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Being home sick with a sick toddler is not so fun. Luckily the in-house chef does a bang up job of lifting spirits. 😍#healsodoesdiapersandnaptime #winning
Snug as a not-yet-awake bug in a rug. #babyitscoldoutside
Another year, another mid century revival. 
This looker is a Yugoslavian gentlemen’s dressing chair. #yousofancy
Found among toy shrapnel the morning after a toddler dinosaur birthday party. #singmeasongimthepianodinosaur
Carmel for Carmel-cream cheese iced banana cake tomorrow
Ah yes, ye old Halloween hiding behind curtains and licking windows. #traditions
Momma: 'Good morning Ellie!'
Ellie: '......'
Maybe she's born with it, maybe she dressed herself. 
Thrift store got jokes. #habitatrestore #got
The harvest was plentiful this year. We shall not starve through the harsh winter. Or at least one lunch. #taters #notafarmer
An uneasy truce
'You've been keeping from me the miracle of carbs and milk TOGETHER?!?'
-Ellie on day 1 of a corn flake obsession