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Entrepreneur. Creator. Motivator. Musician. Trying to make a positive difference around the globe.#marketingdigital #marketing #videoproduction

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Desmond Douglas on the mic - I CAN ONLY IMAGINE.
I CAN ONLY IMAGINE with WHUTEVA (Desmond Douglas) doing our special rendition today.
An elderly lady told me that she doesn't know what's changed about me, but I'm "different"! She says I seem more confident, more assertive, more handsome, and that I even dress differently. She asked me "Who is she?" I just laughed. It's not about me discovering someone's about me discovering myself and my purpose and walking into my destiny without fear. The untapped potential that lies within each of us should not lie dormant and passive, but should flow out of us explosively, like an erupting volcano that can no longer contain the massive power & enegy locked inside. I'm just flowing, that's all.
That look when you know great opportunity has been granted to you and the favor of God is on your life. #unstoppable #faith #nofear #driven #motivated
New music video just completed. "Got Me" by UK artist Elizabeth. Awesome song! This is part of a new project dropping this month! Stay tuned! #music #musicvideo #talent #video #vocals
Sometimes the obstacles that we think are insurmountable are only as difficult as we allow ourselves to believe them to be. Sometimes we just need to stand up. Um gone just sit that right there and let it marinate.. #motivation #inspiration
Me in 2019! Happy NewYear!
My daughter and I saying "Until next time"...Really enjoyed our time together!
Life is too short not to experience the beauty of being alive. On a new journey of hope, love and appreciation of all the beautiful things God has created. No more time for negative, selfish and toxic gone!
Spent time talking to my Dad last night. It was a good conversation. I could sense him missing mom, so we reminised a while and talked about how we think heaven is (because we know that's where she is!). We talked about the "welcoming committee" that greated her upon her Aunt Ossie, her mom Aquila Crawford, and a host of other family friends and relatives who made it home before her. My Dad said it's like going on a voyage on a ship...we waved goodbye as we watched her sail into the horizon. But on the other shore, there was a grand reunion awaiting her there. We encouraged each other with the hope that lies within us. We too will take that same voyage one day. Make sure that you heading to the right port of entry. I know it's hard for all of us, but even more so for Dad. But I'm glad we have eternal hope in Christ Jesus...that we shall see Him...and we shall all meet again on the other shore!
Super busy, office is a mess. But still smilin'. Great things happening and greater things on the horizon. When other people sleep, I plan, strategize, learn and build. No dreams ever become reality without the willingness to give the effort.