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Entrepreneur. Creator. Motivator. Musician. Trying to make a positive difference around the globe.#marketingdigital #marketing #videoproduction

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If people liking you is high on your list of priorities, don't be confident, intelligent, happy, self-motivated, talented, well-spoken, compassionate, strong, or successful. People will like you more when you're timid, dumb, depressed, lazy, talentless, ignorant, mean, weak and broke. That's why people just don't like you. You possess all the qualities they lack and they feel inferior in your presence. God will not give you a gift for you to hide it, be ashamed of it, or not be confident in your ability to exercise that gift. Jealousy is an ugly outfit on even the most beautiful of people. Be comfortable enough to walk your journey alone if neccessary. Never surrender your gift. #strong #successful #haters #iwin #selflove
It's been two months since I lost my mom and the pain is still as real as at that moment when I realized she was gone. I relive that moment almost daily. I had to sit down at the piano to encourage myself today. When I don't understand and when I can't make sense of it all...I take it to the Lord in prayer. Maybe there's something you need to take to Him too? He has the answers we need and He will comfort us through those dark, lonely moments. #godknows #missingmymom #godlovesyou #music #piano #whatfriendwehaveinjesus
People like Melania Trump do not make fashion mistakes. Do not continue to insult the intelligence of the people of the United States. This administration is both heartless and evil. #enoughisenough
I love project planning, but execution is in the details. I go beyond expectations to make sure that the finished product is excellent. Always give more than what's expected in life, love and business. Even when you get burned by unappreciative people, you always...ALWAYS come out ahead when it's all said and done!
Me and my son Benjamin back in the day. Precious moments like these are always special. It's been a great Father's Day.
You don't want to know my story. You're so afraid of the reality that I overcame and that my future is still bright despite your attempts to destroy me. But I'm over it now ... #overcome #movingon #livingmybestlife #successful #blackmanwinning #lover #forgetthepast #mystory
Who says best friends can't be beautiful? Not me. Definitely not me! #beautifulinsideandout #bestfriend
There's nothing like the confidence in knowing who you are and who God created you to be. It erases the need for validation from people who don't know you from a hole in the wall. God made you in His image, but He made you uniquely who you are. Accept it, embrace it, grow into your greatness without fear or hesitancy. Waste no time worrying about who doesn't like you, but honor those who do. Live this life with excitement and urgency. This is a one way trip so make the journey purposeful! Love you! #life
Smiling through the pain. Missing my mom. It's hard to be in front of people smiling when you're hurting inside. Still can't believe she's gone, but trying to push on.
Graphics design works in progress. So much fun bringing ideas to life!
Don’t let pride kill you. Always be humble.