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Step into our Christmas Lunch, a legendary feastathon, where the aim is to give everyone as good a time as possible & to thank our happy Downs School family for all their hard work & dedication throughout the year! Thank you all, you’re incredible ✨🙏✨
As Christmas gets very close we felt very lucky indeed to receive a visit from Father Christmas & his adorable reindeer Rosie, when they popped into see the Pre-Prep today. Thank you Santa for the low-down on all that’s going on at the North Pole at the moment. We have figured out that you will have to travel 510,000,000km on Christmas Eve & your sleigh-mounted present launcher will have to work continuously, all night long, to get the job done. We wish you safe travels & a lovely rest on Christmas Day!🎁🎁🎁
Reception & Year 1 starred in ‘A king is Born'- a delightful retelling of the Nativity. The children packed in plenty of songs, music, dance to entertain us all, once again making it the theatrical highlight of the school calendar this Christmastime.
Santa & his elves left the sleigh at home & arrived by helicopter to surprise the children today! The children had a gloriously magical time as they finally got to meet the man himself as he delivered presents, high fives & bucket loads of Christmas spirit for everyone today. 
Thank you Santa! 🎅🏻 🚁 🎁 
Thank you very much for all the wonderful, generous presents given to the staff for Christmas! We all feel it’s an honour to look after the children they are all delightful! Your gifts mean an awful lot & we are touched beyond words, thank you for saying thank you! 🎁
Today year 4 instrumental groups gathered together to perform an impromptu concert around the Christmas tree! ✨🌲✨
As a thank you to our wonderful librarians we whisked them off to Waterstones Bookshop in Clifton village for a shopping spree.  It didn’t take long before we lost our resident bookworms amongst a pile of books! Thanks for being such great librarians this term & making us all welcome in the library! Thank you too Waterstones Clifton Village for spending so much time with our girls, we are lucky to have a such a great bookshop in our village. 
Did you know Dickens's A Christmas Carol originated from his The Pickwick Papers - a story in which goblins kidnap a gravedigger ?
Today we know it more as the prophetic tale of miserly curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge & his redemptive journey from counting house on Christmas Eve via what must be the worst night's sleep ever, to a happy Christmas Lunch on Christmas Day! Last night Year 7 had the pleasure of visiting England's oldest theatre Bristol Old Vic to watch the new adaptation of A Christmas Carol by obsessively creative, multi-talented artistic director Tom Morris. The reviews are in and not a bar humbug in sight.
Bravo Bristol Old Vic and thank you!
📸 Geraint Lewis 
The hall is decked, the tree is trimmed (all 14 ft) & the lights are officially on! Time to elf yourself, listen to Jingle Bells & gorge on mince pies! Finally the most wonderful time of year is here. 
Happy Christmas everyone✨🌲✨
This morning there was a beautiful sunrise over the frosty fields at school. 
Ever wondered where the colours come from? They result from a phenomenon called scattering, where molecules & small particles in the atmosphere change the direction of light rays - causing them to scatter - resulting in colourful skies 🌅 
The Downs School received a very special invitation for a Private Tour of the engineering & aeronautical departments at Cardiff University. They had the chance to interact and talk to “Pepper” the AI (artificial intelligence) robot & ventured into the aeronautical department to look at a few of the projects the students were working on. As if that wasn’t enough they then got the chance to fly in a flight simulator- an amazing experience, which was so authentic they found it hard to believe it wasn’t the real thing!
Thank you @cardiffuni  We had a great time!
This afternoon we perform the senior school production of 'The Happiest Days of Your Life' by John Dighton. We are making use of our magnificent oak panelled hall as the play is set in 1948 in a boys' boarding school. The Headmaster receives a telegram to inform them they are about to be invaded by another school whose buildings have been war damaged. As Rainbow the caretaker says ‘Two into one won't go!' This as they discover is just the start of their problems!