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Tattoo artist/illustrator traveling Europe in an mb 407 campervan. My art @jordjansen


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I've got lavender 🌿💜
Little mini village in Berlin 🖤🖤
Even though the van suddenly feels really small, I am super excited to live in my dudo again. In between it's big brothers and sisters! I think it's time for a new road trip.
Now ain't that cute 😎
Cambodia has always fascinated me since the first time I came to watch Angkor back in 2004. Now 15 years later this country still amazes me. The people are super friendly and nobody has any clue whatsoever about hygiene. Sadly, I got very ill from dengue in the last week of my stay here. But I would definitely recommend this place now, because in 5 years time there will be nothing left of this island. They're already cutting down everything to make way for resorts and casinos...
Not much to say about this actually, except that I went swimming last night between glowing Plankton. I heard about the existence, Everytime you move the water, everything glows up... It was way more amazing than I make it sound here.
I'm going to work in the Netherlands for two weeks and after that I'm going straight to Cambodia to work there for another 3 weeks. Since I'm not going with my van, I'll have to park it outside for over a month. This feels quite hard to do honestly. But that's life :)
I did manage to fix the radiator just in time so if someone steals it, at least it drives perfectly ✌️
Please don't steal it 😅
My radiator decided to show its true weaknesses. When I was warning the engine I saw a puddle of liquid under the engine. Turned out my radiator was leaking and falling apart. Thanks to kühler Hermann (pretty brutal name) it got fixed in no time and for a very nice price (search for him in Berlin). Now just to get some new rubbers at the Mercedes garage and I can put my machine in storage for the rest of the winter!
Especially in winter it's important to keep doing sports or exercises. But maybe it's a bit too hot if you do it next to the wood stove...
2019 has started off pretty good. I'm living in a new (temporary) truck, I am working in an awesome tattoo studio in Berlin (für immer), and although the temperature is really cold, the days are sunny and pretty. My van is on the streets for now, but I'm going to put it away this week, so that it's nice and cosy under a roof this winter.
The shortest day has past, I'm ready for the sun shine 🤗 
Leeeeet the sun shiiiine 🎶🎵
Last weekend I got to enjoy the beauty of living on the water with @jan_rockfisch and his very loving family. I knew I liked the idea of taking your home with you everywhere you go. But this was next level enjoyment. I don't think I ever had such a perfect weekend before.