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Thrift store got jokes. #habitatrestore #got
The harvest was plentiful this year. We shall not starve through the harsh winter. Or at least one lunch. #taters #notafarmer
An uneasy truce
'You've been keeping from me the miracle of carbs and milk TOGETHER?!?'
-Ellie on day 1 of a corn flake obsession
'I see you're trying to get some sewing done during baby nap time. Let me help that hand relax instead.'
-Navy the thoughtful
Nap time projects
'Mama, I don't think you understand that this tutu is THE perfect outfit for all occasions. Now let's go find some mud puddles!'
-Ellie the insistent clothing selector
Wax on, wax off. #makesaturdaywalnutagain
'Yump! Yump!'
-Ellie the dancing (jumping) queen
'I claim this cabinet in the name of reading!'
-Ellie the bibliophile
'Mama, this dirt will really compliment the lace in my outfit.'
-Ellie the digger
Enjoying a long Ellie nap by starting a project for another little lady. @lucy_imhome 👶🏼❤️