached the point where I don't care what anyone thinks of me because they clearly aren't all that if they feel the need to put others down or use them. I'm weird, I'm quirky, I'm awkward and quiet but I'm an amazing person and I've fought battles most people would crumble like a cookie if they were put there so I'm stronger than you and I both think. Not all of us can prance around like Kermit and laugh at others. Everyone is fighting a battle, some are fighting theirs silently and more plural though. I'll shock everyone someday, just wait 😏 #ventureforwardstronggal #imstillstanding #selflove
Really excited for this!
Thankyou so much @missguided!!! 😍😍😍 #competitionwinner #luckygirl
Harvey is ready for his date with Minnie 😍 @joleenmckee
The sky is pretty beautiful right now ♡
🐚My beautiful friend @thepetrovafiiire very kindly sent me these gorgeous trinkets for Christmas! Thankyou so, so much 😍 I love them so much! Super sweet of you xoxo #allthewayfromcalifornia💞 ☀️ 🇺🇸