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Tattoo artist/illustrator traveling Europe in an mb 407 campervan. My art @jordjansen


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Berlin is nice when it's not too cold, so let's keep it this way please 😁
It is actually not that bad to live on the streets of berlin. Seems like I’m not the only one. Everywhere i go there are beautiful vans around. Next week I hope to install some heating to make this winter vanlife a bit more comfy! 
Picture was made by @felicidad3000 (thanks for your help so far and showing me around).
Finally I'm in Berlin, to bad the wether is now pretty cold and I still have no heating in my van. But that's part of the adventure I guess. As you can see, I am not the only one who took their van to Berlin 😁 thanks @sophienotten Tim and vizzurr for welcoming me in Berlin!
I was planning to go to Berlin this morning, until I found out that my friends from @bismutband play a gig an hour drive from Hamburg (where I was). Turns out they play with even more befriended bands there! So party in Heide in Rosengasse, with @cameldriver_band @libidofuzz #burnpilot and #lostmoon
Living on the parking lot, wondering where my crew is!
Done a lot of last minute choirs. I found out that I have a leaking air filter, repaired my torn exhaust hanging rubber thing, fixed the rusty entrance and some other minor things. #productive
Visited twiga today, where they build awesome heavy duty campers. They were able to fix my drive shaft within 20 minutes. If you are looking to get your truck made into a camper, check them out. These are people who know what they are doing #twiga
It looks like crap due to the fact that I couldn't find the right hinges and locks. But at least it keeps my stuff from flying round (NOFX alert).
While making the doors for the kitchen cabinets I found out I miss/lost some important hinges and drill bit... 😭 So I can't finish my kitchen for the moment. The weather is good though, so I've got that covered today 👍
I'm installing my solar panels on the roof, but this is temporary, because I like drinking my coffee there way to much!
My two beauties 😁 Two days ago, I found out my window was leaking because I used the wrong (cheap leftover) sealant for a small part of the window.  The mistakes I made in the last year building are now showing 😂 Luckily I also found out that my exhaust pipe was broken loose. It was only hanging on 1 loose bolt in the motor. But that wasn't my mistake, was just because the rubber was old and broke, the shaking of the engine did the rest. Hopefully I can do the back window too this week, it has the same cracks in the sealant!
Throwback to when we did our very best to not look like we were camping on the parking lot of amado beach. I will be visiting some of these idiots in the coming weeks and I can't wait #beachlife #amado #amadobeach #vanlife #vanlifediaries #vanlifeeurope #portugal #vanlifeportugal #mercedes #mercedesbenz #mercedescamper #407 #mb407 #camper #campervan #camperlife #wanderlust #vanderlust #homeiswhereyouparkit #beachlife #summer2018 #dudo #friends #love