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Apparently it's #NationalGymnasticsDay so I want to take a minute to pay tribute to the sport that has made me who I am. The sport that taught me discipline. The sport that taught me that I am my own worst enemy but therefore also my biggest champion. The sport that made me laugh, cry, bleed, and sweat. The sport that gave me lifelong friends. The sport that taught me that the lows make you appreciate the highs. And the sport that taught me to never give up no matter how hard it gets. Thank you. 
In theaters this weekend only: "Vengeance: A Love Story." I play the receptionist at the hospital. As a teenager, The Rock and City of Angels were two of my favorite movies. About 8 years ago, I was walking home from the dinner shift at the restaurant I used to work at in Manhattan, and I came across a film set that was on a night shoot. Lo and behold, Nic Cage was there shooting a scene. I planted myself on the sidewalk with the rest of the crowd to quietly watch Nic while he worked. Right then and there I told myself that one day I would act in a scene, one on one, with him.
Fast forward to last year, and that became a reality. "Vengeance" is actually the 3rd Nic Cage film I have worked on, but the first one where I got to do a scene with him. Third time's a charm! It's quick, and you might miss it, so don't blink. But know that waitress Elena standing on that sidewalk with the sore knees and blisters on her feet is now smiling 😁 p.s. my girl @jwaundace happens to work at the same hospital as me in the movie so look for her too 😍
Of all the places I've lived, I've actually lived in New York for over half of my life. I was not living there during 9/11, but had to fly in for something just 2-3 weeks after. The flight from London to New York was empty. The place we had to go to was just a couple of blocks from Ground Zero. The cab driver got us as close as he could. We walked the rest of the way. I will never forget the smell. The rubble. The empty streets. The "missing" posters. The sadness in people's eyes. But I will also never forget the way the country and the world came together. I will never forget that love wins over hate, and that good wins over evil. Always.
Stay safe #Miami 😳🙏🏻
As an immigrant, I feel the need to address what is happening with #DACA. If you don't know the details of what the program actually does, I urge you to do a quick google search to find out for yourself. There are a lot of misconceptions. It is not a "free ride." There are no handouts. DACA beneficiaries are not eligible for Obamacare subsidies, Medicaid, food stamps, or cash assistance. They cannot currently collect Social Security benefits because DACA has only been around 5 years, and you have to legally work at least 10 years to be eligible for them. Not to mention that all DACA recipients are presently under 36, so it will be decades until they retire. Until then, they are giving a much needed boost to the Social Security system and helping fund the retirements of millions of Americans, because yes, they pay taxes. They are contributing billions of dollars to this country's economy. They are hard working young adults who came to this country as children. They know no other home. 0% of them have committed felonies. The program does not apply to new immigrants. We are talking about 800,000 people. But should their DACA status get taken away, millions will be affected. Families will be ripped apart. People will be sent to countries that are foreign to them. Their lives will be at risk. The lives of those they financially support will be at risk. People will die. My heart hurts. For a country that was founded by immigrants, the amount of hate today's immigrants are experiencing is atrocious. We are moving backwards. Why?
1. I love polaroids.
2. It's not every day you get to be in a twin sandwich.
Totally worth the trip!!! Don't mind my dorky narration 🤣 and yes the cloud did end up moving, phew! #eclipse#socool#iwannaseeanotherone#eclipse2017#wow#didisaythatalready
My new car 🤣
Because... #kittens 😻
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. Heartbroken over the most recent events in Barcelona. Wishing humanity could just come together, or at least tolerate one another, and live in peace. 
Falling through time and space, with a smile on my face 👽
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Monday, you ain't got nothin' on me. Bring it.