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Tattoo artist/illustrator traveling Europe in an mb 407 campervan. My art @jordjansen

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I like it that, whenever I'm on the road, I tend to wake up way earlier then when I have a steady rhythm.
With the butt in the bushes ✌️
Cleaning day because my sister is coming by and she's bringing my little niece :)
One of the down sides of leaving your old hometown is not seeing your young relatives growing up, so I'm super excited to see them again ✌️✌️
My van might be small between these 7,5 T trucks, but still I wouldn't want anything else. 
The amount of trucks and vans here at the fusion festival is mind staggering and it's really cool to walk around here!
I made a fold out extension so I can lounge better on my two seater bench. And underneath, the new diesel heater is finally functioning. I am ready for winter 😎

Do need to do the dishes finally though...
Early morning sunrises 🖤
I'm glad to say that I'm going back this weekend 🖤
Spend a weekend at a lake in total silence. Quite nice in between all the work 😎
I've got lavender 🌿💜
Little mini village in Berlin 🖤🖤
Even though the van suddenly feels really small, I am super excited to live in my dudo again. In between it's big brothers and sisters! I think it's time for a new road trip.
Now ain't that cute 😎