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Entrepreneur. Creator. Motivator. Musician. Trying to make a positive difference around the globe.

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Food for thought. One of the oldest political schemes is the use of misdirection. You allow people to believe that an unbelievable victory has been achieved against the political elite. They act shocked and surprised as if it wasn窶冲 planned. But the reality is that the victory was a planned ruse to open the door for the upcoming candidate. A candidate who is vulgar, racist, ignorant, illiterate and a complete narcissist. You blame all the failures of the past, present and future administrations on the current leader. You create a rhetoric that will embolden the mass of uneducated, simpleminded racist scum that are easily manipulated and controlled. And as planned, your candidate is 窶徭urprisingly窶 elected. Not unexpected. Not a surprise to those whose eyes are open. Unfortunately, you then discover that he窶冱 100 times more ignorant, illiterate, vulgar, racist and narcissistic than you thought. And he窶冱 stupid. Didn窶冲 quite work out the way you planned, did it? But I know...y窶兮ll ride or die type manipulators. Go down with the ship then. Just saying.
January has been a good month for me in cryptocurrency so far. I purchased Ethereum when it was at $476 and cashed out at $1262. The prices dipped this morning to $780 so I bought again as the price is positioned to rise again. Some I will hold but as I monitor the price and the volatility I will sell for maximum profit based on the patterns. I do not let my emotions, greed, or media hype control my decisions. I study the charts, I stay abreast of the latest crypto news, and react accordingly. I窶冦 not looking to get rich quick. I窶冦 looking to develop a pattern of consistency that produces solid returns on a daily or weekly basis. I will do the same with the most promising cryptos for 2018 to build and diversify my portfolio as the year progresses. It窶冱 fun when you窶决e patient and methodical about it because that allows you to minimize your personal risk. Don窶冲 be greedy and think you can get it all at once. Educate yourself and find good mentors to emulate.
Great things on the horizon for 2018!Committed to the process. Persistence and patience are key, and helping others along the way is an absolute must. Live each day with zeal and passion and always show compassion to those in need. Give love without expecting recompense. Embrace life!
Cali...he窶冱 such a sweet boy.
Just chillin and watching the game...
Cornelius Brothers Media - hard work and the pursuit of excellence will make your name one to be reckoned with!
Always striving to learn more, do more and be better. Multi-tasking is not a burden for me...it窶冱 a necessity. Keep moving forward. Remember, there will always be haters and people will try to demotivate you with cruel words and lack of support. But when they need something guess who they call first? Yep...but just like in Matthew 7:23 I will say to them 窶廬 never knew you; depart from me.窶 Sounds so much better that way.
Happy Friday! Here...have a smile, from me to you! Have an awesome day!
Brrrr.....it窶冱 cold!! I窶冦 sick, overloaded with work, deadlines looming, still smiling!
For a LIVE demo of my Asirvia Go Plus, click the updated link in my bio (just added)! Or just go to This way you can see how your ad will look as it窶冱 going out to hundreds of mobile users in your proximity. Check it out now!
Live preview of my Asirvia Go unit in action. Created an ad, turned my beacon on, and the ad is automatically sent to my phone as a notification. Click the notification and boom there it is! Click the link in my bio for more info.
See just how quickly you can program your asirvia go units on the fly! Get 10 and have your team out in the crowd sending out links, videos, music, etc. Program each one with a different ad to see which performs the best...endless applications.